what am I up against? how long?

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Sometimes it's easier to see death in the chart of the relatives, especially as we have your time of birth but not your Mum's. In 5 days' time, the Sun which is the ruler of your 8th house of death, will be transiting on your Moon which represents your mother. This is not a certainty however, it is my speculation based upon one way that the energies in 5 days' time could pan out.

I hope it's a peaceful ending, if this is the end for her .... the end of this life and the joyous return into a greater World. This will release you to make decisions based purely upon what is good for you.

Things will get better, because Pluto will no longer be transiting in your 12th house (hospitals and care homes) forcing you to sacrifice everything, but in your 1st house which is energising and empowering for you. You can take Pluto's energies and make them run in whatever direction you prefer. You'll be able to see whether your current qualifications make any job possible for you, or whether some kind of retraining or on-the-job training would be needed. Your 6th house of daily work, and your 10th house of career are both ruled by Mercury so it's an important planet to look at. Mercury is opposite Neptune so this suggests creative/imaginative forms of writing more so than strictly factual or fact-based.

Pluto's transit out of the 12th house hopefully will also mean that visits to doctors/hospitals for your own health needs should lessen. Having Saturn in the 6th house indicates lessons/learning/karma? in the areas of health, healing, diet, service of others. And with Saturn square Pluto in the 10th house, this is exacerbated and may manifest in power-struggles with authorities, or attempts to "get things right" as you see fit - Pluto is a reforming energy. I know from experience that the care of the elderly is an area that needs much attention.

Pluto in the 10th house also relates to a parent, usually the mother but can be the father too (opinions differ). The square could be indicative of the abuse/neglect that you mentioned. It would be interesting to see how Saturn and Pluto look in your progressed chart, are they closer in orb? The chart needed would be "natal and progressed". If separating, then it would hopefully indicate that troubles will ease.

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Don't recall anything family significant happening 2011, having great difficulty stressed out with uni then as I was 20yrs older than others, having to put up with abuse from sister & family that I was focussing on that instead of them - ridiculous since first time in life put self first.

Due to the abuse/neglect from parents, had to support myself financially which has been extremely difficult. Due to this have to live with sister - dominant & abusive. Living under dictatorship from her. If she didn't exist would ease off caring duties to have more time to myself - can't do this as there's the 2 of us in the family. Realise it's a learning & growing experience eg recently after taking mum to medical appmt been with her 3 hrs or so, she expects me to stay longer I said no & walked out (before current medical problem) difficult but necessary for myself/wellbeing. Sister (8 March 69, Echuca) goes overboard in what she does, raises the bar of expectation on me.

Went to spiritualist church, my spirit guides were crying out I must do things for myself, look after myself giving everything I've got to it, my spirit is tired - no choice due to sister. My saviour is when she's at work, unfortunately her job will likely end around April, the last thing I need.

Psychics have said I could be psychologist & so have others, life has been one challenge after the next. Do not want to do that, studied enough (marketing & mgmt degree 2008-12) feel I've helped others enough, whole life. Psychics also suggested I write book to help others, I'd be more likely to do that. Writing & public speaking come naturally to me.

Yes, I'm a spiritual person, been told could be a psychic, don't feel that at all but I did once see Dad's spirit soon after, think he was meaning I'm ok & here, felt him once or twice so far. Tried to talk to him myself, didn't work, too soon don't feel have that ability anyway. Seeing psychics is comforting but am aware some of what they say is filling in time, they can read people due to seeing them all day etc. Tried for yrs including groups to do meditation, don't feel I'm doing it properly just closing eyes breathing but still try but occassionally get bit of extra 6th sense, think due to that.

Does my 12house have anything related to Marketing? Been PA before, got mistreated common in that profession no good for me but was suited to it. Never again. Any other ideas what I could do down the track?

Im sorry you are going through this, its hard to see that things will change when they are so consistantly difficult. I had your ascendant wrong before and now I see that pluto is actually much closer to your ascendant than I first thought. So it makes sense that things have become much more challenging for you in the last year or so. My mom passed in 2011, which is what I was dealing with then, when pluto was hitting my ascendant. If you can learn the lessons that pluto is trying to teach you, you will likely do better than me and find some peace in the coming years. I was fighting it and that proves to just make it worse.

Can you find a way to either get out of the situation with your sister or make some clear and definite boundaries within the living arrangements? Can you create a safe place at all just for you? Sounds like you got some good things from your spiritualist church before your sister intervened. Does it sound like something you could do again?

12th house doesnt have to be psychic, it can be accessed in other ways. Do you enjoy writing? Marketing is an excellent way to use your mercury in Gemini, and if you enjoy writing it would be a great way to to spend some time sequestered away (good for 12th house) working on your own stuff.

The most prevalent theme I see is getting in touch with self. Pluto will not let not let you ignore this any more so you might as well go with it, it will be much easier this way.


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Thankyou very much for your responses. I'm in Shepparton, Victoria Australia, Mum passed away here Wednesday 8.35am 10 February. Huge shock.

Don't really understand how chart says it's going to be all about me. Managing mum's affairs will continue on for quite some time (many mths). Then there's going through nearly 51yrs worth of belongings (at least a yr) then there's what to do with the house (stay or sell).

Dealing with sister already difficult, I fear for myself. I'm staying in house, she just turns up whenever she likes. Stressful & unsettling.Takes over.

I fear I will be cut off health benefits as a result. Hope can find a work around.

Does my chart say anything else for the future. Cope better knowing in advance. Any idea when sister passes? Able to separate myself from her? Likely times have own place?

My writing is factual only, not creative/imaginative. Don't understand how anyone can do that. I tell the truth at all times.

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(((((suze))))) I'm sorry to hear that your Mum has passed away. However, based on how you started this thread, this is the beginning of freedom for you.

Yes, there will be much to sort out but Pluto gives strength, energy, single-minded focus, and determination. It should not take a year to go through your Mum's possessions! Check everything to extract all personal items (especially paperwork and valuables - old people have a habit of hiding things) and then get a house-clearance company in.

I can only re-iterate what I have said before, that Pluto moving into your 1st house now puts you in charge. But I have the feeling that you are hesitant about taking this energy and making it work for you, rather that you will wait for things to happen in order to ease your future. I think this feeling of helplessness may be a manifestation of your Mercury/Neptune opposition. I pointed out that Mercury ruled your 6th house (work, also dealing with mundane duties, service) and 10th house (career, also authorities such as taxman, etc).

As I said near the top of the thread, the energies of Uranus are strong, later in this year. That represents freedom. How that manifests for you, depends to a great extent on the choices you make. If you make no choice, take no action to move your situation forward, then the Universe may choose for you, and it's impossible to say what will happen.

Right now, you're in shock, and you're dealing with the immediate issues around your Mum's passing. But everything can be sorted out, bit by bit. This is the start of a new, empowered phase of your life.
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Thankyou for your replies. Can't shake the feeling that mum's passing was too early, not meant to be until later this yr, or 2017 or 2018. Just getting used to being her full time carer (she was in nursing home but many things to do). Any thoughts on this?

My life & situation: hopeless. Living in mother's house (before that renting room off sister) partly to get away from sister, but she keeps turning up whenever she likes 'I don't own the house; it's not mine.' It will take a yr or more to sort through the house (due to the circumstances of our situation - basically our whole lives revolved around mum's health, no time to do it earlier). Out of the question to get others to help, totally & completely inappropriate, thanks for trying to help though. There's still many day to day things to do for mum that will go on for mths. Huge myth it ends upon her passing. If one more person tells me it's my time now I'll cry/scream - won't be for mths/yrs. People who think this have no experience/understanding of chronic illness. My own health situation I've been told will go on for 3-4yrs, perhaps longer. Would take a yr or more to catch up on my own life I've just lost (the past yr being carer)

Any thoughts on whether to sell family home in regional city or move back to the city? (if so would have to continue living with sister until found place, would have to be the right one, would take few yrs I suspect as if bought place would be living there til I die I hope ie where I live is extremely important to me, needs to be as close to perfect for me as can be). Feel might work 1-2 days per wk later on, never full time again, too much for me & not enough time for self.

Would the best way of getting away from sister be either buy family home & change locks, or buy my own place & not give her address & phone number?

It seems most people have hobbies/interests, I don't. I go walking, do yoga, do self improvement, do things to keep up to date with work related stuff, movies but other than that I don't have any hobbies/interests. Any suggestions? Shocking both parents passed in 11mths, makes you realise who real friends and loved ones are: no one.