What do I do about my body?


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I must admit to asking this question in near despair which probably explains the late degree of ascension. Almost 3 years ago in Oct.of 2007, I began falling down and within a week I was hospitalized, almost completely numb and paralyzed in the legs. Lesions on my spinal cord were found. I was tested for a host of infectious diseases, but not one turned up positive. One doctor here is convinced i have Lyme, but research shows it attacks the brain but not the spinal cord. i thought I might have developed a severe case of shingles as my skin at the time of this attack was rashy and burning.

My plasma was cleaned and I regained a great deal of function but relapsed again and have been confined to a wheelchair.The good news is that since then I have regained neurological function, but still cannot walk. The doctors disagree about what hit me. Some think it's an auto immune disorder; others a rare form of MS. Each group wants to give me extremely powerful drug with potentially fatal side effects.

Acupuncture has kept me going, I think. Plasma cleansing is risky but works to some extent. I have recently joined a Hugo Groening meditation group and experience a unique energy flow. Time is running out, though. I have lost a lot of weight, am increasingly prone to infection and though I can stand for 6 minutes at a time and exercise, I am growing weaker. I hope the fact that my ascendant ruler is retrograde does not indicate relapse. I am desperate enough to try to immune suppressant drugs the doctors favor, but if anyone sees a better cure here, I would be ever grateful to hear about it. If you do not think the chart is radical, i can ask again. Thanks, M


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Hi Marina,
Sorry to hear of what you are going through-but I do hate to say this, the chart's not radical.The ascendant is *too late*.
I'm also not sure that we can use a chart that has the jupiter/Uranus conjunction right there on your ascendant-not a good indication.
To me this suggests you need to refine your question, as asking about particular treatments is not an easy question to delineate.Horary works better with *yes or no* type questions.
If this was my chart, I'd focus on one treatment form at a time, and ask if it would be helpful or not.
Sorry Marina.

dr. farr

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In my opinion I believe a natal, or at least the forthcoming (not current, forthcoming) solar return chart, would be the only reliable way to proceed in such a difficult situation.


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Awfully kind of you to answer. If you are tHe woman from Cambridge, I spent some time studying at St. Cats and Corpus Christi, fell in love with flower beds and Shakespeare al fresco. It's difficult now, cannot grasp the lesson. i have a grand cross in my natal chart. This is like taking up my cross or dying to my old self.
The illness coincided with transitting Saturn opposing natal moon 7th and 1st house, respectively. Hard m marriage affecting health maybe, but this is more than you need to know. I will follow Bonatus' rule and ask after deliberation. What I really want to know is what's wrong with me and what can cure it. Perhaps I cast two charts. Thanks, blue aura. That's how I see you.