What are Femme Fatale significators in the chart?


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I get myself into trouble...

Mars Square Venus ~ Must have you now, even if I forget about you later. This isn't a very passive "feminine" aspect for a woman to have.

Pluto in Scorpio Square Moon in Aquarius ~ God forbid I should like you, you're going to be cut off or destroyed in one way or another.

Neptune in 1st, Venus in Pisces ~ I'm not actually sure who I am or what I feel at any given moment, I absorb whatever everyone else feels or become whatever someone else desires.

Uranus in 1st house ~ If you try to place boundaries on me, it will backfire.

Pluto Trine Venus ~ Most definitely *cough* worth your time...

Pluto Square Mercury ~ I know your deep dark secrets practically before you do.

Mars Conjunct ASC ~ When I say now, I mean RIGHT NOW.

All of these aspects have really positive sides, and can be used well to be a great partner. But I used them all wrong when I was younger. :whistling:


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It is an anthropological fact that most women marry or get in relationships either to gain socio-economic benefits from the man (look into the studies on hypergamy) or to get pregnant (when their biological clocks are ticking) and use the kid as their token for sociol/economic security (in the countries where they can get state benefits due to their "motherhood") besides using him as an emotional crutch lifelong.

We don't need astrology to see the obvious facts of female mate selection that are right in front of us.
It is an anthropological fact that most women marry or get in relationships either to gain socio-economic benefits from the man (look into the studies on hypergamy) or to get pregnant (when their biological clocks are ticking) and use the kid as their token for sociol/economic security (in the countries where they can get state benefits due to their "motherhood") besides using him as an emotional crutch lifelong.

We don't need astrology to see the obvious facts of female mate selection that are right in front of us.

Wow! Kind of one of those unspoken truths that no one dare say out loud bc it's a truth so pervasive. Really floored by this quote.

Also like horus' quote here
Most people aren't consciously looking for mayhem and heartbreak when they get involved with another person. And if danger is actually sought out consciously, it is just youthful or immature thrill-seeking-- reckless, destructive, and inconsiderate, or, it's a wounded person operating from their shadow with a deranged vendetta against the opposite sex. But yes some people find themselves in doomed relationships thanks to negative love karma and/or subconscious patterns and both must be healed or resolved.

Well, for some ppl, the milk and cookies soccer-mom type just doesn't do it for them.. The femme fatale offers them something that others dont, which is the possibility of actual death, which can add an exciting adrenalin rush to the adrenaline junky. I think the missing link to understanding the male's weakness in the presence of a femme fatale who he knows is dangerous, is that there's an element of addiction here.

Pluto rules death and rebirth, and self-destruction, so maybe one may have such a need to destroy themselves (out of self-hatred), they literally become addicted to anything tha could achieve that end. So the femme fatale becomes that much power. And she's addicted to that power as well, most likely out of low self-esteem, probably due to some missing male father figure in her life. It' really two addictive personalities colliding.

My femme fatale has Mars and Pluto in Scorpio. And for whatever reason, she has been in more than 1 situation where there was a shooting or a gun involved. I have to consciously prohibit myself from even looking at her, that's how powerful her gravitational pull is. Definitely any planets in Scorpio, or badly aspected Pluto is a red flag!


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I find this topic very interesting because I have been referred to many times by both men and women as some version of a "femme fatal." However, I think it is meant in the sense that I tend to draw a lot of intense sexual attention or interest, often unwanted and unrequited and at times scary. I have had stalkers, ex's threatening to kill themselves if I leave them, men that were sexually obsessed with me and I've been sexually assaulted...many creepy experieces. It is mostly unconcsious and unintentional, I never approach anything with intent, at worst I intend harmless flirtation or am just trying to be nice. I do have a very acute awareness of my own sexual nature, but even when I feel unattractive and am in no way trying to be sexual somehow people tend to pick up on it.
I've been told my chart is very sexual, and I do have many of the things mentioned. Ven sq my Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra nearly exact. Lilith in Aquarius is in the 8th and trines my Sun/Mars (exact conjunction) in Gem (12th house (Neptune) and also sextiles Juno in Aries in the 10th. I have Venus in the first, and Pisces moon with Cancer AS and Pisces MC. A LOT of Neptune influence in my chart. I completely agree with what has been mentioned about people projecting their fantasies onto those with a strong Neptune influence, I absolutely think that happens to me! My moon (AS/chart ruler) is very afflicted it squares my sun/mars conjunction and my jupiter/uranus conjunction and conjuncts my MC...I have a very confilcted chart so I don't doubt that I tend to give off a lot of energy, intentional or not. I also have Scorpio in my 5th house which I'm sure adds to the pot.
Anyway thought I'd post my chart for you to look at as an unfortunate example of a so-called "femme fatal" lol.

With too much Neptune and afflicted Pisces Moon as a ruler of a chart you are hardly a femme fatale. You could be very attractive and seductive but it seems to me that you are the victim in this stories. You are missing the strength that would come from the energies of Capricorn and Scorpio and that's why you can't control the situations you find yourself in.

Here is what Wikipedia says:

"A femme fatale (
/ˌfɛm fəˈtæl/ or /ˌfɛm fəˈtɑːl/; French: [fam fatal], with all [a]'s) is a mysterious and seductive woman[1] whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. She is an archetype of literature and art. Her ability to entrance and hypnotize her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch, or demon."

I read: combination of Neptune and Pluto influences on Mars and Venus. At least as far as seduction and hypnotizing goes. The ruthlessness aspect, I think, would come form some form of selfishness, and that would be negative Sun and Mars characteristics. Maybe afflicted Moon. Saturn maybe as it is cold-headed.

This is how I see femme fatale. She can seduce and hypnotize, be very emotional and passionate, but only until she gets what she wants. And she wants emotions, to drain them out of a man, to posses his heart and soul, to feel the power.. and when she knows she got it all, when there is nothing more he could give and there is no way he could love her more, her emotions die and she leaves to find another victim.

She has to be very selfish but at the same time extremely emotional, because if she doesn't get emotionally involved the other person won't do it neither. So she has to go all the way, let herself go for a while, only to get the other person to do the same. The problem is she can always 'come back' as if nothing ever happened, and that other, weaker person - can't. He feels lost, insane, empty..

I do it all the time, and I have figured it out a long time ago, but I can't help myself. That's the way I am. I'm a Scorpio with Capricorn Moon and Sun conj Saturn. I feel great power and always get what I want. That's the bottom line. But I have this to play games with (this is the part where Neptune and Pluto make me a femme fatale):
Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio,
Mars square Neptune,
Moon conj Neptune and sextile Venus conj Pluto.

This configurations can make me very emotional when I need to be. I can easily understand anyone, their desires, secrets, fears.. I attract people who can be very passionate, who are looking for deep and transforming relationships, who are capable of letting themselves go so they can completely connect with another person and get transformed. And I do it also. But for a while. Sooner or later (or should I say as soon as I get all there is) I wake up from my Neptune dreams and in emotional sense I become nothing more than a cold and untouchable Capricorn Moon with no interest in that person, no desires, no remorse.. The story repeats constantly. I'm always the one who decides to end it, the one who 'cheated', the one who is to blame for everything. And my feelings about it? I'm sorry, but I'm not. That's the way it had to be. There is always a reason why two people meet, they both need something out of that realtionship and they get it. I have to admit that it does feel kinda strange when you look at the person you were really connected to and feel nothing anymore. Gets me confused sometimes, specially when they try to make me remember how it was, how good we felt together etc. But for me there is no way back.

So they always say I have 'destroyed' them, I was a liar, a devil, or something like that. Femme fatale sounds much better to me. :biggrin:

I could very well be a femme fatale:

Mars in tight conjunction with Pluto in Libra, 8th house.
Both sextile Neptune
Sun and Venus in the 8th
Moon in Scorpio

A look straight into the eyes is often all it takes. I saw men blush when I look them in the eyes (while talking about business!) I get asked out by younger guys. I do not dress suggestively, don't wear a lot of jewelry or makeup, but I know I send vibes (don't do anything to stop it) and every interaction with men has sexual undertones to it. Can't help it. I like to charm and at the same time act completely unassuming. In most cases I am not much interested in the guy. I would lie if I said I didn't enjoy it. Heck, I do! :devil: But I would think it is pretty normal for a woman, is it not?

I think I should work on that. The powers are there, I just haven't used them to full advantage. Haha.

But seriously, I won't ever. I think it would take more earth and fire in a chart. I have way too much water to be ruthless. I will fall in for some drama and get hurt myself.
It seems to me you are the one too. I have exactly the same situations. I have been told many times how incredibly attractive I am even though I am not a supermodel. They say that I move, talk or look at people in an extremely seductive manner, unconsciously, and that's why I attract almost anyone. Younger, older people, men, women.. all of them. People fall in love with me at a first sight, they find me unusual but irresistible and I have heard many times that I have the most beautiful eyes they have ever seen.
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Define Femme Fetale!

Is it a woman who eats men alive like a Praying Mantis or are we talking about the outward sex symbolism of a sexy strong woman that makes people take notice?

The charts aspects would be quite different. Oppositions and Squares between Sun/Moon Sun/Venus Sun/Saturn could set the foundation for a woman manifesting conflicting emotional/intimate needs which could manifest in the inability to commit or subconsciously playing out destructive romantic patterns.

I am a surface Femme Fetale. I have a Rising in Scorpio, a Moon in Taurus, Sun in Cancer (Feminine, Feminine, Feminine) with a Leo Mercury that gives me an ability to flirt and be bold and I certainly can be outspoken. My style is pin up girl dresses, soft curls, yet, I know I come across as strong as people have more then once said I am intimidating. People find me very sexy, but all this comes with a BIG drawback.

Men have a very hard time approaching me which has been a real bummer. I have actively worked to be friendly, keep open body language, smile, listen well in conversations, and I have enough self effacing humor to clearly show I am aware of how ridiculous I am! but I still get the same result. My male friends say that they lack the confidence to approach me, and my partner (and love of my life, HI BABY)! didn't think I would be interested in him! He has totally owned that it was nothing I really did as I was always super nice, responsive, flirtatious, and open to him but he had his own stereotypes about beautiful sexy women as all narcissistic self centered bitches. Which ***** because I am CANCER for crying out loud, and really just a vulnerable marshmallow who needs love and reassurance from a dependable guy who will be my one and only. Good thing I am a strong woman and kissed him or I STILL would be waiting :)

The good thing is that other women don't respond to me in that way at all. My sisters see me and see I am down to earth despite my penance for pretending I am a 40s film noir star!

I can see that the motivations within a typical femme fatale could vary, but I imagine much Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Leo, possibly some dark side of Virgo too, 1st house, 5th, 7th, 8th, 12th, all signs dealing with much motivation within them, all houses related with intensity on a relationship.

Well, perspective about a femme fatale woman's (as well as man's) instant and random natal chart would be, now:

Sun in Aries (8th)
Moon in Scorpio CON Saturn in Scorpio CON Pluto in Scorpio (both 5th) OPO Venus in Taurus (12th)
Rising sign Leo CON Mars in Leo CON Uranus in Leo (1st)
Mercury in Pisces CON Neptune in Pisces (8th) SQU Jupiter in Gemini (12th)

Just guessing... :wink:
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This seems fun so I'm going to take a stab at it. I think femme fatale is a combo of several aspects working together to create such an effect. I think they would have either venus or neptune in the first house conjoined asc for beauty, saturn square moon because they need to be ruthless, venus square pluto to use sex as a weapon, saturn square venus to use love in a cold and purposeful way, saturn trine pluto to get away with murder but saturn conjunct pluto and they'd get busted LOL, mercury conjunct/trine pluto for a sharp and dark intellect. i guess i could go on and on but i think that's good for now LOL


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I think some aspects of a Femme Fatale are:
Mars conj. Lilith in Libra/Taurus
Mars conj. Venus and/or Lilith, especially in Libra and Taurus
Venus conj. Lilith
Venus conj. Pluto
Venus square/opp. Pluto
et cetera