What is going on? Two days ago my car broke the down and today I was let go from my job! I'm bummed :(


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Just briefly to begin with ....
The first thing which jumped out at me was transiting Pluto being pretty much exactly conjunct your natal Uranus in 2nd, and the energy combo of Pluto with Uranus is generally very transformative. That means that you will be fundamentally changed by what is happening right now. What may initially seem bad, difficult, and unexpected (the unexpected is another feature of Pluto-Uranus combos) is actually an opportunity. Once you have transcended the shock of these 2 events, you may see that there are other pathways opening for you. And keep in mind that being your chart ruler, Pluto's activities will be particularly life-changing for you. Pluto never taps you gently on the shoulder, and says, "Do you mind?" It usually kicks you down the stairs before walking away, knowing you'll survive.

Added to the above, transiting Uranus squares transiting Saturn, and the combined energy of these two planets in square formation brings about a struggle between the way things have always been (Saturn) with the possibilities which are opening up (that's Uranus). Saturn is transiting the 3rd house, which (may) present obstacles around your everyday transport (that'd be your car.)

That is just a quick overview.
When I read the thread title my first thought was that you are going through a one-door-closing-to-make-way-for-another-door-to-open stage of your life. This is what this time in history is about. It is time to throw out everything you no longer need or want to make way for a life which better fits you. This is not the time to put up with the way things have always been. It is a time to make some fundamental changes.


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Two more things, both of which I overlooked in the above post .......
The first is that from mid-2023, and lasting for around 18 months, you are to experience your 1st Saturn Return - the time when transiting Saturn approaches, then conjuncts your natal Saturn in the 4th house. This is a time when you will be forced to grow up, maybe in ways you hadn't known was necessary. Your housing, home, and sense of feeling at home will be affected during this time, requiring some action/decisions by you.

The second thing is that at a fundamental level, Pluto is about power - power over, how you use power, and how you receive attempts by others to overpower you, or perhaps to siphon off your own power. Given you have Scorpio Ascendant, this means that Pluto is your chart ruler. This then means that one of your life lessons/experiences is to do with power - how you use it, how you allow it to affect you, how you use it in relation to your relationships - at work, as well as personally. As I see it, your recent events - your car, your job loss - is just another Pluto event, and one in which power is the underlying theme. How you approach this has quite a lot to do with how it is you perceive your own power.