Venus retrograde

Summery Joy

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Last Venus Rx? Oh. I almost fell in love with my best friend during a just-physical-thing that we had going on. It was a feeling I had never felt before and it was not good for the most part. I'm over it now, but I'm not sure that he is and I'm quite worried of what this Venus Rx might do to us. We're still best friends.. I think :D


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You've given me a pre-Rx dilemma that relates to the self-worth, self-value issues of Venus.:shock: It will be interesting to see how it plays out over the actual retrograde. :wink:


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I read this article on Friday. Especially I noticed this:

"We may meet old friends or someone we loved or cared for a long time ago, which might reactivate old feelings, possibly forgotten."

Two days later I met my friend (we used to work together, but she left our firm) whom I did not see 10 years!! She was surprised (probably she do not now that Ve is rx). We talk, talk, talk... and when we decide to go home, she met another friend on the street whom she did not see 4 years! She was surprised once again!


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Just few minutes ago I finished watching film on TV in which main role act the actror that I admired him 13 years ago! In that time, there were some TV serial with him in main role and I was crazy about him, even I put his pictures on my office desk! Occasionlly I smash at his film on TV today and I enjoy really and remember that days when every wendsday his serial went on TV.

Summery Joy

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The New Year and Christmas season actually contributed to all the people suddenly jumping back into my life to give me their season's greetings. Where were they last season? :D


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This year I referred to those messages as "Christmas & New Year spam"... :roll: And I really didn't feel like sending out any, except for a few selected persons. I blame it on Venus retrograde.


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"We may meet old friends or someone we loved or cared for a long time ago, which might reactivate old feelings, possibly forgotten."

Fensi, that is pretty coincidental that you posted that at almost the exact time I went out on a blind date. I had this weird feeling that I'd know this guy before (if anyone else believes in past lives, I know I do!), and even though it trully was a disasterous date, I really needed it. It was almost like something had happened between us in a past life, and this is what we needed to clear it up. But I must say it gave me more than just a few laughs - it ended with me running out of the movie theatre and through the bushes and back alleyways to the nearest store to call my best friend. Nothing seriously went wrong or anything, it's just a long, hilarious story. Plus his attempt to be interested in astrology was cute, but just sad :wink:


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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here and I'm not a native Englsh speaker but I'll do my best to make sense. My knowledge of Astrology is just basic.


I am a Libra with my ascendant in Cancer, Venus in Leo (second house)
and my seventh house in Capricorn..

My current bogfriend; a Virgo with a stellium in Virgo (Sun, Uranus, Moon and Mercury) Venus in Libra in his ninth house and Mars in Cancer which is in his seventh house (hmm...).

He divorced last year and I must now admit that hee and I knew each other before the divorce. Actually we met about three weeks before the Venus retrograde which began in May 2004. Well since he was married nothing come out if at that time even though we definitely knew that we had great potential as a couple. Then on to the spring of 2005; many many months after we had last seen each other, they separated, filed for divorce because he wanted to which she didn't and he contacted me in the summer and told me about his divorce and we have since then slowly at developed a very close and loving relationship. In december I met his kids on several occasions and things went very well and then then on Christmas day I was introduced to his parents and sister. It went fine, as well.

Now, however, his previous relationship has caught up with him, he is sad (but not regretful!) about the divorce and his ex seems to be very upset, yelling at him etc. To make a long story short, I think he is depressed because of the stress. Our relationship however is very strong but it seems like he doesn'åt want to appear weak in front of me so he needs some time to get back on track, time to heal. For the last to weeks he has been "in his cave".

So this is my experience with this Venus retrograde. My empty seventh house in capricorn now seems to be filled but with a hesitant partner whom I have very strong feelings for. :cry:


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My apologies; as some people probably could figure out there has to be a Pluto in Virgo as well; and so there is, making it a five-planet stellium.


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Personally I cannot wait for Venus to move direct again - I find that people are snippy very quickly and that there is a marked absense of "sweetness" in general communication between people, as well as "joie de vivre" gone AWOL.



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I think I know what you mean, Susie -
'cuz I've been feeling "do not waste my time!"

and maybe I was a little *curt* on the phone
yesterday in just that situation with someone
who'd been interested in me 2 years ago and
suddenly called and I felt she was calling with
ulterior motives....

AND another thing --

here on the Forum, there's a thread called "RESOLVING
POLARITIES" which suddenly stopped with a posting
from a guest on Dec. 24 (Ve Rx) and much of our
loving energy went deep inside each one of us....

to germinate and sprout again soon....
when Ve directs (totally natural thing).



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Very wise words and I'm tryin' real hard with this lesson too. As usual, you sum the whole business up so simply, so easily, that I almost missed it! Thanks for this. :love:


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:eek: Lapis,
Egyptian goddess of many dimensions,
thank you.

Here's some synchronicity for you
to ponder: my 2nd Saturn return
chart (I'm kind of shy to share it
with everyone, which is why I'm
going to hide it here in the Ve Rx
Cave of Chiron) -- do not feel you
must respond, even though

1) you joined the forum August 13th
--my sister's birthday, btw--


2) it is my second saturn return *on that date...*


3) regulus cj saturn cj saturn with an amazing conjunction of moon, sun, etc.....,8405

(I have not been able to do "image hosting" trick....)

"Elsbeth Ebertin studied historical events with the planetary configurations in each case and came to the follow conclusion; "when Mars or Saturn are in conjunction with Regulus, especially exciting events are always recorded e.g. assassinations, coup detat, revolutions, revolts, demonstrations, overthrow of heads of state and similar events". (Ebertin).

...which is a quotation from this web page:

err, could I crawl into Chiron's cave with you 'til the end of August 2007?



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8) Ahhhhhh, this venus rx is being very good for me. A couple of returns from the past, which I am so not interested in, but VERY into this triple earth guy with a 7th house natal venus.

Finally, by the way, not ignoring my forumeers, but had no access to the computer for the last couple of weeks.

Venus rx not so good for the soon to be ex scorpion, he is in total misery (after making me miserable for so long, calling other women from my own living room, moving out moving in, binging) cause ......... drumroll please .......... I moved out last weekend, yeah finally, it all came together and I'm in my new condo, decorating, making cupcakes (libra stellium too, saw a new libra had posted here, hi!) and loving that taurus to death right now. He too seems so familiar to me, the composite chart gave us an 8th house sun and a 2nd house venus, I think it looks good, but then, I don't really know that much, doesn't 8th house sun mean like fate and stuff like that? :arrow: I don't know, it's a very distinctive "I know I've known you before" feeling.

you don't know how relaxed the venus rx is making me, I completely love it.


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I'm so happy for you! Very well done. New condo, cupcakes, a Taurus earthman instead of Scorpio stingerman.....let the fun begin!!! You deserve this.


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Sorry to mix up two topics here - Venus Retrograde and Sabian degrees but drew lots and picked this one.

Venus went retrograde at 1Aquarius28 just before Christmas (ah Paris..I'll never forget you). The Sabian degree would be 2 Aquarius which says:

UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM BRINGS RELIEF TO PARCHED FIELDS Liberation from adverse conditions through violent spectacular developments. Galvanizing to action. Cosmic visitation.
___*When positive, the degree is creative opportunism and a genius for shaping all eventualities to some desired end, and when negative, complete temperamental instability.

Our friend Venus turns around on Friday morning (US) this week at 16Capricorn1. The Sabian degree is 17 Capricorn which says:

REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM Escape from bondage to social inhibitions. Readjustment of relation of spirit to body. Self-purification. Self-confrontation.
___*When positive, the degree is a highly effective dramatization of the basic characteristics and potentials of self, and when negative, furtiveness or eccentricity.

About the same time this is occuring, Mars moves to the degree it went retrograde back in October which is 23Taurus23 or the Sabian degree of 24 Taurus which reads:

INDIAN, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING AT HIS BELT, RIDES PROUDLY Forceful intrusion of elemental energies in over-conscious selfhood. Return to primal values. Conquest of inhibitions.
___*When positive, the degree is an unimpeachable control over life through a discipline of the self and its powers, and when negative, a ruthlessness or complete inhumanity in dealing with others.

Do we see a theme here?



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Thanks for writing out the Sabian degrees and minutes then rounding it up the way you did. I'll never forget that that's how to use the Sabians now!

You have a gift with the Sabians you realize? You've been pulling together these seemingly disconnected things/energies/planets/transits and linking them up, and then tying them together with a Sabian reading at the end, creating a higher level view of it all.

Mother/Father, Husband/Wife, Daugher/Son, Male/Female ! Talk about polarity resolutions.....It is looking like we (humanity) are on a crash course of having to heal the many aspects of this now.