What career field should I go into? I switched from psychology to music and now I’m doing real estate. I can’t figure out which one suits me the be


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Hello Izzy504,

overcoming obstacles and convincing others with the need to have an intuitive perception and the need to be persuaded in the relationship with others while uniting and being in the consideration that you want to be given to you seems to be what promotes your accomplishment. However, you absolutely want to be appreciated through what pleases you or what you like and you must cooperate in order to be appreciated. What concerns you is wanting to achieve what pleases you with results conditioning your ability to motivate yourself by taking to heart and giving you the means to be appreciated. Etc.
This summer, you will be able to find a certain well-being by appreciating the interest that will be shown to you. You will need to listen to advance what will really be of value to you...



When it comes to career, the question should not be "which career is right for me?" but rather "given my aptitude, talents and interests - which problems in the world am I being called to solve? You do not work for money, you work to provide solutions.

There is room for every personality/character type in every profession. For instance, it is easy to see how any environment could benefit from having the meticulous, organised detail-oriented qualities of someone with strong Virgo energy:
  • I have a friend with a stellium in Virgo who prepares extremely detailed blueprints as an interior decorator
  • My mom has strong Virgo/Pisces influence and she is a brilliant anaesthetic nurse
  • I have worked with many Virgo's in finance and they are brilliant at creating order out of chaos (typically, they thrive in project management tasks)
For your list of career interests (music, psychology, real estate):
  • How can your unique talents best be used to solve problems that advance humanity?
  • What can you contribute that will positively impact the mission, performance and overall results of the institution or community you serve?
  • What legacy would you like to leave in the world that is in line with God's purpose for you?
My suggestion is to use your natal chart to create a list of your talents/strengths, then see how each of those can be applied to each career of interest in a general sense. Then decide, which problem you feel most "called" to solve right now... this is a very personal process.

Also, you are only 23 years old, so there is a lot of "non-academic" learning you have yet to do. Don't be too afraid of making the "wrong" choice. Apply yourself whole-heartedly to something and the universe will provide solutions along the way. This may mean being comfortable with a bit of ambiguity.

More specific to astrology, my assessment of your chart suggests the following:
  1. You are strongly "Neptunian" with Neptune in your first house, Sextile Moon, and Opposite Mars.
    Most "Pisces-dominant" people struggle for some time to find their true vocation.
    You may struggle to ground your ideas in reality (you should lean into your chart ruler, Saturn, for this)
    The Mars opposition makes it difficult for you to pinpoint what it is that you want, or part of you may feel you don't "deserve" it due to a basic lack of self-confidence. You may also have difficulty trusting in your ability to go after things that you want in a direct manner.

    Intuition, empathy and compassion are driving forces in your job.
    Being able to identify with others' feelings is a strength of yours.
    Your creativity and emotional sensitivity can be harnessed as powerful motivation.
    The Mars-Moon link means you are more likely to become passionate about issues that have at one time touched you or someone you love on a personal level.

  2. Uranus in your first house means you may have humanitarian leanings, being highly sensitive to the needed change in society.
    You may have a passion for exposing the truth.
    You strive to be unique, individualistic... and others may find your ideas to be eccentric or shocking.
    It is probably part of your mission to challenge the status quo in some way.
    This is further emphasised by the 3 planets in your 11th house, one of them being the ruler of your midheaven.

  3. The 7th house stellium suggests emphasis to Karmic lessons arising from one-to-one partnerships and relationships.
    Bouncing ideas off others helps you to make a decision, although coming to definite conclusions can be painfully difficult for you.
    You see the other side of the coin, but you might often play devil’s advocate... debating for the sake of it.
    You can be particularly good at mediating, counseling, troubleshooting, debate, politics, or working with the law.

    One of the lessons in your life may be to avoid putting harmony and others’ opinions of you above your own needs.
    Use your social skills and seek out peaceful relations with others, but try not to over-identify with the way you are received by others.
    Usually it’s more productive to balance other people’s needs with your own individuality.

  4. The stellium of personal planets in Leo suggests that you are most comfortable operating in an individualistic way.
    You will never be just another employee, or just another member of the group.
    You should acknowledge and accept your need for admiration.
    You have strong leadership skills.
    Although you seek out validation through partnerships you also feel more comfortable taking the lead.

    You can strengthen your own ego by helping other people to develop theirs.

  5. Scorpio Midheaven suggests you facilitate profound transformation wherever you choose to apply your talents.

    Pluto in 11th house suggests you could be effective as a leader of social movements and group organizations.
    The moon alongside hints that you may be drawn to channeling your protective and nurturing skills on behalf of a group
    (e.g. a group that serves the homeless or victims of domestic violence or cancer survivors)

    Chiron conjunct Pluto suggest that you may have to overcome a core wound related to groups before you succeed.
    For example you may have felt a deep disconnection from the dominant society or feel intense social anxiety that makes it difficult for you to feel like you’re part of the crowd... as a result you are sensitive to wounds of others who are socially outcast.
    By trusting your instincts, no matter how unique or eccentric, you are able to emerge as a healer and guide for others and also help to heal your own wounds.

    You may become an expert on healing because of your own experience needing to be your own healer in the past.

  6. Your strong interest in real estate makes a lot of sense since the ruler of your ascendant (Saturn) is in your 4th house, plus you have your north node in Cancer.
My final thought is that as you walk your path you will probably find a way to combine all your studies, skills and talents into one vocation even though you initially apply yourself to only one. For example psychology + real estate studies makes you uniquely skilled to join an advocacy group for the homeless, understanding their unique plight. You could use psychology + music to develop innovative an healing modality for trauma victims.

The world is always evolving and different problems will present themselves to be solved in the future, and your unique combination of skills will put you in place to solve one of them.
For now, just keep moving towards the "next best step".

(P.S. I use Placidus system rather than whole sign for analysis)
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