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Hello, mercury - saturn, ascendant in sagittarius, jupiter in mutual reception, something would indicate talent for math?
Ps: I'm a researcher here in my country.


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But, no.

Virgo MC. However your ruled by the moon as you were born at night, and even though the moon is not completely in sect, it is angular so it's powerful. Look at the D.C. Instead of AC and it's ruler (although not totally into the ruler of the AC/DC bc it's really shallow). The moon is ruled by Neptune in Aquarius with Uranus near by (higher level of thought) id say as you get older you'll find a path that suits you, your chart leans more toward philosophy and spirituality than math tbh.


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My connection to philosophy is something strong that I want to keep alive for a long time; the interest in mathematics arose from the ease of philosophy, to be clear, I learned to understand mathematics was to open myself to a deep thinking about philosophical issues discussed in areas that work the construction of own thinking. Anyway.

It was a kind of self-learning for these subjects, which I want to keep alive by integrating me into an academic / stimulating environment.

I do not seek a deep meaning for life, in general, I seek is a way of connecting to the world, and logic-mathematics ignites a creative side of me, a kind of self-confidence because I feel that I am going from the abstract to the concrete. LOL

I do not know how to call this, but since I have difficulties in maintaining a rhythm of thoughts / or a continuous flow, I can rescue abilities impaired by my different functioning, through the very philosophy behind logical and abstract thinking; of mathematics, of the philosophy of language. I can not explain how that is, in fact, I thought that my map might indicate such questions, why my Vertex is exactly the same as mercury.