Want to know abt my ife and marriage


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Hello everyone here.

I logged after much time. recovered almost from the break up. thanks all for supporting and being there. i hv learnt KP astrology..not in detailed but yes, i can relate star and nakshatra lords..still long way to go..

I am wishing to have good life. life is boring now...same routine..office, business,home, books and net..rarely go out..

Do anyone see my life changing now? it has been two years since break up and it was severe..he got engaged recently..

Do yu see marriage ? i need long term relationship which we can see as marriage..will i get some disable guy like me? any love chances?

I am scared of SUN and venus in 7th house together...Venus gets shifted in 6th house as per KP.

I have RAHU in 5th house..not good for love affairs. so does that mean i will unsuccessful in every love affair?

Every marriage have troubles and difficult times. but does that mean we dont hv to marry just bcos SUN is in his own sign and in 7th house?

my heart is crying...GOD have ever blessed me with every thing, though late but he gives..but this time, GOD is taking enough time ...okease enlighten with solutions if any..

Thanking all always..