WC 2018 June 16


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My predictions for today's WC matches (originally posted here http://forums.lovelightastrology.com/thread/373/2018-fifa-world-cup-russia?page=3):

France vs Australia, 10 UT, Kazan
Draw indicators (NONE):
France/Venus: show-off; looking toward; artistic stimulation; creativity
Australia/Mars: determination ; hasty decisions
Prediction: France to win (probably with a +2 margin)

Peru vs Denmark, 16 UT, Saransk
Draw indicators (AVERAGE): LOTH changes in 3min.
Peru/Jupiter: fancifulness; fluctuating emotional/playing states; inner-struggle
Denmark/Mercury: effectiveness; seduction (style of playing); mental stimuli; dispute-searcher; conflict; entertainment; active imagination
Prediction: Denmark to win

Argentina vs Iceland, 13 UT, Moscow
Draw indicators (AVERAGE): ASC near sign boundary
Argentina/Pluto: transformative crisis ; creative power ; obsession with creativity ; compulsion (to pursue power); intensity; self-reliance; depression and inhibition; tension; separation; physical strength; anger
Iceland/Venus: unusual methods (hello good old 2016 long-arm throws and kick-n-rush playing style?); influence; beautifulness;
Prediction: Argentina to win (but Iceland may play very well)


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Here is my view of all the fixtures today:

Referenced from Love Light Astrology Forums

My predictions:

France (1.25) vs Australia (15)
France -> April 7, 1919, 1:00 pm
Australia -> June 17, 1922, 10:00 pm

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Moon sextile Saturn
Mars trine Jupiter
Jupiter square Neptune
Neptune square Mars

Based on this information, France will win, but it won't be easy.

Argentina (1.35) vs Iceland (11)
Argentina -> February 21, 1893, 9:00 am
Iceland -> March 26, 1947, 12:00 pm

NNode square Mars

Moon sextile NNode
Mars trine Neptune
Uranus square Saturn


Based on this information...
Iceland to provide more surprises?
However, Argentina win/draw

Peru (3.2) vs Denmark (2.5)
Peru -> August 23, 1922, 7:00 am
Denmark -> May 18, 1889, 1:00 pm

Saturn square Saturn

Moon sextile Mars
Uranus conjunct Venus
Based on this information, I will give the advantage to Denmark.

Croatia (1.8) vs Nigeria (5.2)
Croatia -> June 13, 1912, 1:00 pm
Nigeria -> August 21, 1933, 1:00 pm

Venus opposite Uranus
Mars opposite Mars
Mars sextile Jupiter

Sun square Jupiter
Mercury sextile Neptune

Based on the data here, Croatia have two Mars transits against their natal Mars/Jupiter whilst Nigeria have transit Sun square Jupiter. I like the look of Mars better here, so I'll say Croatia have the advantage.


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Argentina V Iceland. Argentina favourites - go with favourites.
Agreed Iceland look strong, but possibly not enough for a draw.

Chart not radical, early degree rising. Moon aspects benefic. Moon in Ptolemaic bounds of a malefic.

Nigeria v Croatia. Croatia favourites - go with favourites.

Chart not radical. Moon separates from Fortuna and Venus and applies to Node and Mars.

Australia v France. France favourites - go with favourites.

Chart radical by triplicity, Moon applies Lord 1st. Moon in Ptolemaic bound of a malefic.

Denmark v Peru. Denmark favourites. Possible draw but going with underdogs.

Moon aspecting Nodes and 1st cusp. Chart radical by humoral quality and by Lilly's method. Moon in Ptolemaic bounds of a malefic, leaving a benefic and applying to Nodes, Ascendant and a malefic.

Good luck to all


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I must congratulate you guys for accurate predictions. Well done. :w00t:
The WC must be a very good testing opportunity for you sven.
I think the games are much more exciting.

I think difficult thing is finding the debut date. Trickey.
How did you come up 7am for Peru but Denmark, Croatia and Nigeria were born at 1pm?
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