What changes do you expect by 2030 w/ the upcoming major transits?


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2023 - Pluto In Aquarius: Dark side of Technology and the internet. Its pluto is going to be opposite Pluto in Leo so expect the baby boomers generation to collapse and the entertainment and music industry will undergo a crisis. Internet will be more dangerous to children since Leo is a sign where it generally represents youth. Stan culture is gonna get worse and dangerous and i can see new rules being added. More and more celebrities will most likely deactivate their social medias because of the toxicity and people will try to use less tech.

2025- Neptune in Aries

2026- Uranus in Gemini: I can see new inventions with communications. Alien life and human communication, civil war potentially? More huge advancements. This is when I think it’ll truly start to make the 2000s & 2010s look more retro and old.