What do you think of this synastry chart ?


Hey everyone,

I just met this woman (I'm a woman myself) about 3 months ago in an open mic night. She remembered me from an open mic I had been and performed to back in 2015 ! I didn't remember her but then she started being extremely interested in meeting me again, exchanged social media and sent me a message right away for dinner.

On our second "date" she invited me over at her place and I could not help but tell her that I felt attracted to her, she was aloof and vague...

She kept inviting me over and over and I ended up helping her with different acts of service since she's got physical ailments.

The energy I feel in my heart loins and soul is tremendously strong and never experienced before with anyone else.

Yet I sent her a text a week ago saying I felt slightly stirred to have been sitting on her bed with her (she was lying on her back). She replied that she was sorry that it seemed ambiguous and that it was not her intention.

I had lent her a few stuff and so did she, after receiving that message from her I sent her a text saying that we should meet up to retrieve our stuff back.

She said she understood what was going on and that she didn't want to hurt me. Yet she is being vague when I try to precise the day of meeting up for giving eachother back the stuff we own.

By the way, all of her actions and signals when we were together and not together were clear signs of attraction and high interest.

I keep dreaming about her and feel connected to her from a distance.

Can you guys please check our synastry chart and tell me if this dynamic also has an effect on her ?

(Our Synastry Chart is in the attachments). She is Aqua Sun (8th H) Scorpio Moon (5th House) Leo Rising, I am Libra Sun (11TH H), Aries Moon (4TH H), Sagg' Rising.

I am the inner circle she is the outer circle.

Below are our Conjunctions, Oppositions, Trines and Sextiles aspects. She is the Left Planets :

(PS: Thank you in advance for your attention and help...)

Moon Conjunction AS Orb 1°22'

Pluto Conjunction Mars Orb 2°10'

Uranus Conjunction Pluto Orb 2°22'

MC Conjunction Moon Orb 4°39'

Node Conjunction Sun Orb 5°33'

Venus Conjunction Moon Orb 5°56'

Pluto Conjunction Sun Orb 7°01'

Moon Conjunction Venus Orb 7°40'

Neptune Conjunction Venus Orb 9°25'

Pluto Opposite Moon Orb 0°20'

Venus Opposite Mercury Orb 4°31'

MC Opposite Mercury Orb 5°48'

MC Opposite Mars Orb 6°29'

Jupiter Opposite AS Orb 7°40'

Venus Opposite Mars Orb 7°46'

MC Square Neptune Orb 0°04'

Venus Square Saturn Orb 0°12'

MC Square Jupiter Orb 0°50'

Venus Square Neptune Orb 1°21'

Saturn Square Pluto Orb 1°27'

MC Square Saturn Orb 1°29'

Neptune Square MC Orb 1°30'

Venus Square Jupiter Orb 2°07'

Pluto Square Jupiter Orb 3°28'

Pluto Square Neptune Orb 4°14'

Pluto Square Saturn Orb 5°48'

AS Trine AS Orb 1°04'

Uranus Trine Jupiter Orb 1°15'

Neptune Trine Moon Orb 1°28'

Saturn Trine Moon Orb 1°38'

Sun Trine Sun Orb 1°46'

Venus Trine Venus Orb 2°00'

Mars Trine Mercury Orb 2°13'

Mercury Trine Mercury Orb 2°59'

MC Trine Venus Orb 3°17'

Chiron Trine Uranus Orb 3°57'

Jupiter Trine MC Orb 5°05'

AS Trine Venus Orb 5°14'

Sun Trine Mars Orb 6°36'

Neptune Sextile Mars Orb 0°21'

Mercury Sextile AS Orb 0°47'

Mars Sextile AS Orb 1°33'

Uranus Sextile Neptune Orb 2°01'

AS Sextile Mercury Orb 2°42'

Saturn Sextile Mars Orb 3°28'

Uranus Sextile Saturn Orb 3°35'

Moon Sextile Mercury Orb 5°09'

Neptune Sextile Sun Orb 5°11'


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What do you think of this synastry chart ?

Hi Seiferal,

this is an interesting topic but a horrible unreadable synastry chart - with planet placement positions below missing and house cusps as well.

Can you pls get a here more common and better readable astro.com chart in here? And perhaps your own birth chart as well ?


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Oh man...

I don't know how to do this actually, when I try to make a screenshot it doesn't take the entirety of the chart...

May I give you our birth details here if you don't mind ?

Mine :

DOB : October 14th 1989
Time : 10:20 AM
Country : France
City : Aix-en-Provence

Hers :

DOB : February 11th 1977
Time : 04:00 PM
Country : France
City : Paris

I'll try to figure out a way to post charts though....


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May I give you our birth details here if you don't mind ?
Yes - the best you can do - as with handy it is always more difficult as being on pc.

The synastry of you both - for all people intererested here and like to be of help to you


what is at first sight very special between you both is that your AC is on special sensitive zero degree sagittarius - between two signs and kinda like two worlds - the visible and the invisible. Who is sextiled by her zero degree mercury at cusp of her DC - what is surely a physical feelable for you as special as intense for you personally.

Zero degree AC always attract people having a zero degree placement as well - like being in a special group of people joining each other and coming together in right time. (I have a zero degree AC, too - and my husband has a zero degree planet placement as well - same with my best friends)

With both air moonnodes trining each other and her sun conjuncting your moonnode - her moonnode your lilith - you didn't meet each other coincidently - and it looks like fated to me. Moonnodes connections to my own experience always have a special higher sense and meaning - even if not always meant for a relationship and being loving partners.

Her ruler of both relation ship houses 7th and 8th is actually activated by transiting jupiter's sextile and your ruler of 7th - mercury is actived by transiting uranus.

But your moon as your 8th house ruler is not yet - just coming out and ending of a saturn transit on your moon/pluto inconjunct- squaring your moon as 8th house ruler and sextiling your pluto in prenatal experience house 12th. You probably were also dealing with mother experience from childhood, past experience in relationships and subconsciously stored old memory.


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There are lots of favorable aspects between your charts, certainly enough for a relationship to take root, at least, even if there is no guarantee it will grow.

I think you need to just slow down with her. Look at the preponderance of fixed energy in her chart. Six of the seven classical planets are in fixed signs. And look at the preponderance of cardinal/initiating energy in yours! Again 6 of 7 classical planets are cardinal.

She's not going to move fast, even if she likes you. Scorpio Moon, Aq Sun?
So maybe your slowing down, engaging in restraint, will allow you to build a true connection...?

Just try to rest in your cardinal energy without acting on it. That takes a lot of maturity, and she is a good deal older than you. So maybe you could try it see where that might take you?



Thank you very much for your help and sharing on this topic...

I keenly read what you shared and I wanted to share one of the dreams I had with/of this person a few days ago.

I was lying on a bed in a room, on my stomach, lights off, she came to meet me, the light was on her face, she had perfectly suited make up (for her) lying on her back beneath me and then we kissed. After we kissed she seemed unsatisfied and said "it is not intense enough !" and I felt ashamed, and then she said "I don't want t open up if it is not intense enough".

We are not in contact at the moment, I don't want to feel resentment because in a sense I'd be ok if she was straight forward about what she wants of our relationship, if she states it clear that she wants friendship I'll be up and ready to transmute my attraction into something more platonic (even if I feel the friendship within this attraction).

Thank you again for your sharing Zora, merci beaucoup.

I wish you well.




Thank you for your reply. :)

I agree that we seem to have different pacing patterns within ourselves. And your remark regarding the qualities of our major planets placements is quite astute !

She told me she found me quite "speedy" yet "chill" at the same time.

And I do have both dynamics battling within me and that can be seen outwards. Sometimes yippie kay yay ! And sometimes deeply silent and observant.

I don't want to force anything, I just wondered if for the first time in my life I got mutual energy share wrong. What I feel in presence of this person is beyond physicality, clearly. It is energy wise..

I will slow it down anyways (good advice though, thank you again). I won't send her a message to schedule a rendez-vous to get our stuff back in the next days. I will work towards my own inner and outer stuff and hopefully meet her again and just be free to be true with her whatever the outcome will be.

But I do feel like attempting to share a kiss would not be a mistake...

I hope you are doing well. By the way I am french speaking so if you need any help in french translation or whatever I am here.

(Same for you Zora).

Thank you again.

Bises !



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I keenly read what you shared and I wanted to share one of the dreams I had with/of this person a few days ago.

We are not in contact at the moment,

Hi again Seiferal,

do you already really know -if she also prefers a woman as her sexual partner ? Yours is shown in your chart as a possible choice - but I have doubts if it is same for her from her chart.

She is born with a leo AC - for leo AC's father and father eperience has a strong important influence - Especially with pluto ruling her 5th house - house of father and father experience in childhood and also house of selfidentification and own sexuality.

With pluto as ruler of 5th in 4th house - mother and being a woman - her father left an intense "stamp-impression" in her feelings - probably as well by what she has witnessed from her mother's interactions with her father in their marriage - in her childhood as well. Her scorpio moon in 5th house inconjuncts her aries chiron - who squares her mars in 7th house. What she experienced in her childhood influences as well her own relationships and might also be something subconsiously taken over from own parents.

Her uranus rules her 8th house and squares her saturn in leo in first house as co ruler of 6th house. She might have had to learn early to build up sensitive antennas and inner warnings concerning partners. And to better not get dominated and is very sensitive about her own reputation in society and to not get a victim outside there in this subject - doubled by sun in 8th house squaring jupiter in 11th.


Hey Zora,

That's a great analysis you made there..

From what she shared with me regarding her past, family, parents etc, definitely...

And also she "tried" women but prefers men indeed.

Thank you for your analysis, it helped me to stop yearning and move on.

Things are good as they are and there's no use to force anything.

I just wondered if such attraction was one-sided, as it would make me doubt on my own "mutual feeling" capacities...

Thank you again and have a great day/evening ! ;)