Virgo 21 anyone?


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Hi Svencanz, thanks for this.

My MC is at Virgo 21 but I hadn't picked up on the grand trine until you brought it to my attention.

Yesterday was a good day for me, too. I was researching some work-related musical stuff when I chanced upon the composer's email address which enabled me to go directly to the horse's mouth, so to speak. Turns out he is not only the composer/performer but is also a director of the record company which releases his stuff, and suddenly all the rights issues I was hoping to negotiate could be addressed in one communication. Trine easy. Must be music of the spheres!

Don't you just love it when daily doings coincide so completely with planetary positions?

Cheers, mate.



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I also have the Ur/Pl conjunct, Pluto at 21 Virgo, Uranus at 25 Virgo, Virgo 28 Asc, so they're both kinda rising.

Does that mean I get a good day too?
(God knows I need a good day!)

Thanks Sven, can you explains why it should be a good day for those too lazy to go look?:)


(EDIT: when I said about explaining I rather meant from the Magi viewpoint)
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Sorry to disappoint, Sven, but I'm not a practising muso. I have Neptune in the 10th, so often feel I should have been. Was involved in group management in the 1960s and have a cousin who is a record producer. Yesterday I was attempting to persuade someone to release an album commercially - feedback for it was good.

The sax is my favourite instrument, so good luck with it.

I appreciate most music although, at 64, my tastes aren't as cutting edge as they once were! Lyrics have always been an important part of song-writing for me (Mars, Uranus and Saturn in Gemini in the 7th) and I still enjoy Dylan, Love, The Doors and Joni Mitchell.

Best wishes.



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Hi Sven

I have mars 21 virgo with a close conjunction of uranus/pluto 16 virgo.

Ive had a very stressful week :(

Extra working hours as cover some days working 12 hours
Had 2 assignments to write and a practical exam to perform
Explosive falling out with my other half
Extremely important job interview (fri am) gulp :(