Violent aspects in a mans natal chart?


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Even an out of sign Pluto/Sun square is impossible for an Aries with Saturn in Leo born after 1918.
That person's Pluto/Sun square and Moon/Saturn conjunction are BOTH out of sign, so you need to consider the out of sign aspects and not just in sign aspects.


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Whenever I see mars square pluto in a mans chart I feel "nope, bye".

Wow, that's sad really.

I am a woman with an "angry mars".

I'm willing to bet you don't have an "angry Mars."

Any hard aspects involving Mars or Pluto suggest capacity for anger and/or violence and/or abuse

Sometimes unaspected Mars will be aggressive without an outlet

Tell us about this person.



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no, im 18. i dunno tho, thats what my birthchart shows me. i’d show you if you didnt believe me
wait im not leo saturn, my saturn is in cancer. well u could check my birthchart; march 20th 2005 at 20.20 in cirebon, indonesia

That puts your Pluto at 24° Sagittarius and your Sun on the cusp of Aries. I suppose you could make a case that it's an out of sign square, but it's a very wide orb, and it's separating (Sun moves faster than Pluto and was moving out of the square at your birth). Whether to consider it a square or not is a matter of opinion. At most, it's a weak square. To have an indisputable square between your Sun and Pluto, you would have to have a closer orb. That hasn't been possible for an Aries Sun native with Saturn conjunct a Leo Moon since 1918.

You definitely do not have a Saturn conjunction to your Moon. On the date of your birth, Saturn was at 20° Cancer. Moon was between the last degrees of Cancer and the first degrees of Leo. If it had moved into Leo by the time you were born, it was at least 10 degrees from Saturn. That's too wide an orb for a conjunction, especially out of sign and with no other planets in between. If you had several more planets in the last ten degrees of Cancer to early Leo, that could create a stellium linking your Moon and Saturn, but there was nothing else in Cancer or Leo that day.