what about these Vertex aspects?

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hey there :) I'd like some help in interpreting the Vertex aspects concerning the synastry between me and a special one.

so I have this friend I'm going out with and we get along pretty well. her Vertex conjunct my Asc-Dc axis (1 degree) and is opposite my Moon (0 degree). Her Vertex also conjunct my Neptune (3 degrees).

on the other side, there's my Vertex: it conjunct her Mars (0 degree) and is opposite my Mercury (1 degree).

so my questions are:
- I see Mars-Mercury opposition is quite bad in a relationship; does the Vertex helps to soften the effects of this aspect?
- her Vertex touching my Asc-Dc axis, Moon and Neptune: who feels the attraction the most? me or her? any chances of being intense?
- I don't actually believe that much in fate, but is there any chances of this becoming a long lasting relationship?

any insights would be welcome!


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