What is a 'moon sign' and whats the difference? (and how to work it out?)


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Hi. I'm new to astrology, and I'm a bit confused. I thought astrology was simple but now I realize it's really complex!

I was on a website talking about horoscopes and I noticed it said the persons:

Sun sign
Moon sign

Whats the difference between Sun sign and moon sign?

I'm guessing Sun sign is the 'main' one? If you have a moon sign which is Capricorn (for example) does that mean you have some capricorn traits? Or does it mean something completely different?

And how do I figure out what my (and my friends) moon sign is?

Please explain in simple layman terms, I'm not good at this! :pouty:



Hi! Basically the sign in which your Sun is in (known as your 'Sun sign' or in common language 'star sign'), refers to your general personality, way of acting, and your ego. The Moon represents your emotions. So if you have Moon in Capricorn for instance, that means that your emotions are Capricorn-like. There is more to the Moon though than just emotions. It also represents your relationship with your mother, for example. So yes, the Moon does give you certain traits based on the sign which it's in.

To find out your Moon sign, you can go to www.astro.com, and input you and your friends' dates and times of birth. If you need any help with it, ask!


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Your moon sign is the astrological sign the moon was in when you were born. The moon represents our "default" habitual behaviors, our roots, and our emotions For the average person one's moon sign, along with your rising sign (the sign rising in the east when you were born, which represent your outward persona), are much more obvious in everyday life than one's sun sign until one's 40s. It is only in midlife that the sun sign, which represents the ego and the expression of one's authentic self, truly comes out from behind the moon sign's habitual behaviors and the rising sign's persona.

The qualities of one's moon sign is most visible when a person is stressed out. If someone has their Sun in Aries and Leo rising they will normally act very hyper, warm, and cheerful, but if their moon is in Cancer they will get very moody and clingy when stressed.

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Ancient's made a great deal out of one's Moon sign: they had a system called the Mansions of the Moon, where the Moon was connected with certain star groups called asterisms.

In Vedic astrology (jyotish) the Moon sign and its ramifications are in fact more significantly regarded than the Sun sign (only the ascendant being given more importance) They have a highly evolved system of Lunar evaluation, called "Nakshatras", which actually can be incorporated into our Western tropical astrological model (as I myself have done)

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Some would argue that there is no placement in the horoscope that is the "main" one. There are seven heavenly bodies commonly used in traditional astrology, modern astrology uses 10, and some people use a whole lot more than that. Each body has it's own meaning and significance in the chart. The meaning of these different bodies make up the facets of your personality. They are as follows:

The Sun - Foundation of your personality, individualism and values.

The Moon - State of your reactions, emotional world, sensitivity and mood.

Mercury - Logical mind and sense-impression antenna, intellectual understanding and reciprocation (communication).

Venus - Emotional sensory, personal understanding and reciprocation, attraction.

Mars - Energetic flow, habit of focus, concentration and ambition center.

Jupiter - Sense of opportunity and guidance, intuition center.

Saturn - Responsibility and restriction, challenge, discipline center.

The heavenly bodies translate their meaning through the 12 signs, and depending on which sign each body is in, your express that part of yourself by a different means.

When the fundamentals of the Moon are expressed through Capricorn they tend to be very much under control at all times, sometimes leading to restriction. There isn't an easy emotional flow, and feelings are contained, seldom expressed.

On my sigline (seen below) you will find a the name of Carl Payne Tobey, who was an astrologer back 60 or 70 years ago. The link on the name will take you to a thread I started on his beginner's correspondence course in astrology, which came out in the 50's. It will teach you the basics, and a lot more. Carl Payne Tobey was a mathematician and scientific astrologer, and many of his studies are not widely accepted or circulated today, but they are the most informative and interesting I've found. His views are alternative, often unheard of, but shouldn't be. :joyful: