Virgo represents our femininity


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Everybody is free to follow whatever beliefs they want to follow
This is the final wording of your continual narrative in your replies to posts 'to prove a point' (very Virgo???)

It says it all. I.e. Everyone is entitled to (express) their own opinions.

Beliefs ARE personal and are not necessarily based upon, or representative of Earth Virgo's association with proof through shown physical evidence. Is that why it has such trouble with the 'unearthly' notions of its fellow mutable signs in the other 3 elements, and is renowned for its sift and sort discriminating nature towards/with the other 11 signs?

You speak of not bringing in planets/signs to describe the forms that can be given to explaining features of femininity. You appear to imply that it can only be found in/through the sign Virgo? Are Virgo's 'observations' and 'logic' you apply yourself based upon conditions of a specific cultural, philosophical (Sagittarius), intangible world side of humanity (Pisces), and general focus (Gemini) upon every level?

I do tend to wonder who is 'the narrow-minded' in this Virgo discussion.



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Divine Feminine is hated so much today in our woke world that they no longer call mothers 'mothers'...they are 'people'. They pretend that men can get pregnant (calling them 'lactating people') & are destroying girls sports by having biological men compete in them. It's called hatred of women & it's everywhere these days.

:virgo: who is called the Divine Mother, must be ridiculed & mocked & shut down. Her feminine traits (healing, intuition, patience, creativity, passivity) MUST cease, today's society only accepts the Masculine Principle of domination, war, conquest & control).

It's been going on for eons & it's getting worse. Look at the baby forumula shortage going on in the US. They are shipping pallets of it to illegals on the border while American mothers cannot buy it anywhere in the country.

Patriarchy hates mothers, hates children because they don't produce money or anything of 'value' in the world. Rampant misogyny & the cultural banishment of feminine traits embodied in :virgo: are everywhere in the west. In Sweden they celebrate that they can now drop off a 3 day old baby in the daycare while they go off & 'do their thing'. After all, motherhood is not a blessing anymore but a burden on society.

Men suffer too be never being able to express their emotions & Toxic Masculinity takes hold.

The pendulum must swing towards a balance with the Masculine & Feminine Divine if we want to iive in a healthy society where everyone flourishes.
Both must co-exist without one taking control of the world.

And it starts with society not looking down on women who choose to stay home & raise their children & bake their own cookies, it starts with people listening to others without screaming & smashing things, without needing to control what others say & think. Individual freedom is a must to live an authentic life.

Which is why I said Virgo represents our femininity in all forms , motherhood , thinking abilities, passivity, health , work , routine....because she was associated with every prominent goddess with different personalities and which is why I think Virgo was made a mutable sign as it changes


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Stereotype you just said ? Aren’t we all plastering traits on each sign and claiming we’re very knowledgeable about astrology, we’re all the same and bullying people to agree with you is highly unacceptable, just because same thing doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean the person saying it is not knowledgeable about astrology, I apologized to you before but I realized you’re deliberately trying too hard to make sure I change the narrative and get everybody to follow your own words , it doesn’t work that way , Everybody is free to follow whatever beliefs they want to follow

Surely we all describe signs in terms of static personality traits from time to time. But that's like starting and stopping with the letter A when we need to work with an entire alphabet.

There's a big difference between "bullying" and "debating." If you see my posts as "bullying," I wonder how often you debate with people holding different points of view.

Speaking Aquarianly, Garnished Crab, I recommend that you try not to personalize your arguments. One of your rhetorical strategies is to avoid grasping what I am saying if it disagrees with you, and to argue that I must be writing out of my own idiosyncratic personal experiences vs my knowledge of astrology as a subject.

If you think my views are wrong, then focus on the issues to explain why.

Consider that people's personal experiences offer contrary examples. If your main thesis is not universal, then maybe it would benefit from modification. For one thing, in your focus on femininity you leave out a lot of manly men with Virgo suns or ascendants.

I agree that we each will understand astrology in our own terms. This doesn't mean we get to overlook the large body of astrological knowledge out there. If you want to reinvent Virgo, fine-- but the proof of your delineations will come from reading a lot of horoscopes for real people with real issues in real time.


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Venus right ? Well Virgo was regarded as the first embodiment of Venus who was Ishtar/Inanna , Moon right ? The moon is Virgo’s esoteric ruler and most Virgo goddesses were associated with the moon in mythology, you also forgot femininity asteroids like Ceres , Vesta , Pallas , Juno which were all associated with Virgo

This actually is not historically correct. I can provide references if you are interested, starting with scholarship on the cultural astronomy of ancient Mesopotamia. For one thing, the Mesopotamians sometimes used different constellations than we do today. Virgo was called "the furrow," as in a plowed field. Venus was associated with Taurus, through the Babylonian system of exaltations.

I don't use esoteric rulers, but that's perhaps another subject. These were a late 19th/early 20th century invention of the theosophists so far as I know, but I might be mistaken.

Inanna and her successor Ishtar were normally associated with Venus.

The asteroids were not discovered until the 19th century.

I'm unclear as to what you're claiming for Venus, the moon, or Virgo here.

Didn’t I say apart from the feminine planets that Virgo is the only zodiac sign that represents our femininity as a sign alone ????? You keep hammering on Virgo placements not being as I described , look Virgo is a feminine sign and yes people with these placements are of course supposed to be feminine but hey madam there are millions of placements in one’s chart , do you think saying Virgo placements you’ve seen are not feminine then I’ll change my observations? Yes I know feminine can be found in any placements but I wouldn’t come across 3 cancer risings that aren’t feminine when in reality that’s what they’re known for then because of 10% of them that aren’t feminine I conclude all cancer risings are masculine??? Please let’s think logically here

GC, all of the earth and water signs are the traditional feminine signs, vs. the masculine air and fire signs. This probably stems from a very ancient belief in Mother Earth and Father Sky. I think Ptolemy (ca. 150 CE) also said something about human women being moister (!) than men. Hellenistic astrology had an interesting problem of correlating the ancient religious lore with their "new" Aristotelian proto-science. Which is why you get stuff like Taurus the bull being ruled by feminine Venus and classified as a feminine sign. But call Taurus a cow (and the ancient breeds were horned) and it works a bit better.

I suspect that your argument is based on Virgo as one of the "human" signs, along with the Water Bearer, the Twins, and Libra. But consider that the constellation Virgo was not always portrayed as a woman. For one thing, the great medieval Arab astrologers were forbidden from portraying the human form by their denomination of Islam. Virgo was sometimes portrayed as a palm frond; and Aquarius, as an urn. (The Persians were OK with human depictions.)

I'm happy to think logically. Maybe you could unscramble the latter part of your final paragraph for me, because I don't see the logic in it.

I get that femininity is a major concern of yours, but I think there are better ways to discuss signs that aren't so gender biased. Notably where men are concerned.
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Fire and Air signs are assertive, especially Fire.. Earth and Water signs are acceptant, especially Water.

Culturally, men are expected to be assertive, and women are expected to be acceptant. But astrology isn't about cultural gender roles, it's about temperament.

How does a Virgo man represent the Eternal Mother?

Does an Aries woman represent the Eternal Father?

Good point, David. Internet astrology is dominated by women, as your know; but we are still called upon to read charts for men, including those with prominent Virgo, Cancer, Venus, and moon placements. They are real guys with real issues in real time, and almost none of the feminine/goddess promotion here would be useful to them.

I don't see the benefit of an astrology that either ignores half the sun & ascendant Virgos and Cancers (not counting LGBTQ+ gender identities,) or that says essentially that males with these placements prominent are effeminate.


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I've deleted many posts in this thread for being off the topic of astrology, attacking, and/or responses to non-astrological or attacking posts. Stick to astrology only. No personal attacks.

Yes, the OP has been caught as a duplicate account, as some of you noticed. But nothing more needs to be said about that. Discussing that is gossiping about another member, which is not allowed. It is also non-astrological.

Stick to astrology and play nice,


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"...Sun sign astrology..." is Modernistic :smile:
for those unaware, this thread is on our Traditional Board

Is that so?
I didn't know that, as not every thread in every section of the 'Other Astrology' board can be considered as, or refers to traditional astrology ideas.

Hopefully, simply a sight error of placement that Virgo has picked up upon. :smile:


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Is that so?
I didn't know that, as not every thread in every section of the 'Other Astrology' board can be considered as, or refers to traditional astrology ideas.

Hopefully, simply a sight error of placement that Virgo has picked up upon. :smile:

This thread was originally posted on the Traditional Astrology board. I moved it here because it's not strictly traditional. Forgot to remove all the now irrelevant posts.


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Oh, c'mon, GC and Blackbery.

The "divine feminine" has been valorized and and represented favorably since second wave feminism (yes, feminism) hit in the 1970s.

Initially second wave feminism was about women having equal rights with men, and equal access into professional schools and careers with men. Since the typical guy 50 years ago was not about to look into his inner feminine, feminists shifted more towards becoming more like men, and less like Domestic Divas.

However, by about 1980, some feminists argued that women becoming like honorary men wasn't actually feminist. This resulted in goddess worship, valorizing matriarchies, and celebrating the female body, menstruation and all.

This is why, Garnished Crab, I find your insistence on the divine feminine to be charmingly antiquated. I think today, a lot of women understand gender to be a cultural construct. Different cultures across different historical periods and places have had very different ideas of femininity. There is no norm against which "feminine" or "not feminine" could be measured.

Many women simply want to get on with their lives as human beings, without having to be straightjacketed into someone else's notions of "feminine" and "masculine."

But the big problem I see with your approach is that you fixate on astrological tribes defined by static personality traits. You know, stuff like, "Virgos are like A, but Leos are like B." There's no personal growth or dynamic personal development in your approach.

What is the point, might I ask? It's like a children's game, to see if you can stereotype people by sign.

Meanwhile actual human beings live through dozens of planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

As astrologers, our job is not to pin the [astrological] tail on the donkey, but to be helpful to people. And helpfulness, after all, is a Virgo goal.

Hippy men were trying to be unisexual and metrosexual, or to reinvent what it means to be masculine, later their sons and grandsons as slackers or hipsters are redefining the notion being a man doesn't mean they're superior to women. I've been viewed a "honorary woman" in the 1990s by my female-/girlfriends in high school who weren't expressing too feminine attributes, but both sexes and genders were opposing restrictive ideas of what men and women are, can do or stereotypically were, but 1980s-90s kids were told gender was strictly labeled and that's not really valid in the 2010s-20s by the transgenderqueer movement . And the MGTOW, "virgincel" and "authentic" masculinity have clashed with the "toxic" kind I would thought was discarded either in the 1970s or 1990s-2000s. And astrologically speaking to be on topic: was the 1970s Leonine-Solar, 1980s Virgin-Mercurian or 1990s Libran-Venusian? Seems like every decade can have a sign or planet in charge of what goes on in the 20th and now 21st century we're currently living in. Seems like 1900 (start) was Capricornian-Saturnian and 2010s until 2020-22 (end) was Sagittarian-Jupiterian.
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