Virgos and OCD


I'm a Virgo, and I can be sloppy. Disorganized, nope. Messy? Oh yes. See, Virgos can have an organized mess. The house can look like it exploded, piles of things all over, yet the Virgo can probably tell you where most of their belongings actually are within that mess. I'm not OCD about anything that I can think of, but I do prefer that certain things actually be clean - I hate it when people leave dirty pots and pans in the sink, and this is for practical reasons. It is simply just easier and more efficient to clean them before stuff dries on! And Virgos who pay attention to hygiene, they are probably just acknowledging that current society looks down upon those that look unkempt.

I also think a lot of Virgos, the older we get, the more we realize what matters and what doesn't. There's a lot of things that could be obsessed over, but the energy is wasted if the focus is on those things.

If anything, the only person I recall personally knowing who was OCD about stuff was a Libra. I have no idea why she was like that, but it was at least interesting!

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I find it curious that Virgo on the twelfth house cusp was mentioned twice in this thread.

I wish we had one of those fancy sorting programs so we could do this right--collect a sample of charts of individuals diagnosed with OCD or those who possess obsessive compulsive tendencies, a control group, and then see what aspects/planetary placements/configurations those in the first group may have in common that appears much more frequently than in the control group. Does anyone know of any studies that may have been done to this effect? There's really no need to reinvent the wheel, if the work's already been done...

I suggest this because it's relatively easy to observe certain tendencies in oneself and then "explain" or "justify" these tendency by certain astrological placements that may not manifest as a psychological disorder in the vast majority of the population. Perhaps there's another, less obvious influence that manifests as OCD in a wider range of individuals--perhaps midpoints between certain planets, or parans to certain fixed stars?

Someone mentioned that OCD tends to crop up with other psychological disorders, which is true, so how does one seperate one influence from another? Is this even possible?

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I have Virgo ASC (exactly opposing Mars) and a stellium in the 8th (Sun, Merc, Venus, Chiron, S node) opposing Pluto. I don't have OCD (hmmm.... at least I don't think so, LOL) but am teased about my 'OCD tendencies' constantly by my family and friends. From my point of view, it is a control issue. I say this because... these tendencies come out the most when I feel a loss of control in some area of life (then the house is superduperduper clean!).

On the other hand, my daughter has a Virgo moon square her Mars/Pluto conjunction in Sag. At only three, she is exhibiting these same tendencies (every detail must be perfect, lining up everything from books to socks to chalk, must brush teeth five times daily, etc.). She freaks out (really) when something in her room is in an unexpected place. Perhaps it is a combination of Mars/Pluto energies with the Virgo influence thrown in for good measure?



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I have both Mercury and the sun in Virgo, plus a Gemini ascendant. I also have Pluto and Saturn in Scorpion in the sixth house, I have suffered from OCD periodically, but now, I'm more of a delegate.


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Good for you Blandy.

Usually when anxiety for the OCD increases, the ocd behaviours and thinking increases too.

OCD can be prevalent in people with Post Traumatic Stess Disorder such as returned war vets. A person with OCD is not really spending much time being themselves so depression can arise. Or visa versa, untreated depression can be sort of 'self managed' by becoming OCD but there is anxiety involved too.

A person may also develop OCD during child development when the nurturing environment is dysfunctional. The child only gets good strokes (recognitions) for doing something well. The child is then motivated to achieve success or perfection to get more recognition from parents. In absence of recognitions for just "being you" the child develops a belief that "I am only ok if I get things perfect". They graduate to OCD from there. Usually OC people are very ambitious and very good workers.

There are ways to differentiate the anxiety involved with OCD and so too with depression. Usually one has the whole shebang involved and thats why it can be an overwhelming experience. OCD can also lead to phobias and fetishes where the internal anxiety (scare) is projected onto spiders or germs etc. Jupiter Pluto tends to be a sign for obsessions and compulsions. I have investigated Venus as a cause for OCD too. It is more about early attachment and how a person might do these oc behaviours to feel secure in their historical attachment to parents. However in the here and now, it might be their relationship or adoring public they focus on.

Its a wierd read but I explore the above at this blog
Obsessive Compulsive Signs



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Just wanted to quickly say that your site gave me quite a bit of insight, and made for some interesting reading.
As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am quite glad about having the usually 'scattered', but progressive energies of my good, old Aquarian Sun & Mer nicely channelised and focused in the 6th house, thanks to the Virgo touch, which also lends my Mer some good analytical powers. All this makes me rather like the Aqu-Vir interplay:D.

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I agree ..I'm a virgo and extremly messy, un organized and creative. I think virgos are very creative and emotional, but they always get labeled as the ocd shrewd picky type..:(


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Well,I would actually consider OCD more of a Pluto/#rd house thing(wanting to control one's environment)than a Virgo thing.OCD isn't all about cleaning you know.It's about rituals,all types of rituals.So yes,in a sense it can be connected to Virgo,but probably Mercury would have something to do with it because Mercury rules patterns.OCD is pattern repetition.Plus,Mercury rules over the nervous system.

Really,OCD has nothing to do with the seacrh of perfection-it's the search of repetition instead.And not everybody with strong Virgo energies has it-my mom is a Virgo Sun/Moon and Mercury/Pluto and though she was obsessed with her personal hygiene as a child she is now quite messy to be honest.I too went through a time where I washed my hands repeatedly,and I have a packed3rd house(Sun,Moon,Mercury)with strong ties to my6th house(Mars in Gemini sits there).

To sum up:I see OCD as being mainly a Mercury/Pluto thing.But mostly Mercury,and not only as a ruler of Virgo,but as a ruler of Gemini as well.


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When I first started doing astrology, I certainly remember that Derek and Julia Parker cited the case of someone with Pluto rising in his chart, who was plagued by obsessions and compulsions. They did not say whether or not this Pluto was in Virgo though, nor what aspects this Pluto received.

But as OCD is supposed to be linked traditonally to keeping deep, dark and dangerous taboos at bay, controlling them, then maybe in this respect it could be seen as linked to Pluto. Thinking you might have run someone over, being unclean, thinking about murdering someone, even though the very idea is horrible on other levels.

Even more traditionally (as in, with Freud), such things are supposed to be linked with toilet training too, though I know that a more recent authority on OCD - 'the boy who could not stop washing' - pooh-poohed that (no pun intended.)

I did meet someone recently who thought that it was not Virgo that makes the arch OCD-er, but Cancer.

Personally, I would rather stay with Pluto, especially in a chart where its energies are less likely to be easily assimilated, e.g. in a chart with a lot of refined air, or very conscientious or sentimental Signs otherwise emphasised.


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Yes Mercury Pluto is obsessive combination. It doesnt necessarily have to be compulsive though.

Developmental issues do have much to say about pesonality traits and there are different times or "developmental stages" that can relate to different personality neuroses etc. Schitzoid personalities develop via developmental crises earlier in life than OC ones. At these early stages in life 3-6 months, 6 - 18 months, 3-6 years the crises is usually about what is going on with our primary caretakers. The developmental issues relating to the forming of personality has much to do with our early attachments and whether the incedents are verbal or non verbal activated.

Secure or insecure functional or dysfunctional attachments styles etc. I have in some cases, proposed that Venus or 7th house Ruler and aspects have much to say about obsessive compulsive styles. The astrology chart depending on what you are looking for may show the "functional" or opperstional style of personality or the "structure" of internal workings (intra psychic function).

There will be a good reason behind the Merc Pluto for example and depending on the nature of the organism, Elemental and Modality basis in the chart each person will have different ways for survival. One can look underneath the defensive patterns (coping methods) and find more information.


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One can have planets like Me-Virgo,but their sun in the signs close to it or Me-4th and have OCD.

Another factor is the Quindecile which can lead to phobias and other

There can be may things which lead to these types of conditions.