What could this chilly and painful episode mean?


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Late last night before I was about to go to sleep I went on the internet for five minutes to check my yearly horoscope. As I was reading about the benefits of Jupiter moving into Aquarius, my sun sign, I began getting a cold and icy feeling.

I don't have any reason to believe this cold feeling was a result of anything I was doing or reading or my frame of mind. It just happened instantaneously, out of the blue. The chilly feeling got worse. I had to put my laptop away and get in bed under the covers. Under the covers I still got colder. My body started shaking and teeth chattering uncontrollably.

It's winter where im living, but not that cold...it must have been about 10 deg C...thats nothing compared to the cold Canadian winters I was brought up in. So the outside temperature did not have anything to do with my chills.

I struggled out of bed to put on an extra layer of clothes. I started getting chest pain from the shaking and my stomach got very tight. I thought maybe i was getting some kind of heart attack....but at age 29? I'm healthy as a horse! It wasn't any type of heart attack. And my mind was working fine. I started thinking of someone I have strong feelings for near the middle to end of this attack...I thought to make me feel better. He wasn't in my mind before the attack at all.

This episode lasted for at least 5 minutes.

I wasnt sure what it was. But I thought there was something physically wrong with me. I fell asleep soon after this attack.

Im totally fine now just some muscle pain in my head, chest, and neck from shaking uncontrollably.

This morning I went on sabian symbols to ask "What was physically wrong with me last night?" and it gave me this answer.


Lift yourself above the ordinary, using your natural gifts to find a new perspective - an uplifted view - to expand your awareness. This can picture an eagerness for spiritual integration or a capacity to escape from reality. Try to ground the vision, but allow the free flight of vision.

Inspiration and zeal. Feeling elevated and inspired through spiritual or creative efforts. Flying to a greater perspective. Self transcendence.

The Caution: Not noticing your own down-to-earth needs or those around you. Escapism. Forgetting about the needs and desires of the body. Losing the plot.

Love and desire are the spirit's wings to great deeds. Goethe

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious behavior. Henry David Thoreau

Wasnt sure what this meant, so I asked again: "Why was I in pain?"


This pictures a situation of revelations of spirit and truth. It is now important to make these truths and laws manifest and integrate them into your everyday existence. Codifying the ways of humankind can help us understand the limitations of our earthly existence. Although the basic principles of our 'laws' may stay the same, the specifics will vary in order to accommodate the changing perceptions of people over time.

Revelations and the channeling of new information. Truths being revealed. The Bible. The Koran. The Torah. The Ten Commandments. Laying down the law.

The Caution: Being told what to do. Believing that one has all of the answers OR believing that someone else has all of the answers. Rigid application of dogmatic moral codes.

It wasn't anything physically related? I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow about this.

I dont know what vision or revelation came. But I began thinking about someone I have feelings for...wanting to believe he's in love with me. Whether he truly feels that way and will feel that way Im uncertain of. I don't know what else it could have been?

Any similar experiences or suggestions?


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Very interesting charmvirgo. thank you for your response. it's helping me make more sense of things

I think maybe this all means I have to let go of someone? I am vacillating between letting go of him and staying and trying to work things out. I wish I was a mind reader...but that can't even help. When I think I got it, things change. This person is very moody, changeable and unpredictable. Two days ago he was very loving and today he's ignoring me on purpose. I don't know what I did to him.

Possibly my psychic self is telling me it's over...I dont want it to be. Im afraid of believing it because I don't trust my psychic self at times...Untill I get a clear mental picture. And this time I didn't get a picture...only a feeling of distance.

I have had psychic experiences with past loves. I have actually visualized real present and future scenarios that I had no way of knowing about which later altered my relationships.

Trine -wise...

...transiting Pisces Moon/Uranus are Trine my Uranus in the 6th house of health.

...tr Jupiter is not yet trine my Asc/Dsc.

...tr Sun in 8th hs is trine my Virgo Saturn and my love interest's Sun.

tr Jupiter (Prophet) is conjunct my MC (Mountain) and Pallas and conj my 10th hs (Mountain) Mercury (3 deg Aqua), opp Jupiter (3 deg Leo).


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Interestingly enough I have had some quite similar experiences of late. I do suspect that it was the transits as Uranus can give us that sudden electrical feeling (and not in a good way) as our nerves are overcharged. How close is the aspect to Uranus in the 6th?
I know that Saturn and Uranus are almost exact conjunct/oppose my moon in the 6th and for the last week I have had a similar feeling.
In the spring, on Uranus first approach, I was having a lot of heart palpitations too. Look too to where Saturn is in transit. your immune system could be taking a hit. That is my two cents worth.


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CharmVirgo, maybe I wasn't consciously thinking about the relationship at the time...but it's always there in the back of my mind. The things I was reading about Jupiter sounded too good to be true...I didn't want to believe everything I was reading. I was afraid that Jupiter would make me expect more than I can handle or that I would actually receive...high hopes and expectations, only to be left with little to nothing after this transit goes by.

I tried asking the sabian symbols about him...but I was too emotional at the time. I'll try now...

How does he feel about me?


This is a wonderful Symbol of second chances and starting over. Something is coming back into your life and it can be inspiring, delicious and revivifying. However, it's best not to be swept off your feet and misguided by overreaction. Nor is it a time to take whatever you can get. You have a deep understanding of what is possible and you can choose to become involved for all the right reasons.
Finding a renewal of love, knowledge, interest when it looked like all the opportunities had passed. Second chances. Finding something to be passionate about. Awakenings.
The Caution: Denying the right to emotional expression because of social expectations.

Does he want to be in a committed relationship with me?


Great things can be achieved if everyone works and pulls together. It is by acting as a community, rather than as separate individuals, that difficult projects can be undertaken and completed. Sharing experiences can build worthwhile community values.
Cooperation. Parties. Having to consider the needs of lots of people. Dormitories. Building bigger and better things.
The Caution: Taking advantage of group generosity OR refusing to cooperate in group endeavors.​


I'm always having doubts...it very much has to do with the knowledge of having tr Saturn square Venus/Neptune. I may have to try this again later...


Right now according to astro.com in UT/GMT (I'm east of this time zone...Im not sure if time zones change the degree of the planets with time?) the tr Moon/Uranus are 1 degree away in trine from Uranus (20 deg) in the 6th. I dont recall anything like this last time the Moon was at this degree. I am feeling very electric and restless yet physically exhausted at the same time.

tr Saturn is sextile 1 deg from 6th hs Uranus. And tr Chiron is trine my 6th hs Pluto (19 deg).

I went to the doctors. My vital signs are normal. And he couldn't see anything wrong, but warned that I may come down with the flu.


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excellent advice. It's just so hard for me to keep my cool. our sun's oppose each other's moons. And his sun is involved in a t-square with my sat, moon, nep and asc...with my saturn conj his sun. I really must be suffocating him.