What are the characteritics of Leo Sun with this placements


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Please tell me what this placements indicate about this Leo guy:
Leo Sun (10th house) and Mercury (9th house)
Virgo Venus (10th house)
Gemini Mars (8th house)
Sagittarius Jupiter (2nd house)
Aries Moon (6th house)
Scorpio Rising


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was he born in 92?

Dies he have Saturn in Aquarius? Opposing the Sun?

[oops, guess not, Jup in virgo in 92]

my future son in law is a Leo,with the Sun in the 10th, Mercury in Leo, with Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini.

Very similar energy.

I like him very much but he does have his quirks. He is a combination of totally confident and shy and insecure. Which is a nice balance actually.

He is very meticulous about details and about his health and his well being. He is very loyal and faithful and family is number one priority.
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No, he's older

Saturn:Capricorn in house 3 (retrograde)
Uranus:Leo in house 10
Neptune: Scorpio in house 1
Pluto: Virgo in house 10
North Node: Virgo in house 10

He only has Saturn and Jupiter retrograde


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Anyone can describe me the personality that this chart indicates? what are the strengths and weaknesses this chart shows?


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No. But he plays a few instruments and has a very beautiful voice. But what you can tell me about this chart? his personality, love life? this chart shows a highly intelligent and charismatic man?