Vertex on Caput Algol


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Dear members,

I recently come across a chart that has Caput Algol within one degree of Vertex. As you know this star is highly malefic.

- Do you or can you use Vertex with Caput Algol?
- How does it interpret?

I've heard vertex/anti-vertex is basically a minor Ascendant/Descendant. So would Algol rule the relationship domain then?

Thanks for your input.


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Tora said:
I think Algol must be illuminated (e.g. conjc. or opp.) by a planet for it to be activated. That means progression to set the stage and triggered by transiting planets.

Thanks tora! A very practical and clear answer! <3!


This is a note I gave earlier on another issue in this forum:

Algol is active when in conj. with points(vertex) and will show up when activated in progression. My prog Desc was conj Vertex and Algol when I got to know my soul-mate. Only in mail and phone. Contact shut up 4 years ago. But the psychic link exist and carries on. So keep your eyes on the future and the developing self!!