Venus Trine Ascendant


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I want to what what this placement say about me. I'm Libra rising with a Gemini Venus and have Venus Trine Ascendant on my chart. What does this mean?

I'm a Taurus Sun btw.


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I'm a Taurus with Gemini Venus trine Ascendant too! :w00t:
Except my Ascendant is Aquarius. :tongue:

I think the aspect can make you charming, attractive, and likable. ^^
Since Venus creates harmony with how you express yourself, other people feel that harmony and therefore find you attractive. :love:
The way you present yourself can be seen by others as beautiful. :love:

However, does your Sun square your Ascendant?
Mine does. =\
How that plays out for me is that people see me as a Taurus, but when I express my Aquarius-like quality, they're really shocked!!
It's like having a quiet face with a loud voice....that's exactly me, however since realizing that, I try to control my loudness. xP

Hmm...then again, Libra and Taurus ruling planet are both in Venus, so you probably don't have sun square ascendant....

Unfortunately, I am a contradiction... >.<
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