What are your thoughts on major transits of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus transits


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Hi everyone.

Pluto impacts my MC/AC, and ASC/DC, and my home life feels shattered already. What more could happen with these transits?
I'd be grateful for your help on future major transits affecting my natal and progressed chart (attached). Please help me interpret this, and I'll happily interpret your chart.

Which areas do you see more affected? My health, family members' health, or money and career?

I am concerned, because my natal chart comprises 2 major oppositions involving my Sun in Aries, and Moon in Scorpio. In a few years, the major (outer) planets will affect concurrently both these oppositions.

First, as Neptune with Saturn will enter Aries they will impact my natal sun-mercury-chiron trine neptune, opposite uranus aspect.

Second, as Pluto enters Aquarius, he will square the natal opposition of Moon+Jupiter opposite Saturn+Mars, and also oppose my natal MC.

This synchronicity sounds important.
What are your thoughts?:love::love:


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