Venus Rx conjunct South Node transit


Today in fact, transit Venus is on my natal SN - 26°36 Capricorn 5h.

What message is in this transit? I have a LOT of hard transits now namely with the New Year's New Moon Grand Cross aspecting my 10° Aries Sun and 7° Cancer Moon. Plus Saturn is square my natal Saturn too!!

I'm being slammed every way I look!:andy:



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One can't rely differentiate the ramifications of such a transit without seeing the chart as a whole...some additional considerations for you...Sun represents your sense of Identity and role in life: is your Identity being threatened by a female relative or lover? Venus, in addition to symbolizing love also represents our sense of self-esteem, values and expectations in life. Are you struggling with any of these? Perhaps if you suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence, this may be about shoring up your sense of security.
The meeting of Venus/Sun is often a positive one, unless there are major afflictions involved with the two in the chart; look to their natal positions and aspects. Also look to the houses these two rule, as the energies are apt to be carried to these areas of your life.
What are your feelings about fate? The Nodes often depict situations where fate intervenes, and thus situations can appear to be out of our personal control. The south node shows things we are needing to let go of in terms of our spiritual growth. Again there are many variables that would be considered depending on your nativity. Perhaps the transit has to do with letting go of some of your unrealistic expectations, reviewing the nature of your ideals and values, or making a change to ensure your own Identity and individuality in life. Just some thoughts...


Thanks Kimber, much of what you write resonates. I have had troubles with two female family members right after my father died on 9/20/13. Transit Pluto went direct the night he died (in a car accident) and Uranus was making its Rx conjunction to my 8h Sun in Aries, about 30 minutes from exact. Synchronicity anyone?

One was his wife a Cancer Sun (a woman 3 years older than me) who was markedly jealous of my dad's love and affection for me, funny but my dad and I had 'matching' NN's and his natal Venus was conjunct my NN. Seems relevant somehow to Venus' transit to my SN now. The other female was my brother's wife, a Capricorn Sun who's always been competitive with me and subtly inserts herself between my brother and me. She discouraged my brother from taking a brother/sister road trip to my father's residence after my father's death - something my brother wanted to do - and instead they took their "bereavement leave" from work and spent the time locally together like a stay at home vacation.

I've since resolved the conflict with her and my brother, though I will always feel deeply hurt by the loss of the moment my brother and I missed in wanting to honor our father together. What's done is done.

My life is filled with fateful encounters and I trust in them completely. I have renewed my spiritual side tremendously lately and have even begun meditating with great results.

I think your comment about needing to let go of values, ideals and expectations is very poignant. You see, my last love - someone I recognized would never meet my needs and I ultimately sent away - continues to haunt my thoughts. Interestingly, he has his Pluto at 26°36 Libra precisely square my 26°36 Cancer/Capricorn nodal axis and my Moon was tightly conjunct his NN, I think he was a "skipped step" that my Cancer Moon memory continues to hold onto even though he has moved on and I know can never be the person I need in life as an equal partner.

Maybe I feel so depressed because of all these challenges to my expectations in life. Whenever I expect another to take care of me, I am let down but I know now too, I can not continue to choose weaker mates/friends that encourage me to take care of them and lead me to disappointment and disillusion. What I have learned from this Pluto/Uranus mess is a need for balance and equality within relationships - something I've never before sought.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, I really think it helped validate much of what I subconsciously already know. Though I'm still not out of the woods...:smile: