VOC Moon and reading a chart.


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Hey guys,

So with so many differing opinions on a void of course moon online, I wondered what the more experienced chart readers among you thought/had experienced?

Just did a relationship chart with a VOC moon in its detriment in scorpio, So a really debillitated 'engine' co sig! Significators though are seemingly quite strong..(Venus and Mars conjunct in pisces in 5th) Both of which are trining the voc moon..

In your experiences how does a VOC moon effect the accuracy of the reading? Has anyone had feedback on this?

Thanks all :love:


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The concept of Void of Course, is that the moon is lacking any future aspects to any type of planet before it leaves the sign. This implies that the moon has no relevant event going its way for the given period of time.

The meaning behind it, is that the moon acts as a significator for the "passing of time". And if you are to consider the remaining "time" the moon has in the sign, without it doing any aspect to any other planet, implies the current situation will remain the same because no relevant event is going to happen.

In horary a VOC moon is not a decisive factor for every chart. It depends on the chart really. In most, it does predict nothing will happen.

PS: If the moon is in applying trine to mars or venus, then it is not VOC.


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Thanks Dirius!

Ok so its def back to the basics for me..I looked up the current timings of voc moon and it said it was voc online...for some reason I thought despite the trines because it was right at the end of house 2 that was correct. :whistling: On the upside that's a pretty good result for the chart. :biggrin:

That is really helpful to describe it as 'the passing of time'. You explain a complicated subject very clearly.

Many Thanks again x