What are the chances of getting into relationship this year?


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What are the chances that I will end up having a new relation this year?

I read this on forum by dr Farr
"I give the South Node great importance in horary (I follow Gerard of Cremona, Agrippa and the Ankara tradition in this attitude)
For me:
-if the SN is in the 1st house, I consider the chart void and the question must be asked again at a later time
-if the SN is within 3 degrees of (longitudinal) conjunction OR ANY OTHER ASPECT to a primary significator planet or to the Moon, I consider the value of that significator (or Moon) vitiated and disregard that significator completely in the delineation
-I consider parallel of declination with the SN involving the Moon or any significator planet, to be the same as a conjunction with the SN
-fundamentally I consider parallel/conjunction with the SN (which I usually refer to as the Dragon's Tail) indicative of a negative influence or outcome
-regarding the North Node, I consider conjunction or parallel of declination with it to constitute positive testimony regarding influence or outcome; here again I follow the maximum 3 degree (in longitude) orb of influence rule"

Is this chart void?


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Saturn in 1st restricts, Saturn applying to SN (5 degrees) debilitates you further.

L7/moon is in aversion to saturn, so can't help with regards to a relationship.

Moon/venus trine will bring you some dating at least, but no relationship will come of it.