What does he want


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Hi, i am sorry for putting new horary chart so soon, but i am realy impatient about this problem. His behavior confuses me a lot. it is all mixed up. So i asked question what does he want from me, and i got this chart: Ascendant is in Libra, 7th house is in Aries, Venus(me) and Mars (him) will soon enter in a conjuction in my firs house in Scorpio. I am in detr, he is in dom. moon also representing me is in my 8th house in Gemini . Sun ,his coruler is in my 12th house, his 6th in Libra, and will enter conjuction with Saturn. Sun and Moon will soon make trine. I have no idea what this coul maen. What does he want from me? Please help, it is realy important to me to know.


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Don't take this the wrong way I understand you're upset. This is the 4th chart you've created in a week. Normally answers can be found in the 1st one. The more charts you create the more difficult it's going to be to read it.