What does he feel for me? (Pls help)



I need your help with this horary question.

What does he feel for me?
I think he only wants sex not a relationship.



Neptune Rising

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He is Saturn, in your 5th house, he would like to have fun with you. The 5th house represents fun, romance, dating, sex, pleasure, children and creative projects amongst other things.

If you are dating him, not sure for how long, then dating is represented by the 5th house so it makes sense for him to be there. Trust your intuition though as 5th house is also sex.


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Yes, Neptune Rising, I agree with you with Saturn in her 5th, can mean something about sex, but 5th is her detriment, he also have some feeling for her but not strong much, as if we take Mar as his sextual side, Mar is in Arie-his 5th house, I feel his sexual is majority.