what are your quintile aspects and sesquadrate aspect


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I've heard the Quintile aspect denotes creative imaginative abilites and secret gifts so I was wondering what Quintile aspect you all have?

I have

Mars Q Pluto
Mercury Q MC
Saturn Q Saturn

that Mars Q Pluto def evens out my trine ridden chart :cool:

according to Sue Tomkpins the sesquadrate aspect can be remarkably productive solid concerate results. she mentions the sesquadrate aspect is differnet then the square in the sense that they precipitation events she implys the sesquadrate aspect is more a subconscious square but unlike the square it doesnt block the individual progress right in it's tracks.

what is everyones knowledge of the sesquadrate aspect?


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I did a thread on quintile triangles a while back.

Merc Q Uranus

The the golden yod triangle of Jupiter ion my ascendent, bQ Venus and bQ Neptune which are quintile each other.

It was interesting to note when the triangle was activated by transits, as major things in my life happened.

I think the quintile is not so easy to access and may have more spiritual undertones in how they operate. Took me a long long time to see them and investigate. And then the spiritual relevance became apparent. Not to much written about them, but then maybe it is because they are of relevance in this particular time series.

The bQ 144deg is a fibonacci number as someone mentioned in this thread.

Have fun investigating.



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flea said:
The bQ 144deg is a fibonacci number as someone mentioned in this thread.


I've heard the Bi quintile is the same as a quintile.. whats the differnce bewteen the two? do they same have the same general affects?


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I've always considered quintiles to have the nature of a specialization or an area where unique harmony is brought between two energies in an individualized way. "Creative Harmony" is my keyword for it. One should also note that this aspect series resonates with Venus, as demonstrated by the 5-pointed star of approximately 72 degrees between her retrograde stations.

As the following text from Robert's aquariuspapers.com site points out, the "tredecile" is also quite important, and actually falls in the quintile series. It's 108 degrees, or the difference between 180 (a hemicycle, or opposition) and 72, as 180 - 72 = 108.

The sesquiquadrate, which can also be addressed as the trioctile for those preferring a less tongue-twisting name, is a 135-degree aspect of the 8th harmonic.

It's complementary aspect is the semisquare, aka the octile, a 45 degree aspect. The 45, 90, 135 and 180 degree aspects are not the same, but they are closely related and work together. They are all dynamic aspects. They represent the 8 major lunar phases (7 aspects, plus the New Moon [conjunction], making the total of 8, of course) and form the 8 "points of change" around the circular cycle. The 0, 90, and 180 degree phases are the major points, the 45 and 135 degree phases the minor points.

To understand the 45 and 135 degree aspects, they must be taken in context of the square. The 45 is a "first conflict" point and sets the tone for the upcoming square, which will happen after the phase of balancing (sextile) and creative realignment (quintile). The first conflict point is internal, very personal, and serves as a "seed" towards the square in a way. It's also a "first conscious awareness of tangible difference" point. The square tests how well we've balanced and realigned after the first conflict point, how we're growing our seed in a sense. The hopes of the square is that it's testing and conflict will drive us to truly balance and harmonize so that we can experience the trine phase, where things are apparently flowing and connecting in a harmonized manner. However, once we achieve the trine, even in it's best form, some external influence will come along and cause us to further reevaluate how our sense of balance works with external influences. This is the trioctile phase, where we get our first taste of having to align with something external. Thus starts the preparation for the next major quartile, the opposition, which acts as the beginning of the second hemicycle. Just as the Moon goes, we internally develop and build up things from the New to Full Moon, and experience and integrate them from the Full to the next New Moon. Sowing, then reaping. The trioctile is quickly followed by two equally powerful preparation aspects, the inconjunct (150) and quindecile (165), all three having a "last chance" feeling to correct any imbalances between the internal/self and the external/other, those of which we are unable to correct forming the crux of the oppositional tension and coming to a head at the 180 degree phase.

So, the trioctile provides us with an energy combination having achieved the harmony of a trine, but also shares a good measure of the dynamic motivational energy often found in a square or other stress aspect. It mostly lacks the "desperation" or "obsessional" feeling of the inconjunct and quindecile aspects, also. It can be a highly productive aspect, without so much tension as found in a square or opposition, and without the oblivious nature of a trine, and yet also lacks the "looking over the edge of a cliff" feeling of the inconjunct and quindecile.

Have you ever achieved something important and noteworthy, then "rested on your laurels" for a little while only to realize if you don't keep up the pace, you're competition will overtake you or what you've accomplished will be bested, become outdated, or otherwise fall by the wayside? This is the feeling of the trioctile aspect. It's a push to "get moving again", and to keep running with what's been accomplished, furthering our progress, and keeping us aware that something big (the opposition) is approaching quickly.

Saturn trioctile Chiron (tightest aspect in my chart)
A Mercury-Uranus conjunction quintile Jupiter
Venus tredecile Jupiter
Mercury semiquintile Venus

From http://www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/2007/01/quintile_tredec.html
Robert Wilkinson said:
There has been a lot written about the Quintile series of aspects, much of it vague and very generalized. Since these angles occur with great frequency, there is relatively little written about them, and a very important one is occurring at the present time, I thought I should offer you some insights about this misunderstood but very powerful series of aspects.

The entire series is based on division of the circle by 5, yielding 72 degrees as the primary aspect in the group, also known as the Quintile. This aspect represents specialization, gifts, and unique conditions. It is an aspect of creativity. No matter how similar it may be to other quintiles in other charts and times, each quintile is a unique quality or condition, a "quintessential" circumstance that has been weaved out of the "biospheric" responses of the "4" into the human "5th."

It represents a high degree of specialized force or form, something unique brought forth, transformed out of the generic materials. Thus it shows a point of high individualization, a unique stage of development, or a talent or gift recognized and/or articulated. All the other aspects in the series to some degree show this energy of specialization, just in different phases than the Quintile.

For example the Decile, or Semi-quintile, is a 36 degree aspect showing a partly developed creative uniqueness, a minor gift, or some other manifestation of specialized creativity. It either secures a unique tendency, or is the final flowering of a gift already realized. The Biquintile, as the name implies, is a 144 degree aspect showing a unique interactive situation, where one gift interacts with another gift, creatively and/or regeneratively. It is an interactive unique form of self-expression that often involves other people and their unique gifts, whether they align harmoniously with yours or not.

Last but not least, we now take a look at the least-understood aspect in the series, the Tredecile, which precipitated this article for reasons I'll make clear shortly. This is a highly specialized aspect of 108 degrees, which besides being a mythological "Sacred number" symbolizing Divine Mother Energy, is also the complementary angle to the Quintile. Thus the Tredecile indicates a very special type of unique energy that complements whatever uniqueness, gifts, or specialized quintessence are occurring at the moment in a situation.

I have seen this aspect operate in several fashions, and all seem to involve a circumstance presenting itself that perfectly fits a unique gift or need, or a gift or unique quality that fits the need of a pre-existing circumstance. The Tredecile is complementary, interactive, and specialized, the "quintessence" of a thing perfectly complementing the "quintessence" of a circumstance. When active, it seems to bring forth unique qualities in situations that involve interaction to bring forth awareness, completion, polarization, or re-polarization. The points opposite the planets in Tredecile are often associated with how the energies manifest, some need being fulfilled, some promise brought to expression, or some specialized gift or talent completed.

I have given it the keyword "SERENDIPITY." I believe this is the best descriptor for how the Tredecile works its magic. So exactly what does this word mean? We are told the definition of Serendipity involves "the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for" and "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident" and "good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries."


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What do people think it means for a planet to quintile or biquintile one of the angles? Because I have Mercury quintile Jupiter and Uranus quintile Jupiter but I also have Venus biquintile the Ascendant and Saturn biquintile the MC.

Actually Venus seems to get quite a lot of attention in my 5th harmonic chart as it is part of both a grand trine (Venus-Sun-Mars) and a T-square (Moon-Venus-Neptune)...
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I was wondering if there are any real life examples of "typical" quintile aspects somewhere on the web. I think it would be interesting to see some of the potential outcomes from various quintiles, if one can be so accurate.

Love & Light

Sag Moon

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I did extensive research into all the aspects due to my chart having many of them.

For Bi\Quntiles they work on an unconscious level. One that I have studied where they work in the negative is Hitler. Hitler is one of the best subjects to study due to the fact that his whole life is well documented.

On the Ses aspects there is a formation called "The Finger Of The World" which consist of Ses\Sq.\Ses and I have 2 of them in my chart. While they can produce results due to tension they fall in the Frustrated catagory of working to find solutions to lifes problems.

Here's something written about the Ses aspect:
Division by 8 - 8th Harmonic
Relates to Purpose, to fulfilled manifestation and Justice. Factors in the Semi-Square or Sesqui-Quadrate can be remarkably productive of solid concrete results. It is as if nothing can stand in the way of the concrete release of these aspects. They produce strong purposeful activity of a fruitful and constructive kind.

The Semi-Square is particularly related to the precipitation of the events of the life through which past and present can be reconciled and worked out. These aspects bring us the consequences of our words, thoughts and deeds. They deliver the goods through purposeful, yet relatively calm, firm, exertion. They strengthen the purpose of will and encourage long term planning. They enable us to visualize long term objectives and to marshal the necessary means to produce worthwhile results in the area indicated.

When uncontrolled, these aspects can produce a relentless, stolid, inflexible, conservatism and a fated involvement with events beyond one's control. When consciously used, these aspects are amongst the most constructive, productive and purposeful links between energies.

Some useful phrases for the Semi-Square and Sesqui-Quadrate aspects are:
works purposefully to give substance to.....
works productively with.....
is directed with great purpose to.....
Example: Sun Semi-Square Saturn:
My essential nature has a need for self control. I work to organize my life and that of others. I can be heavy handed.
Example: Sun Sesqui-Quadrate Saturn
I am working towards a more disciplined life so that I can express myself more effectively and efficiently.

Here's smething written about the Quntile aspect:
Division by 5 - 5th Harmonic
Two aspects with a similar effect. Harmonious, but delicate and subtle. When planets are in a Quintile or Bi-Quintile relationship, the principles involved will be used and expressed with a natural power and understanding and a sense of sureness and certainty. They seem to describe the potential of abilities normally considered exceptional or gifted, and abilities that are not necessarily developed or conditioned by experiences in our external environment.
Shows the areas in which, at some level, we know what we are doing and can command our materials.
While all the other aspects show character the Quintile and Bi-Quintile show areas of creative drive. The Quintiles show the kind of activities to which we are likely to be drawn and suited, through the possession of particular talents.
When consciously directed, the planets in Quintile or Bi-Quintile aspect can produce great creative power and control and mastery over the principles involved.
Each individual relates to experience in his own way, and the Quintile permits the expression of this individuality by offering a pathway for creative freedom. The Quintile indicates a genius linking inner experience with outer expression, which releases personal significance. This implies some sort of artistry, whether it is applied to a field in the arts, sciences, physical labour or anything else. The Bi-Quintile is nearly identical in meaning, but emphasizes the externalization of this individuality.
It is possible for the Quintile and Bi-Quintile to be found in the chart, sometimes forming triangles. A triangle composed of two Quintiles and a Bi-Quintile indicates a highly unique form of self expression inspired by the realization of some external reality. A triangle composed of two Bi-Quintiles and a Quintile indicates an internal realization which can inspire one to focus energy, creating a highly individual and unique form of self expression.
Some useful phrases for the Quintile and Bi-Quintile aspects are:
acts creatively with.....
works knowingly or effectively with.....
is applied with understanding to.....
Example: Sun Quintile or Bi-Quintile Saturn
My essential nature knows how to make the best use of my self control. I am well suited to positions of responsibility

Squares are aspects that we learn to work through\with in our lives.Oppsitions are aspects that are apart of our make up which we have to live with. They are part of our personality traits which cannot be changed which is part of our Karmic learning.
The Ses aspects can be dealt with through identifying their particular energies.

For Ses\Sq.\Ses Formations Ram Das and Timothy Leary were 2 which had the aspect and who dealt with the eploration of different area's of exploration.
It might be an aspect which asks the question of "WHY" for those that have it and try to find solutions to deal with whatever level they find the aspect in.

Quntile Charts!

al Biruni,
Rockwell Kent,
Henri Matisse,
Michelangelo and


John Lennon
Nat King Cole
“Cannonball” Adderly.


Shelley Winters
Richard Pryor
Peter Ustinov
Peter Fonda
Julie Andrews
Jean Harlowe
Marilyn Monroe (also a famous victim)
Jack Nicholson
Bruce Lee
Bob Crane
Bo Derek
Barbara Streisand
Audrey Hepburn
Jane Mansfield
Judy Garland
Liza Minelli
Francis Ford Coppola

statesmen, despots and revolutionaries
Martin Luther King
Dennis Kucinich
Oliver Cromwell
Douglass Haig
Conrad Adenaur


Steve Wozniac
Alexander Fleming

writers and poets
Emile Zola
Jaqueline Susann
Percy B. Shelley
Jean Paul Sartre
Anais Nin
Jack Kerouac
Washington Irving
Victor Hugo
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Emily Dickenson
Stephen Crane
William Blake
Lewis Carroll
Pearl S. Buck
Louisa May Alcott
Alice A. Bailey
Annie Besant
Helena Blavatsky
Helena Roerich

culture of human thought—and some, like Einstein, Mozart, Martin Luther King and even Hitler

with all the people listed in the last two paragraphs, their charts were chosen because of an emphasis of what the astrologer would call “10th Harmonic aspects”—deciles (semi-quintiles: 36 degrees), quintiles, tredeciles (108 degrees, or 3 semi-quintiles) and biquintiles (144 degrees). All of these aspects express the quintile paradigm in some form or another.

Some astrologers are capable of analysing a chart using traditional methods like looking thrugh text that give what is generally accepted terms relating to them.I have to learn through the use of my own chart what function the planets cast for some reason. That is not to say to do not use or accept traditional meanings .It allows me better insight into planetary forces that have worked in my own lifes experiences so that I get a better understanding for others.

On Q aspects I have several including Sn\Mn=MC Midpoint and a BiQ aspect Ne\Ma=Sa Midpoint so I do get the understanding behind the Quintile aspect and how they work in others charts.

The Mystic Rectangle I have found to be a real erratic formation for those found to have it. The recent monster that said he was the one that killed Jon Benet Ramsey is a classic example of how the negative menifestation of this aspect can work in the subjects life.
Many that have these and an abundance of Q aspects can be adrift in life for one reason or anther it seems while others that have only a few can use them as a backdrop for advancement.

One that had a Quntile (Q) that worked for his advancement through his personality is John Lennon.He was one person that of what I understand you could not but like him after meeting him.

Hitler had many Quntiles that centered around his Mn\Ju Conjunction in the 3rd and he projected his personality and understanding up to the public quadrant of his chart. What made his life so hate ridden was the Ve\Ma Sq. Sa 7th-10th which produced a demonic persona that no one culd have imagined until he was well in control of his special destiny.

There are many other eamples,but the Ses aspect is one aspect that less is written about or totally understood I think.

If there is a book that deals with this aspect I would like to read it as it is a very important aspect in my chart. It is harder for me to deal with then the Inconjunct aspect as for my life.

I will try to find more as I have studied these aspects for awhile and saved most of my observations to them.
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My chart has no quintiles and 4 bQs but only 2 are strictly planetary.

My 4th H Sagittarian Moon(the focal planet of my T-square) is bQ the MC. Perhaps this allows me to keep inner turmoil from disturbing my work.

My 3rd H Mars in Libra is bQ my 8th H Saturn in Pisces Rx. I regularly monitor myself to think and communicate in a balanced way while always seeking to maintain my spiritual priorities. Too, could this account for my strong urge to connect w/ the afterlife and the dead as a paranormal investigator? With Mars in fall and Saturn retrograde this would explain why I'm very slow to let people know in my personal life of my interest and background in connection w/ all matters appearing occultic like ghost hunting, astrology or anything else paranormal.

My 11th H Jupiter in Gemini is bQ my 4th H Neptune. Neptune is the one softening part of my 2nd H stellium of Venus-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in opposition to my 8th H Piscean Saturn-Chiron conj. which T-squares the 4th H Sagittarian Moon. I seek to truly be jovial and optimistic in realistic ways trying to protect myself from going too far toward the delusion of lying to myself into believing the ideal where it might not exist. With Neptune trine Saturn I think that helps keep it reigned in.

My last one is my Rx 8th H Chiron in Pisces bQ my Ascendant in Leo which is conj. my 12th H Sun within less than 45' minutes of the Ascendant. Healing has always been important to me and is a daily desire that I contribute to this world through it in some form or another.



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My Quintile aspects:

Mercury Q North Node
Jupiter Q Uranus
Chiron BiQ AC

No sesquadrates.

I have a Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon.

I do not know what to make of my North Node. It is heavily aspected. It is:

In the 1st (boarderline 2nd) house in Libra,
conjunct Jupiter and Neptune,
trine the Moon and Venus (which are conjunct midheaven in Gemini in the 10th and 9th houses respectively)
opposition Mars in Aries in the 8th.

It must be very important, since I also have this Mercury N. Node quintile on top of it and my ascendant is Virgo.

Perhaps it means that my future destiny is going to be very interesting!

The south node is conjuct Mars in the 8th.

I also have a mystic rectangle.


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Have a closer look at the aspects and detail the sign and the houses involved. They show inharmonious signs acting harmoniously which is the joy of new orginal thinking and creation in the quintiles. Experiment with what these dissinilar signs might produce in a positive way......

For example I have a gemini jupiter in the first bQ Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th. So normally this aspect would by jarring in the quincunx, never quite making it. But with the bQ the expansive thinking about everyday issues can be combined with a spiritual and nebulous Neptune plouging the depths of the human psyche in an original way and productive way, the lines of communication are open. Hope this example helps....

Love & Light


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Hi flea,

Thanks for commenting on my message. I understand what you say about the harmonious and inharmonious elements acting together. I think my Jupiter in Libra quintile with Uranus in Leo is particularly interesting. I have learned a lot about myself and my potential abilities from studying my chart. I feel that this Jupiter Uranus quitile probably helps counteract some of the problems with my Jupiter opposition Mars. I think without it, there would be much more of a negative effect.

I think there is a positive effect on thinking and creative ability with quintiles. Wherever Jupiter is involved I think it is creativity in the religious realm and certainly Uranus would indicate unconventional ways of thinking. This is probably one of a number of other factors in my chart pointing to my lifelong interest in astrology and the occult.

I also have Neptune in Scorpio, but it is in my 2nd house.
Thank you so much for allowing me to air my views.
My own quintile aspects are Mercury in Pisces quintile Saturn, which makes me a pattern-seeker and lover of mathematics, also in art. I have the Sun conjunct Uranus(4degrees)and both biquintile Neptune, but am not quite sure what it does--realize the ideal? I am glad to have these aspects because I have a grand square involving Uranus-Sun, Saturn, Mars and the Moon. Jupiter is sesquisquare Moon -intellectual enthusiasms get in the way of emotional life, same with Uranus and the Mean Black Moon, forward thinking invites backbiting from behind the scenes.
I have been studying the formation of the Grand Quintile less a single point. Hitler had this in his second harmonic, which means he had to have an enemy or something to attack to realize his potential. He came to power when it was fillled by either progression or Solar Arc. When I come upon a chart riddled with semiquintiles and tredeciles without a distinct pattern, the second harmonic often has the answer.
I have written a forty-some page article on the pattern in Israel's natal chart (what with conflicts in life, it took about twenty years but well worth it) for the 4:37:30 chart, which checks out well. Israel has Jupiter quintile Atlantis which is quintile the Sun which is quintile the Moon with an empty fifth point at, on average, 16LI56.
It also has the same pattern in its heliocentric chart with Chiron quintile Atlantis which is quintile Pallas which is quintile Uranus with a midpoint at 9VI 5 . The geo and helio Atlantises are about 36 degrees apart.
For nearly every important event in the country's history, especially the six-day war, both points were filled by a geocentric or heliocentric arced or progressed planet or asteroid. For the 6-day war progressed helio Mars was at 14LI50, which is also the Moon-Uranus midpoint that is also in orb for p5, and the helio grand quintile was activated helio Vesta conjunct Saturn arced to 10VI31 and 10VI 51 respectively.
Now that Uranus is in Aries for awhile, conjoining my natal Eris, I have the energy to contact people, and I feel it is vital because among other things Pluto , accompanied by Saturn will make its trek though the geo fifth point beginnin in early 2011.


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These are the placements I have
Venus in libra 3rd house Quintile Saturn capricorn 5th house
Venus Quintile Uranus saggitarius 5th house
Venus Quintile Ascendant - leo
Saturn Quintile North Node - pisces 8th house
Uranus Quintile North Node
Chiron Retrograde Cancer 12th house Quintile Midheaven Taurus
pluto in 4th in scorpio quintile juno in pisces in 8th

Venus Bi-Quintile North Node
Neptune Cap 6th house Bi-Quintile Jupiter Retrograde Gemini 11th house
Uranus Bi-Quintile Ascendant

sun in 4th house in scorpio Sesqui-Quadrate chiron
venus Sesqui-Quadrate jupiter
ceres in 8th house in pisces Sesqui-Quadrate leo ascendant
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Many of these I'm not sure of,but I thought I'd put them down anyhow, along with definitions of the one's I'm fairly certain of. :smile:

Pluto Descendant Crescent + 3 ° 55 ' Quintile
Mars Nadir Last Quarter - 3 ° 12 ' Quintile
Venus Midheaven Crescent - 2 ° 41 ' Quintile
Venus Jupiter Full - 0 ° 24 ' Biquintile
Sun Ascendant Full - 0 ° 48 ' Biquintile
Sun Moon Last Quarter - 3 ° 16 ' Quintile - parents argued and very creative....also love being creative
Sun Nadir Last Quarter - 0 ° 32 ' Quintile- everything I do, there's a little bit of me in it​
Jupiter Midheaven Last Quarter - 3 ° 05 ' Quintile

Pluto Jupiter Full - 1 ° 44 ' Sesquiquadrate
Venus Saturn Gibbous + 0 ° 16 ' Sesquiquadrate-Lack of artistic confidence and lack of fulfillment in love Moon Chiron First Quarter - 4 ° 53 ' Sesquiquadrate
Saturn Descendant First Quarter - 2 ° 41 ' Sesquiquadrate
Chiron Nadir First Quarter - 2 ° 09 ' Sesquiquadrate
Chiron Neptune Gibbous + 0 ° 32 ' Sesquiquadrate​

Lunar Pisces

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Quintiles in my chart:

Moon Q Venus
Sun Q Chrion
ASC Q Jupiter


Jupiter sesquadrate Chiron
Uranus sesquadrate Chiron

I don't know much abotu sesquadrates, but I feel my quintiles, especially my 7th house Pisces moon quintile my 9th house Gemini Venus.