What is my husband like


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Hi! I would like someone to tell me about my partner's appearance and personality? I am in a relationship right now and would like to see if he matches up my future partner's characteristics.
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Appearance is little low swarthy complexion short courageous sensual sexy secretive has sexual charisma spiritual will has many secrets obsessive eater and drinker may smoke or drink . some health issues . may wear specs . may be in legal or working in mnc . good speaker has good qualities little bit harsh in speech and acts simple humble but when provoked too much then daring rage like bull slashes everyone stubborn loyal sensual indulgence physical pleasures are important . spoil his health by over indulgence . lack self efforts and initiatives may have issues with younger born they too will be living with you or plays important role in your married life . his mother dominates marriage life . will have controlling nature . will settle another place after marriage .

Above prediction is for your chart only ....