What is my karma and what should I do in order to heal?


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Hi everyone
I have heard that past lives and our karma are associated with the Nodes but still haven´t learned enough to make an interpretation about this. According to my natal chart, how can I heal and complete my karmic lesson? I am really interested to know what is it that my natal chart suggests.

Also, why do I have to deal with so much illness in my life since I was born? From the moment I was still in my mother´s womb, I have been struggling to survive. I wasn´t getting enough food while my mom was pregnant due to a problem in her placenta, it was a risk pregnancy. Then I was born premature and was in an incubator for around 1 month and almost died in there. When my grandma was visiting me she noticed that I was extremelly red, warned the nurses and they took me out of there immediatly because it was broken and I would basically be cooked to death if I stayed in the incubator any longer. Had lots of different health problems during my life, as well as my family. Several family members have died from cancer or from traumatic deaths. I was also diagnosed with a rare form of cancer 4 years ago but I am surviving it and doing really well. This happened in 27 years, I wonder what the next 27 have in store for me... and how to break this cycle, how to finally heal from all this.

If aynone can help me with this, I would be forever grateful. Thank you <3



Hello ! I think your bad karma is due to the negative aspects of pluto in the 6th house (house of health) and the nodes in 12/6 house. South node in 12 house, means . The south node in 12th house means that you may carry some diseases from past lives .