What has happen to me (and my health) here???


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What has happened to me (and my health) here???


I want having this breathing problem from October 2011, 10 months after my marriage and a week after my father's death. It continued, then on 24th May 2014, I began to feel ill, which turn out to be a typhoid and malaria mixture and I was treated in June 2014. My health was never good but I managed my job, with a lot of secret image tarnishing activities from my two colleagues

Then in June 2015 had that weakness/illness bout and then lost my job on 16th August, 2015.

Since then I am jobless and in not so good health. Treatments do not benefit and job is out of reach after so many interviews.

This is a health and wealth issue. I am like an old retired person who cannot walk properly and have other problems like urine, prostrate type, eyes problem etc. Illness never fully express nor finish; I am jobless.

They are interrelated. What I have come across is that Saturn is involved as it was in Scorpio during that time.

In 2016 eyes problem occured and we had every test but the doctors could not conclude what the cause may be. And then it improved :?

Someone told me it is black magic.

What is the solution? Is it Sun or Venus charm that I must keep?



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