what aspects influence the treatment u receive by society?


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This type of thing might be outside of astrology.

I will be nicely honest here. Sometimes it may be prejudices from other people. It happens. I mean, I'm a fat, gay guy, living in the Midwest. Knowing how conservative (not just politically) some people are in my hometown, I have to lower my expectations as to what to expect from people. I will just have to accept that some people won't like me because of my sexuality, and that some people won't like my fatness.

Also, when I was severely depressed, it was hard for me to make expectations towards people that weren't too high, and too low. When you're at a very bad place in mental health, it's hard to make your expectations realistic, because of psychosis.

I know that people aren't perfect; I truly sympathize with you on that. And I wouldn't be surprised if you have been gained up upon, even just emotionally, from people who don't know how to deal with you. I like to believe that people who have never been 'the other' can't quite understand what you, and me, sometimes go through.

As for the astrology of this, I think it may be a Chiron and/or Neptunian thing. Chiron touching some people's ascendant can cause them to look like a helpless puppy dog, making it more likely for people to scapegoat you, and team up against you.

And then there's Neptune. Shockingly, Neptune can be just as criticizing, and snotty, as a Virgo. But, they don't criticize people based on class, elitism, or how they look, they (Neptunians) tend to judge people based on how they treat the poor, the waiter, or the invisible people. Learn, as a Neptunian, to not judge people too much, because even if your judgement is right, it causes a vibrational shift that bounces the judgment back onto you (yes, I'm talking about Law Of Attraction). I don't think that you are judging people maliciously, or even consciously.

You may judge someone as a snob, but it's all they've known, so they copy their environment, and the people around them. You may judge someone as sharp, but perhaps they had to be sharp, because it's their way of surviving their tough neighborhood. Neptunians want people to be good, but forget that they can be just as criticizing as Virgo.


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what placements could indicate harsh treatment/violence from other ppl or society in general, specifically from women
ive had this problem my entire life n its been a very painful and isolating experience. friends, family, teachers, even counselors ive had!!! its like being given a complete lack of nurturing. its really weird because i havent done anything to set this off. i learned to nurture and care for myself and also to keep to myself to protect myself…but it gets so tiring. example: when i was younger my best friends would beat me for no reason :unsure: or mom would take her anger out on me when my siblings did something bad.

i have saturn in the 7th in placidus, its in the 8th house in whole sign. and also pluto in the first in placidus and 2nd in whole signs.
astrologically :)
traditionally, 7th signifies OPEN ENEMIES

i read that the moon can also show ur relationships with women in ur life. mine is receiving some harsh aspects, in whole signs it is in the 10th house which seems fitting to me in this context. its interesting because i have received this behavior especially from women who should be supporting me like positions like mother, counselors, teachers, friends.

i wonder if you can break free from this or how, or if transits could play a factor in this. im not trying to be fatalistic but i know for a fact that u can see things like this in ur birth chart

dependent on accuracy of time of birth and skill level of astrologer

sorry this got a bit long and sorry for being so personal but i dont have anyone else to talk to about this so i came here. Its impossible for me to trust anyone because i feel like everyone just has bad intent towards me now. I was really naive by nature and now im the complete opposite i cannot open up or connect to people at all, just learned to keep to myself and i havent confided in anyone about my problems since i was young, its a positive too because i can support myself really well and i dont get attached to people at all now but its also frustrating when im trying to receive help for something or not being able to connect to anyone. even my close friends know nothing about me while i know everything about them because i hate telling people anything about myself now or confiding in them because i always get dismissed. thats why i like sites like these because no one really knows anything about me :ninja: I feel like the world has so much kindness and love to offer but not to everyone


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I thought about this too. but the thing is that i received this treatment from my family, even when i was very little so i dont know thats what confuses me the most because there isnt anything setting me apart from them yet they treated specifically me like this still. i would have friends but they would treat me like im dumb

but reading what u wrote about people in ur town treating u a certain way because of ur sexuality or body made me extremely upset.. you seem to be really mature and know how to deal with this better than i could but i just dont understand how anyone would treat someone like theyre less because of something like being gay or fat

its really a crazy world we live in and i will never understand!! i dont know why people go out of their way to be rude to someone who has done nothing to them. you can never know where someone stands in life as well so going out of your way to be rude to someone that already could be struggling in life is something i will never grasp. i know how bigoted people are but i will never truly understand the ignorance or how anyone could even believe in that mindset that they have

i think being treated a certain way and experiencing things like this can make u empathize more with others. i think twice about what im gonna say to someone

you are very right about the judging thing, i actually never judge anyone based on anything superficial but i watch people so much and the way they act and treat others so i know if it even makes sense for me to interact with them because when they do something i regard as bad i will think this person is “bad” and also probably gonna end up hurting me as well. you see i believe in the law of attraction and law of assumption as well so i know that subconsciously im probably doing a lot of this to myself

I feel like your childhood shapes u forever and what treatment you received growing up will shape the way you see the world for the rest of your life . so getting out of that mindset can be really hard and exhausting. even your adulthood, when you are treated bad it makes it hard to expect good from others

could you elaborate on the neptune/chiron part, i think i have aspects like these but i cant see them on astro.com astro-seek seems to show them though
It's possible with your 5 planets in Aquarius, do you think that you could be rebelling against people, unconsciously? Another thing to think about is, are you a very quiet person? Some people see quiet people as an easy target to bully, ostracize, and/or scapegoat their aggression towards. I know this is outside of astrology, but I'm trying to see many angles of this.
As for me, I think that if you've tried everything, and tried, astrologically, this seems like an astrocartography thing.
You're simply not compatible with the city/State you live in. Astrocartography is the study of your chart in relation to the place you live in, and to see if you're compatible with it.


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i read that the moon can also show ur relationships with women in ur life. mine is receiving some harsh aspects,
Let's for the moment stick with one calculation, just to have a base, so referring to the Placidus chart.
It would have been helpful for you to leave on the aspect table below the chart, maybe next time you could do this.
You instinctively have pointed to what is perhaps the most important aspect in your chart, the moon/uranus opposition.
As you know already, the moon is your mother, it is the women figures in your life. Very importantly it is also your emotions.
Leo is the ego and your identity. In opposition with Uranus in Aquarius, the humanity sign.
Uranus is also erratic, it's movement, it's sudden.
Here is a good article on how this energy works out in a natal chart, that might help you understand the mechanism better.

It will tend to make you emotionally tense and changeable unexpectedly.
Note the degrees, it is exactly square your ascendent.
Which also means for one thing, the expression of your emotions to others will not tend to be continuous and level, it will have ups and downs.
As a consequence others looking at you can be taken off guard, and be surprised by your reactions to them. With the result that they will then view you will caution, a little warily.
The ascendent is very strong in scorpio, and you might even have a tendency to be pushed by the moon/uranus opposition to shooting out little arrows, slight digs, sharp comments, to others, that will result in them taking their distance just to be safe from that energy aimed at them.
You don't mean it negatively, but the confusion between the way you feel and the way you express it is not easy for others to read.
Your ascendent ruler mars is quite strong in Aries. Aries of course is the sign of "Me first", you want to be energetically right up there, front row, highly charged, commanding and putting yourself in the centre of things.
The square to Jupiter can tend to exaggerate this tendency, so you have to consciously try to control it and keep grounded.
However, this also doesn't correspond with the scorpio energy, which wants to keep it all secret, to itself, not having a main role but working from behind the scenes. So you have another contrast in relating to others that you need to work out.
Moon opposing Uranus is also very intuitive, as is scorpio, as is mercury/sun/neptune. You might even have some psychic abilities.
Scorpio, and mars, also rules the 12th of the subconscious. You know things that you don't know how you know! But you do.
This intensity can be felt by others, and not everyone is comfortable being so transparent. They feel caught off guard. Scrutinized. And then become wary, and react to the scorpio secretiveness by becoming secretive towards you. Full circle of energy!
So this is one area you can train yourself to channel in positive ways. Consciously. Bite your tongue sometimes, deny your Leo moon's desire to be out front, centre stage. Use Uranus and Aquarius to come across more to others.
Saturn in the 7th shouldn't frighten you, it is sextile your strong mars.
In very practical terms, it could simply lead to marriage to an aquarian, a Capricorn, or an older person, or late in life.
And more than this, the mercury/neptune/sun conjunction exactly in trine with Saturn gives you balance and self control.
But the best of all is that the midpoint between Saturn and the stellium is exactly on mars.
This is such a powerful, beautiful aspect to have. In a stretch we could pull Venus into the stellium, but even without it, this configuration gives you the ability to resolve all the difficulties you write about. You have it in you.
Your 4th house is your childhood, your family and home. At 10 Pisces it squares Saturn, which is why your didn't feel comfortable or wanted during your childhood or by your mother, Jupiter is in the house of your mother's children who she tended to favour. The mars/jupiter square symbolises this conflict with her as well. But you have to leave this behind you, in the past, and move on.
If we look for the moment at transits, we can see transiting Uranus moving up from your 6th house, health and illness, towards the 7th.
So you are stimulated now to find solutions in the 6th house area.
And as you do, you will be prepared for when it enters the 7th bringing unexpected relationships, and then eventually stimulating your moon/uranus opposition.
If you do your ground work, you will be ready for it, and find an inner freedom that will help you find the key to balancing your energies.
Uranus is also astrology, so here you are, asking for help to find clarity.
Helping you with this is transiting Neptune trine your ascendent, which again might be why you referred to astrology for help.
You haven't entered South Node in the chart. This is the point where you tend to give in, where your "safe place" is, where you go to lick your wounds. And it is located exactly opposite North Node, and near the cusp of the 2nd house of self esteem.
You also have Chiron here, licking your wounds.
This is the mechanism you use to hide from the world, you fold into yourself, you aren't worthy, you can't do it, etc etc, as a way of retreating and recuperating. It is also the money house, so you link your self confidence with earnings, and if you don't earn as much as you think you should (which will never be satisfactory to you), you will take it as a blow to your self confidence.
This is a false narrative that you have to shake off, and move towards North Node in the 8th house of psychology, inner mind, confidence.
It's in gemini, the intellectual sign, not heavy and brooding, but frothy and light, inquisitive.
You don't say what you do as a career, but you have qualities very suitable to helping others, giving them hope and confidence through therapy or consultation.
Hope this can be helpful to you, study your chart in light of what is written here, and you can intuitively find the best road to regain your strength.
And, you will find that the reaction of others to you will change, as they pick up on your inner energy and reflect it back to you.
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What aspects influence the treatment you receive by society?

One of the basic questions in astrology life ...

There is an easy and very secure answer, not necessarily sticking to astrological aspects, but to objects in house 7, in sign libra and also, Mean Lilith and Asteroid Lilith give clear answers to this question !

A native with Venus in 7 for example may "meet" way too many people having big expectations. Or a native with Nessus in 7 may experience trust issues again and again with many people.

It partially is a perception thing ...