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Dear skyreaders:)

i hope somebody can guide me
I have Uranus in the 10th house in Sagitarius. I got a degree in international relations however I didnt find a job in that sphere. Im working as a secretary-(temporary position) and thinking of getting another profession that would be more precise.

My boyfriend strongly advises to pursue IT path (network administration) as he sees I am good with computers (though i do not like learning programming, it seems boring to me, but I do like working with computers -installing software, finding ways to optimize secretary work using different programmes that people working in the office do not know about). Yet I am not sure whether i should spend another 2 years learning network administration as I am afraid i'd miss communicating with people while doing IT jobs. I speak 6 languages and I do enjoy communication and publishing (had some internships)

It seems Mercury is conjunct my north node (can someone confirm it?). What would you advise?Follow Uranus or Mercury path according to my chart:)

with hope to receive some guidelines..

P.S. I am also inclined towards sports and dancing, however I discovered that i like it quite late - at the age of 25! Yet I am still thinking of being a fitness trainer or dance instructor (after few more years of training) at some point in life as an extra job. Physical activity makes me happy, dancing makes me happy as it allows me to express myself. I am quite shy on a stage therefore thought of teaching it.

Again, I'll appreciate any advice!!!



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Generate your chart using astro.com. There are instructions on how to do that in the "Read My Chart" section of the forum. Also include progressions and transits.


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Go for some Mercurial job. Both secretary and computer scientist are ruled by Mercury.

However, best career option for you would be something with finances/banking or accountancy. Mercury is on cusp of the 2nd, and Mars ruler of the 2nd fortunate in exaltation and in sextile to Jupiter in domicile.

Maybe there's a way for you to combine banking with IT? This would be ideal.


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Dear skyreaders:) I speak 6 languages and I do enjoy communication and publishing (had some internships)

I am glad that you mentioned this because this is in line with what I was thinking. I do agree that you should go with a Mercurial job but not because of Mercury, and I certainly do not think that you should be a secretary (in the normal sense) nor do I think you should be a computer scientist, though I am sure you could do such a job.

You would wilt in a career in the field of computer science. Your temperament would just not allow it because you are much to social, judging by the state of Jupiter, your Venus and other factors.

You would absolutely be fit for writing or research of a specific kind. For example, you would do well working for the CIA interpreting communications or documents. Granted that is a difficult job to obtain, but you can see what I mean. You would also do well as a reporter on science or governmental issues. You have the need to interact with people, to not be in one place, and you also have the temperament to be very critical, discerning and solitary, which allows for focused concentration on one particular project. In conjunction with your gift for writing and language, this would be a very good course for you to take.


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thank you for advice! interpreting communication and documents - sounds fun, I tend to analyze a lot what other people say.

I did already an internship in the news agency however I was an editor, not a reporter (I did consider journalism before I chose international relations). Editing was not fun at all :)

Thanks again!