Very spiritual but drawn to 'darker' side - help


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Moon/Chiron in Scorpio (also opposition to Saturn in 8th?) might indicate something like that maybe

I have Moon/Pluto in Scorpio in 8th house and I have similar thing. I dont think it has anything to do with dark entities or other outside things, or that is something that should be opposite to being "spiritual" in any way. Its good to have an understanding of the world and world has loads of dark things in it, you can't just ignore these and think that looking at them or trying to understand them would make you bad or good e.t.c

I mentioned this before, theres a book on Hades Moon that might be interesting to read (I haven't yet), but since your moon is in scorpio try to read all that has to do with a moon/pluto connection as well


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You have a moon/Chiron conjunction in Scorpio, trine your sun. That does indeed suggest a draw to dancing with the dark side, working with taboos and shadows. Water signs tend to have a lot of empathy, not just sympathy for others, but in water dominant individuals, there's usually a strong tendency to experience others' emotions as their own, sometimes to the point that your own self seems to vanish. The urge to merge is particularly Scorpio in nature--Scorpio is all about going deep and deeper and deeper.

Because your dominant chart elements are water and air, with almost no earth--just one planet and your ascendant in earth signs--spirit, emotions, and ideas are where you can work very well, but you don't have much resource of your own to ground those emotions and thoughts and make them work in the real world. To do that, you need the help of others, and you need practices that connect spirit with material. Perhaps something like tai chi or yoga or moving meditation--that is, a practice that's simultaneously physical and spiritual and could be done both alone and with others.

Here's what leads me to recommend that kind of practice for you: your north node, which shows us what you want and need to bring more of into your life, is in practical, earthy, daily-practice-oriented Virgo, in the eleventh house (groups, people who can help you get where you're going) and on the cusp of the twelfth (spirituality, withdrawal, ultimate self). It's also absolutely necessary to get yourself grounded if you're going to do any kind of shadow work. In the absence of grounding, shadow work would just draw you deeper into the shadow and out of touch with reality. To do it, you don't just have to be able to go into the shadow, which comes naturally to you, you also have to be able to come back.

Do you have any practice already that would fit the bill? If not, is there something you're interested in taking up that would?


Hopefully I can get what I am trying to say across straight forward.

I am often drawn to 'darker side of life' subjects. PEOPLE. SITUATIONS. AND SUBJECTS. I suppose thats just how my mind has worked. But I am very spiritual and this part of me finds that immersing into the 'darkness' is no good for me. I beleive I have actually had dark entities attached to me over years, thats another story, but only makes me want to work on this part of myself even more.

I can get so far into involving my mind in 'darker' topics and totally question who I am. It is almost as if it is easier to immerse myself into other people's lives to make life less of a conflict.

I have heard of shadow work before so this could be good. And has anybody got personal experience with this? What are your thoughts?

I tend to agree that your moon/chiron conjunction gives a incliatin for deeper/darker understanding of reality.

your Uranus is square to this conjuctio which gives the dictomy of awareness versus darkness you feel. this aspect opens up your astral "eye" and shows you have vivid dream states and prophetic dreams at times
this aspect would give access to "light" ad as such you are pulled btewwn access to darknessad light.

your square of mercury opposed to Neptune square to Saturn could also play into this dynamic as this t square can render your thoughts deceptive at times as well as the ability to see light beyond darkness at other times



Pluto and Jupiter located in interesting places, Jupiter is practically on the Great Cusp of Transformation AND it's on your DC. So, this translate to me as someone who "gets" Transformation and change quite easily and naturally. Especially with the strong scorpion energy already mentioned.

"Out of the darkness, comes the light."

If your saying your highly spiritual, yet you tend to attract dark situations. You've one already admitted to manifest destiny type scenario, where what you think, speak, and act become true. And second it's facing fears which really makes us grow, looking into the shadow and tasting it's desires to really see where our integrity and truth will blossom. This is one way spiritual maturity is obtained, via experience.

I love the Cancer(almost) end of Gemini MC, it really pulls your chart together with the Grand Psychic Trine in fire elements. This is caretake career/life path. A powerful and DEEP communicator which can light the fire in others. What better way to Master something than practice and experience? Empaths are wicked powerful people, when they realize their own inner light.

I think it would be beneficial to acknowledge and discern your truth from others. This way you always have that inner light. I like to use pictures of myself from over the years. It's kinda freaky. as I look at each one and think about the life theme, or the people I was hanging out with, and I can "literally" see the person I'm channeling/empathizing like a cast off or weird impersonation.

Your Moon
Scorpio 11º. "Shadows of trees lying over a vast lawn."
(Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

Your Chiron
Scorpio 12º. A woman with a collection of rocks shaped like hearts.
(Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive