Very sick friend pls help!


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I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine who is very sick at the moment and this entire year he had been filled with one health problem after another. To begin, he had gotten an eye infection, then he broke his ankle which later caused damage to his knee that required surgery. A week later he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis (R.A.). It was linked back to the eye infection that he contracted.

Currently, he is on chemotherapy to suppress his immune system from attacking itself (as what R.A. does) As a result, of the condition of R.A. and the chemo treatments, it has also killed off his red blood cells so he has to receive another injection to build up his red blood cells. It's the same stuff Lance Armstong had to take when he was going through his chemo treatments. To make matters even worse, he recently was just sent to the hospital two days ago as his red blood cell count has a dropped despite these treatments and his left kidney is not working properly and also due to two blood clots in both legs. I only wish that he gets better and that there is relief in sight. It seems like everytime he finds a remedy to some symptom, another one creeps up and prevents him from healing. THe doctors find him a mystery and he is still very young to be experiencing so many health problems. However, even as a youngster he is highly allergic to most pollen, dander, pork, chicken, all seafood, and nuts. Can anyone brings some light onto these matters?
Will there be progress soon?

His chart is here

The link above keeps saying his birthday is October 12, 1973 so maybe the chart generator is not working. His birth data is:

May 12, 1973
Palm Springs, California (Time zone 7 west)

Question asked:
GMT -10
Honolulu, Hawaii
4:35 A.M.


hey Ace,
Sorry to hear about your friend.

I can't diagnose anything but I'll share what I see.
Pluto squaring his IC showing these deep changes. His natal neptune in 6th house shows hard to define illness. This neptune sqaures his mars (attack,fight,blood) in pisces, challenges to his defense/immunity....allergies too.
The ruler of his sun (venus-rules kidney) recently transited opposed to mars(which retro'd) which is right on his sun...showing the challenge to his vitality.

Perhaps during this retro and when mars goes direct he could see the mars function (ability to fight) improve.

The 2nd house can show our physical requirements..with saturn there in general I would keep the heart & spine strong....also sensing relationship to family matters to him.
It is proven that immunity can be stimulated via mind/body work like yoga (gentle), reiki, meditation, martial arts (good for mars/pisces types).

Best wishes to him for speedy recovery