Wanna take a look at my chart?


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Anyone care to give me an interpertation of my birth chart? I'm particularly interested in what my chart has to reveal about love (relationships).

My birth data:
May 10, 1986
New York, NY
12:44 am

Thanks in advance! :)


the natal chart



your chart ...

Hi there

First of all the Moon in opposition with Saturn spells mistrust when it comes to relationships, also easy deception and depression, need for stability, for protection.

With that Venus in the 5th, square Jupiter and opposite Uranus you are a true romantic longing for the most in this field. You attract many dates, yet most on a quite superficial level. The communication is everything when it comes to dating someone - you have to get along on the mental, intellectual level in order to get to the next one. (Gemini on the 5th cusp, Venus in Gemini, 5th ruler in the 3rd house)

As for the men, you prefer the strong, stable, practical yet energic and dynamic guys (Sun trine Mars in earth signs).

What do you say ...?