What Can You Tell Me About My Chart?


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:60: Here's An Astrology Chart Excercise

I want to see how accurate astrology is!

Tell me the type of person I am, the type of person I attract, the job I have, my characteristics, my past... Anything you want....

I'll tell you how accurate you are (or aren't)


August 13 1980 Vancouver BC Canada 11:45am


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OK since i am fairly inexperienced mine not be really spot on. I just wanted to reply because i know i have seen this chart before. I think you wanted to see which planet was stronger or something right? A huge thing with really understanding Astrology and ones chart especially, is knowing how the planet's "energies" work. Because it is purely symbolic, interpretation is more art then science... we get our chart as an instrument that we play as we wish. Different interpretations can vary greatly depending on the perspectives of the Astrologer. I can give you a few interpretations based on what i see as the most important aspects and leave the rest to the more experienced and competent Astrologers wandering around here.

Anyway, a focal point of your chart is the potent pluto mars conj right on the Asc. The Asc gives a special amount of influence as just being a point can drastically alter our appearance and personality. Pluto most likely gives you alot of passion, however obsession if taken too far. With mars in the equation it gives more energy and drive. Mars deals with earthly desire and sexual drive (especially in a males chart). With the sun sextile you get an extra dimension of potent desire and obsession if you express the energy more "negativly". Mars and Pluto have a special relationship, both rule Scorpio but Pluto is defintly the rightful ruler (just that Pluto was just discovered not long ago). This is a potent aspect to say the least. Much depends on how you personally express the Conj. If you use mars more then you may be greedy, egotistical, lustful, and being potentially dangerous... but i doubt that you are since they fall in Libra which is about balance and harmony. If you use Pluto you may be very strong willed and possibly spiritually influential or at least a deep interest in developing your mind or spirit through use of tremendous willpower. I think you will know the Plutonian energies well if you use them more(pretty sure you said you know it last time i looked at this chart)... The very strong sun sextiling will help hinder the negative expression and you are most likely incredibly brave and not afraid of death.

You posess a great deal of energy and most likely have accomplished alot or at least fairly respected. The sun in the 10th can indicate fame at it's best but not guaranteed as is nothing by looking at any aspect in any chart. If you were sucessful in your career it most likely had to do with some kind of Moon/Cancerian energy because of your Cancer MC. It's hard to say exactly but most likely nurturing in some way. Comfort, security, emotional appeal, or maybe some kind of creative endeavor. You have a strong imagination and are most likely artistically inclined. The moon being in the 11th can mean you will maybe excell by group expression as opposed to the 5th house being personal expression(polar opposite). The libra Asc and Leo sun is a very creative combo.

If you are female and identify with the Sun in Leo descriptions i am sure you are very outgoing and expressive. With it conj the NN you are very fortunate, if you believe in Karma and reincarnation then you had very good karma comeing into this life. Your expression is in sync with the trends of your generation basically what the sun conj NN means. NN means north node which is kinda complicated but basically you were born very near a solar or lunar ecplise, so the eclipses may prove to be very eventful and most likely fortunate times.

Well finnally another important aspect is the Moon conj Saturn. Moon being emotion and Saturn being restriction this can be a difficult aspect untill you grow out of your younger lunar phase. Your emotions may seem blocked, and hard to express at times. With Uranus being sudden and inexplicable change or creatvity this further emphasises creative sucsess but also an emotional and disiplinary instability. With it in 11th house... maybe this is/was helped by freindships or groups of some kind? Probably like older and responsable yet sensitive friends. This conj also squares Neptune so if you do practice psychic ablities of some kind they may be unreliable untill later in life when you can use the square as an advantage. This produces more imagination yet possibly to the point of intrusive daydreams and becoming immersed in fantasy(especially younger in life).

And now actually finnaly(promise ;)) the over all shape of your chart suggests your strong independence and you are probably mostly outgoing but kinda inbetween introvert and extravert just slightly more outgoing(furthur emphasised by Leo Sun). Oh and the Aries 7th house can maybe indicate your impulsive nature with partnerships or attraction to that sort of person. Your relationships may not last long, but venus in Cancer is a mysterious type i don't really know too well because the Cancerian energy tends to do that! So ya overall very creative and imaginative, but that pluto mars conj is up to you on how you personally express it. Could be very overpowering to others when you first meet them possibly not realizing how much so.

I hope this is not too vague and remotely accurate! Again i am new so don't discredit Astrology based on my interpretations... Very cool chart... would be interested as to what others may say.


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is it a test ?
saturn in virgo(12th H)shows spiritual inclination and troubled love affairs
disturbed education and forced to stay away from parents in young age.

you are already popular or will become popular soon but will still prefer to live in your own world created since teenage
this world will develop more in 30s and you will find a vent out of it in mid 30s