What astrological influences are making this person be so problematical?


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deanna said:
It’s a new year and the quote that I sent out in everyone’s Christmas card read:

“May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!”

This accounts for everyone I know except for this one person. See below link for birth chart information and transits.

They have become extremely hard to get a long with.

Aries Moon/Gemini Sun/Leo Asc = I, Me, Mine?

The Saturn transit looks nasty in the chart.

Also the natal Pluto/Uranus oppose Saturn does not look to fun, nor the Pluto/Uranus square Sun.

Is this person going through such a dramatic change or process that they are better left alone? Will this person ever find peace?
Thank-you in advance for your help!

Interesting. My best friend in high school had this exact same birthday, 6/5/64, and he was easy to get along with. I also have the same aspects in my chart, with Uranus con Pluto both square the Sun. I'm easy to get along with, but don't cross me. I think the transiting Saturn square the Sun is the culprit, because I have that going on as well. It makes one very depressed and moody, and with Christmas going on at the same time, it can make life very difficult. Transiting Pluto is also opposite the Node, so this person is undergoing major transformations right now that are changing who they are. My advice is to back off for a while but maintain contact, check on them from time to time, and once the Saturn transit wears off later this year, check in and re-evaluate. The Saturn and Pluto transits are very harsh. Also, transiting Neptune was recently making aspect to the Sun, so things were confused as well for a long time. Let them know they can count on you for support should they need it, but let them find their new path in the meantime.


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Hi Deana, a happy New Year to you before I continue. May you also find happiness for you and your loved one's.

What I notice in this chart is the intercepted Sun, peregrine in Gemini and it's house ruler Venus in very touchy Cancer in the very sensitive 12th house and her sign ruler Mercury conjunct Mars in stubborn Taurus.

An intercepted planet, and in this case the Sun, representing the ego, her or his being and the way this person expresses itself to the outside world (ruler Ascendant), causes the person to feel very frustrated. They feel stuck. The signruler is Mercury and he again is ruled by Venus and hiding in the 12th house of self undoing and sorrow.
Venus again, is ruled by a Moon who is also not at all happy in Aries where it is also Peregrine. So both Sun and Moon are peregrine showing a feeling of "not belonging" to anything or anyone. This causes the person to become very selfdefensive. If this person is female, then the Moon-Venus square could show jealousie towards the mother or any other significant female.

When we look at how relationships work in this chart, we see Uranus (modern ruler) in her 2nd, showing that she needs a partner or others to boost her self-confidence and support (traditional ruler Saturn in the 8th) and also financial support. The T-square from Sun with the Uranus Pluto conjunction and Saturn are causing this person the most problems with others as both rulers of the 7th are involved. This person needs to dominate others in order to "stay on top" of them, otherwise the "alien" feeling described above caused by the peregrine planets give him/her great fear of loosing herself.

This person needs to feel supported, admired and appreciated by his or her friends (ruler 2 in 11) and has a great need to hold on to others in an extreme (Uranus) dominant (Pluto) way. Very difficult to understand this person.

The two peregrine lights are connected to one another through a sextile which somehow comes over as the blind man leading the lame one, a very delicate balance between body and mind which is made difficult by the inconjunct from the Moon to Pluto and the Sun to Neptune. Everytime a slow transiting planet comes to either 15° Capricorn (forming a temporary Yod with the Sun) and 6° Scorpio (forming a temp. Yod with the Moon) we can expect personal, emotional crisis and especially the one with the Sun could cause physical or psychological ailments.

This person needs lots of love and has to learn to trust people (again).
Cheers, Starlink


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Hello Deanne, thank you very much for your extensive answer, much appreciated. Jag is right of course, love alone will not save this young man.What he needs is psychotherapie a.s.a.p but I doubt he will even think of going there. He is extremely mentally unhappy and unballanced, poor guy. The fact that the family just says:Oh, he always says he is going to kill himself" shows to me that they really dont care at all. They, of all people should have seen that he is in dire need of help, psychological help. Oh man, some people!!! Anyways, this was a very interesting chart you brought up and we learned a lot here. Thank you! Cheers, Starlink