WC 2018 June 18


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Today's matches:

Sweden vs South Korea
Draw indicators (STRONG): LOTH changed in 1 min; ASC at 26 degrees;
Sweden/Venus (AVERAGE): Artistic playing; restriction; lack of self confidence; disappointment; creativity; confusion
South Korea/Mars (AVERAGE): companionship; desire; determination; hasty decisions; lack of energy
Prediction: Draw (Note: difficult to judge, match sounds like a wave of energy, coming and going, but the point of this experiment is to risk a single prediction. As I said before, this method has its 1st appearance in neutral ground tournaments)

Belgium vs Panama
Draw indicators (AVERAGE): ASC at 2 degrees;
Belgium/Jupiter (STRONG): imagination; optimism; fancifulness; compulsive desires; success; luck and good fortune
Panama/Mercury (AVERAGE): excitation/nervousness; erratic; meticulousness
Prediction: Belgium to win

Tunisia vs England
Draw indicators (NONE):
Tunisia/Saturn (AVERAGE): discipline; conservative (playing style);
England/Moon (STRONG): mission to achieve; happiness; harmony; luck and wealth; mood changes; natural excitation; logical thinking; good instincts; duress and tension; indecisiveness; emotional stress
Prediction: England to win


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DOB Information is sketchy. :pinched:
Sweden, 18 December 1904, Solna

S. Korea, 19 September 1933 or 1928 or 4 September 1948
http://www.kfa.or.kr/eng/record/history.asp Seoul

Belgium, 1 May 1904, the Belgians played their first official game

Panama, 1937

Tunisia, 11 March 1928,

England, 26 October 1863, London

As for Sweden, their aspects are good...no?

Sun opp. Sun
Mercury conj Neptune
Venus sq Moon
Mars conj. Venus
Jupiter sextile Mercury
Jupiter sextile NN
Saturn trine Moon
Uranus trine Uranus
Neptune sextile Mercury
Pluto sq Jupiter

Sweden v S Korea is one of the decent odds as well.


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South Korea v Sweden - Sweden favourites. Try favourites. Radical chart by Lilly's method. Separation form Fortuna and Uranus, whilst Moon applies to Hour ruler Saturn.

Panama v Belgium - Belgium favourites. Possible draw but going with favourites. Radical by humoral quality. Early degree rising. Moon separates from the Ascendant and Uranus whilst applying to strong malefic.

England v Tunisia - England favourites - try favourites. Radical by humor. Moon aspects Ascendant Lord. Hour Lord under the beams and Moon separates from Uranus and applies to Saturn.

Other questions have been raised on other threads, which I'll join in with when time permits, including the Spanish conversation on software development.


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Here is what I have found:

Taken from: Love Light Astrology Forums

Sweden(2) vs South Korea(4.5)
Sweden -> December 18, 1904
South Korea -> July 6, 1948

Venus opposite Venus
Saturn RX opposite Neptune RX
Neptune RX sextile Mercury

South Korea:
Mercury sextile NNode
Jupiter Rx trine Sun
Jupiter Rx square Pluto
Providing this information is correct; South Korea should at least draw the match. Double Jupiter Rx to Sun and Pluto should give them a boost.

Sweden's transits are ok despite being the favourite. Let's suggest Sweden win/draw.
Belgium(1.2) vs Panama(20)

Belgium -> September 1, 1895
Panama -> February 12, 1938

Moon sextile Saturn
Mars RX conjunct Moon

Venus opposite Mercury
Pluto Rx trine Neptune Rx
Belgium heavy favourites, Mars conjunct Moon, despite being retrograde. Let's see if this prevails. Belgium to win.
Tunisia(8.5) vs England(1.5)
Tunisia -> March 11, 1928
England -> October 26, 1863

Many aspects including Mars RX conjunct Mars, but it has moved past.
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all Retrograde.

Sun square Venus
Moon sextile Jupiter
Mercury square Saturn
Mercury sextile Pluto RX
Venus square Jupiter
Saturn RX sextile Jupiter
Uranus opposite Sun
NNode square Jupiter
Uranus opposite Sun seems the stand out for me, England to be shocked or provide shocks?

They have 4 aspects to their natal Jupiter. These are Moon, Venus, Saturn and NNode. Perhaps they will have enough to win.

Providing this information, England to win.
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In terms of DOB information, it is a debate between:
  1. DOB of the football association of the country.
  2. DOB of the actual national football team.
  3. Date of the first ever fixture of that team.

Personally, I have only been using this method for around 12 matches and the success rate only dropped yesterday which could be due to the data accuracy.

Will proceed and see what happens.
Haven’t posted on this forum for a while but predicting the winners of matches seems like a fun idea so I’ll give it a try. :) Overall, I agree with sven555’s method of taking the dates of the foundations of the football associations and then look at transits. However, I think it’s important to also look at the angles of the match itself. This way you can get a clearer idea of what planets are activated in the teams’ charts. Another thing is that the 10th house is usually taken for the victory and the 4th house for defeat; also the 1st house can be taken for the team and the 7th house for its opponent. So if the ascendant in the chart of the match is in Scorpio, for example, we should look at the Sun because it rules the 10th house and its aspects to any planets in the teams’ charts as well as any planets in Leo and to a lesser extent in Scorpio in the teams’ charts (I use whole signs). The same way we should look at Saturn as the ruler of the 4th house and any planets in Aquarius and to a lesser extent in Taurus for the significations of defeat. I think using the 3-degree orb is most reasonable. I also don’t use the outer planets and asteroids as well as minor aspects. Anyway, that’s the method I’ll stick to for now and will see if it works or not… I’m just experimenting, my method may not work.

Sweden – South Korea (June 18, 2018, Nižnij Novgorod, 03:00 pm)

Sweden: December 18, 1904

South Korea: ??? (no idea where sven took the year 1948 from, the Korea Football Association was founded in 1928)

The match: Ascendant in Libra 27. Moon in Virgo 2, Venus in Leo 5, Saturn in Capricorn 7, Mars in Aquarius 9. Also Mercury in Cancer 12 as another signification of victory.

Sweden: Mars in Libra 17, 1st house, very good. Mercury in Capricorn 16, 4th house, overall rather neutral. Jupiter in Aries 21, 7th house, not very good. No close aspects to the Moon, except for the trine from the Moon in Taurus 5, but that’s questionable and doesn’t tell much. Mars in Libra 17 squares Mercury quite closely, but maybe not as closely as I would like to. Mercury in Capricorn 16 opposes Mercury but I don’t think it adds much. The Moon in Taurus 5 squares Venus very closely which is pretty good. Venus in Aquarius 6 very closely opposes Venus which is a very good sign but here it is also joined with Mars in the chart of the match which we took for the opponent so it’s a mixed situation; since the Venus-Venus aspect is closer, I think I’ll judge it in favor of Sweden. The Moon in Taurus 5 trines Saturn quite closely but it doesn’t speak defeat to me. Venus in Aquarius 7, as I already said, is joined with Mars, but I judged it in favor of Sweden because of the Venus-Venus opposition.

Conclusion: I really like Mars in the ascendant and I think it’s a very good sign. The Moon-Venus square is also rather nice. The Venus-Venus opposition is noteworthy and can indicate victory but since Venus is ruled by the 1st house, not but the 10th, and is therefore less significant and also because of the Venus-Mars conjunction, I can’t judge it with absolute certainty in favor of Sweden. However, there are no strong indications of Sweden’s defeat so it doesn’t seem like they’ll lose. So I think Sweden will win, probably with a difference of one goal, but there is a possibility of draw.

Belgium – Panama (June 18, 2018, Soči, 06:00 pm)

Belgium: September 1, 1895

Panama: August 29, 1937

The match: Ascendant in Sagittarius 3. Mercury in Cancer 12. Jupiter in Scorpio 15. Also Moon in Virgo 4 as another signification for victory and Sun in Gemini 28 as another signification for the opponent.

Belgium: Sun in Virgo 9, Mars and Mercury in Virgo 22, 10th house. 3 planets in the 10th house, great! The Sun in Virgo 9 is joined with the Moon but it’s probably too far away to make any actual contribution. Other than that, there are no close aspects of importance.

Panama: Mars in Sagittarius 11, 1st house, very good. Sun in Virgo 6, Mercury in Virgo 30, 10th house, pretty good. Moon in Gemini 16, wouldn’t call it bad, it’s rather neutral. The Sun in Virgo 6 is closely joined with the Moon, it’s quite significant. Mercury in Virgo 30 closely squares the Sun but I don’t think it changes much here.

Conclusion: Belgium is strong because of the 10th house stellium, Panama is strong because of planets in the 10th and 1st houses as well as the Sun-Moon conjunction. I would say both Belgium and Panama are more or less in the same league here so I may expect a draw. Since both Marses are angular, I really doubt it will be a 0:0 draw. Perhaps Belgium is a little bit stronger but I have doubts that it may make them win today’s match.

Tunisia – England (June 18, 2018, Volgograd, 09:00 pm)

Tunisia: March 29, 1957

England: October 26, 1863

The match: Ascendant in Capricorn 12. Venus in Leo 6. Saturn in Capricorn 7. Moon in Virgo 6. Mars in Aquarius 9. Mercury in Cancer 12 as another signification of the opponent.

Tunisia: Venus in Aries 5, Sun in Aries 9, Mercury in Aries 18, 4th house. 3 planets in the 4th house, not a good sign at all. Venus in Aries 5 and the Sun in Aries 9 closely trine Venus which is nice. These planets also square Saturn which is also not bad. Sun in Aries 9 exactly sextiles Mars which may not be good, but since sextile is a weak aspect, it can’t really do much here. Also Mars in Gemini 8 trines Mars as well which in this context is also not good but I wouldn’t call it particularly bad too. This Mars also closely squares the Moon which is worse that the Mars-Mars trine.

England: Saturn in Libra 12, Mercury in Libra 15, Mars in Libra 25, 10th house. As with Belgium, 3 planets in the 10th house, great! The Moon is in Aries 30, 4th house, which isn’t good, but since we don’t know the exact time when The Football Association was founded, it could’ve moved to Taurus and also the Libra stellium outweighs the Moon’s effects anyway. Jupiter in Scorpio 7 very closely squares Venus, a very lucky sign! Jupiter also exactly sextiles Saturn which is not very strong but still very nice. However, it also closely squares Mars which isn’t good. Saturn in Libra 12 trines Mars as well which I also wouldn’t call good but it’s not that dangerous, in my opinion. Jupiter in Scorpio 7 also sextiles the Moon but the aspect is very weak, so doesn’t say much here. Saturn in Libra 12 and Mercury in Libra 15 square Mercury which is important but that doesn’t necessarily mean defeat, but it may mean that Tunisia will bring some unpleasant surprises to England.

Conclusion: England’s stellium in the 10th house and Tunisia’s stellium in the 4th house may be considered enough to judge that England is the winner of the match. There are pleasant and unpleasant aspects on both sides but the most important one, in my opinion, is the Venus-Jupiter square in England’s chart. The Venus-Venus and Venus-Sun trines in Tunisia’s chart and the Mercury-Saturn and Mercury-Mercury squares in England’s chart may be a sign that Tunisia causes some troubles to England and may even score a goal but ultimately England is the winner.
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Thanks for contributing Solar Flare,

You are correct that the South Korean FA was founded in 1928, but I used the date of South Korea's first ever match which was in 1948. This is because I couldn't find the DOB, but will look extensively for it after the match.
OK, Belgium won 3:0. :andy: Good job, Azif, sentinel and sven. :wink: So either 10th house Mars really is a lot stronger than 1st house Mars and that Mars-Moon conjunction in Belgium chart was important (for some reason)... Or I've been given the wrong foundation dates. :happy: For Panama I used the date I found of the Spanish Wikipedia, it may not have been accurate. Or maybe my method just doesn't really work. Who knows, really... I think it worked pretty well for the Sweden-South Korea match though (Sweden won 1:0 thanks to a penalty). Looking forward to the Tunisia-England match today. I think it's a safe bet that England will win.

UPDATE: Well, my Tunisia-England prediction turned out to be pretty accurate, I think. :cool: England won, like I and everybody else predicted, but Tunisia did manage to score a goal with a penalty kick and they caused some troubles to England.
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Sweden beat South Korea 1-0 (penalty)

Belgium beat Panama 3-0.

England beat Tunisia 1-2.

England scored in the 90th minute to win the match.

This tournament has collected another goal scored from a penalty and another late winner.