What are the dominant planets in this chart?


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For those who have followed me in other threads, I try to find my dominant planets but some methods are very complicated and the simple ones are distant from each other because of the astrological branches.

already have an idea of the planets that would figure but I do not dare to elucidate the one that rules.
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The whole idea of dominant planets is a bit weird - because what does that even tell you? Yes, some planets have more weight than others - always, Sun, Moon and ASC - are at the top of the list for everyone - and beyond that, it really depends on what question you're asking - like what is my best career, or what kind of partner do I need?

Anyway, any planet conjunct an angle is given more weight - so in your case - Sun, Moon and Jupiter are conjunct an angle. Sun and Moon are already a big weight and this just makes them a bit heavier. Jupiter gets a weight boost conjunct Sun and ASC.

Mars is the ruler of your chart, so it gets extra weight. It's also the dispositor or ruler of your Aries Sun and Jupiter. And Mars is in a sign it rules.

Venus rules your Libra Moon and it is in Taurus, in a sign it rules. So, Venus gets a bit of extra weight too. Through dispositorship, Mars and Venus are pretty dominant - and rule your Sun and Moon.

What does it matter which of these is more dominant? I see no reason to choose. They all have weight and function in a reading of the whole. You can't separate out Sun from Jupiter or the Moon opposing them on the angles. This chart is about being independent within relationships - and self-development - learning to fit in - to develop your own path but one that satisfies the need to have a place in society.

You've got two strong oppositions - Sun/Jupiter opposes Moon and Mars opposes Venus - they are between the heavy players. These require you to see both sides - to become aware of both sides - to integrate both sides - to get them working together. Choosing one as more dominant than the other goes against the dictates of an opposition. They are two sides of one coin - they both need attention and they both are here to stay.


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As you note, there are different methods and they don't give the identical answer.

Both Mars and Venus are strong in your chart.

Mars rules your ascendant, and many modern astrologers would go no further than that. It is domiciled (in the house it rules) as the traditional ruler of Scorpio. (Pluto is the modern ruler.)

Mars is somewhat hampered by being retrograde. You may be very hard on yourself, with all of your natural aggression turned inward.

Venus is also domiciled as the ruler of Taurus. It is in the first house, which strengthens it. Venus in Taurus often gives some artistic ability, notably (but not exclusively) singing.

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Here’s one more Calculation method to throw into the mix.

Using Williams Lilly’s method of the essential dignities, which means I’m only considering planets (Sun-Saturn), I’ve scored their “strength”

Sun is in 11 Aries. 3/5
Moon is in 16 libra. 1/5
Mercury 20 Pisces. 1/5
Venus 16 Taurus. 2/5
Mars 11 Scorpio. 2.5/5
Jupiter 11 Aries. 1/5
Saturn 3 Taurus. 1/5

Though Lily’s method gives the Sun a slight edge over the Mars, if I'm keeping modern astrology methods in mind and if I had no choice but to narrow it down, I would be picking Mars.