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Hi Everyone, thanks in advance for any effort you place into reading my chart. I appreciate your volunteer time here, and I've learned a lot from many of you. Thanks!

I'll keep this short and sweet, as I see lots of requests here and I'm trying my best to be a polite "new forum member".

About me......

I was "economically drafted" into the military at a young age. Poor is poor, and the military is often a way up, and out.

Unfortunately, I did too well in the military and ended up in a very dangerous job that resulted in some battle wounds, both physical and mental.

Now, after my lengthy recovery I have a new lease on life, but cannot figure out what to do with myself. That's where a chart reading comes in. Thanks in advance.

Specific points I cannot decipher include:

I'm 0 degrees Aries and simultaneously 29 degrees Sag. Aggression, or maybe just "high energy" are just part of me. Both are difficult placements?

I also have discovered I have a Yod that has a Mars apex currently dancing with the Uranus transit. It's driving me crazy.

I sense a big change coming. Very similar to the way I felt in 1998-2001, right before I entered an elite Army program and achieved some really amazing things. Currently, it feels like a burning desire to leave something more to my legacy than "he was a soldier who was wounded in a war."

I just want to do my best to leave a positive footprint here on spaceship Earth. Thanks for helping me figure that out.

Please feel free to ask any pertinent questions. I don't mind talking about the war, but as a warning, I'm pretty liberal ideologically and have always identified that way. Liberal kids enlist too.


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asc lord sat debilated aries 2nd for family-fin, tech-social service aptitudes,
earnings in distant lands; elevated aspect libra 8th protection from dangers;
sat aspect cap 12th supportive of foreign lands; sat next cap 12th, 2.5yrs;

mars-rahu aries 3rd action orientation and initiative, aggressive,
excessive risk taking, accident prone, sibling relationships affected;
mars aspect own scorpio 10th supportive of investigative-research career;
mars 2nd highest deg aries 3rd for vocation-action/courage etc;

sat-mars-rahu aries rise-fall in life, need for ancestor worship,
observe fast No-moon evenings, serve-donate old age homes;

separative ketu libra 9th, tending to distant lands-travels;

occult dark scorpio inimical for cap asc;
stress-delays in career-recognition;

jup lord 2/11 for fin-gains sooner transit scorpio under stress-delay;
jup scorpio trine mer-venus pisces 2nd for family-finances,
promoting literary-oratory-artistic-astrology aptitudes and relationship;
venus lord 9/4 for luck-property etc elevated pisces 2nd for fin-speech-edu;

natal mer debilated, emotional-confused, venus elevated, selfless attitude;
debilation of mer cancelled, gradual growth, education, etc;

mars own aries, debilation of sat cancelled, gradual growth in fin etc

past 1.5yr ketu separative node transit mer-venus,
detachment from family-finances-relationship;
pain-injury-surgery throat-teeth-feet-kidney, affecting skin-looks etc;

ketu coming 1.5yr transit acq first, prone to head-leg injury, sciatica, etc;

sun zero deg aries 2nd , elevated but starter, brilliant, impulsive;

jup transit scorpio trine elevated aspect cancer 7th for marriage/business;

moon lord 7th over sag 11th, gains from spouse-partnerships;
moon 11th gains from mother-motherly women, govt, teaching, psychology;
moon sag philosophical, optimist, sportive, ambitious, impulsive;
moon highest deg, the core personality.

moon late deg sag, old age-experienced-matured-advisory roles;
but weak in giving financial results-gains probably;

jup lord 2/11 for finances-gains over leo 7th, gains from spouse;
sun lord 7th over 2nd elevated, fin support from spouse; impressive speech;
jup leo commanding attitude; jup trine own sag 11th supportive of gains;
trine aries 3rd supportive of initiative-communications-siblings;

jup retro delayed results; retro jup elevated cancer,
growth-riches through advisory roles, though delayed;
jup cancer trine scorpio 10th promoting career, research-occult;
jup cancer trine mer-pisces 2nd promoting family-finances-relationship,
and literary-oratory-artistic aptitudes;
jup coming one year trine mer-venus pisces and trine cancer 7th;

rahu transit jup leo coming 1.5yr, foreign travels-relationship etc,
while liver could be affected, toxic liver issues perhaps to watch/care;
jup leo and transit rahu 9th from moon for luck-edu-distant travels;

hope information helps take stock, pick as relevant on the ground,
hope find insightful-useful, share pointwise feedbacks how true-untrue;

wishing well,



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The recent eclipse set off a major T-square in your chart. The New Moon eclipse sat right on your Uranus and opposed your Chiron/Sun conjunction and squared your Moon.

So this next 6 months may reveal a lot about the emotionally laden lessons of that volatile t-square to your Moon.

The Sun opposing Uranus= A Revolutionary Spirit. A reformer, innovator, technician, rebel.

Adding Chiron, the wounded healer, to that opposition, brings in a more elevated, profoundly spiritual wrinkle to the mix. You may feel that you are destined to make certain personal sacrifices in order to bring about much greater societal changes and growth. But it is emotionally painful to have such depth and committment.

The trigger of the T-square is to the Moon @29Sag.
Excitability, impulsiveness, rashness—A strained or tense inner life —A PERSON TRYING TO CARRY THROUGH REFORMS IN A SELF-WILLED MANNER.

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Katydid and Kshantaram, than you both very much.

Kshantaram, The Vedic description is very confusing. I will be researching Vedic Astrology, but it really seems overwhelming in its details; especially details that interact with one another. Regarding your interpretation, I thought I would give you a hoot and let you know its very close to my reality. I will be reading a lot about Vedic astrology. Very interesting.

Examples: Massive Head Injury, Liver injury, eye injury and almost every dollar was made in foreign lands. I do love travel and foreign cultures, so you are spot on there. I find wisdom in other cultures, other ways, and even other religions. I made more friends in war zones than enemies. Funny huh? Diversity is beautiful with the right mindset. Unfortunately, I'm getting the idea that my chart says "Soldier", and thats all I can ever be, maybe? Could willpower alone propel me to achieve in an artistic field? That is what my heart yearns for TBH.

Regarding Katydid, I'm reading about t-squares this evening and you too are spot on. Astrology really is amazing. Yes, I'm a reformer who sees that change MUST be brought about in a self-willed manner. I also agree that the Chiron return is compelling me to do wholesome deeds that are a benefit to all of humanity.

Lastly, please forgive typos. I'm blind in an eye, and my magnification software isn't playing well with this site. Thanks for understanding, and thanks again for the insight. Lol.....sight.

Challenging times, but matched with the willpower to "do something". Now I must figure out what that thing is.

Thank you both, and have a great week!