what does he feel


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Hi, i am in love with this boy, but i dont know what does he feel. I asked horary question, and i got this cart.Ascendant is in Scorpio and his ruler Mars (me) is in 11th house in Libra. Moon is in first house in Sagittarius. Seventh house is in taurus and his ruler Venus (him)is in 11th house in Scorpio conjuction Mars. I am not sure what does it mean. The conjustion represent that he feels something, but it is in 11th house, home of dreams and desires, so i am not sure is it real, or i just wish that to be real.Does he fee the same?I know that the ascendant is late, but try to read it anyway. Please reply:sad:


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I don't feel great about reading this chart in a way because the ascendant is at 29 degrees and so is your significator, Mars.
But from what I can gather by his significator is he also has feelings for you.
Both of your significators are in detriment which could mean neither of you are acting on these feelings.
Maybe Venus retrograde will bring everything to the surface.

dr. farr

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(Folloiwng is simple Lunar divination and is not in accordance with standard horary delineation; following uses whole sign house format)

-ascendant is a straight sign: - 1 point
-Moon leaves Venus: - 1 point
-Moon flows toward North Node: + 2 points
-Moon's next sign is a crooked sign: + 1 point
-Moon's next house is cadent (but being the 3rd house is the joy of the Moon): neutral (0 points)
-Part of Love (asc+venus=sun) @ 12Capricorn: Moon flows toward the Part of Love: 1 point

Negative: - 2 points
Positive: + 4 points
Net: + 2 points

Divination: with a net +2 the indication at the current time is "yes he probably feels toward you similar to how you feel toward him"...