venus retrograde for a business?


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i posted this in electional astrology but got no response. Thought it might work better here. My girflriend is opening a clothing consignment store, and was thinking of this fall. Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. I've read that Venus retro is a good thing for second hand shopping, so would it be appropriate for this kind of biz? And Scorpio.....this kind of biz reminds me of Scorpio energy, resurrecting old pieces of clothing, people digging around for their treasures, renewing, recycling, etc. I'm not sure. Otherwise, she wants to wait until next March.

any ideas?


I would agree. But picking just one nugget doesnt mean much unless the entire chart is examined.

Which houses does Venus rule?
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Whatever house we want it to. We haven't chosen a time as yet. I was just wondering about Venus retro in Scorpio in general for this kind of endeavour. Do we consider it a downright NO, or does it appropriately symbolize the enterprise involved.



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As we know, Venus is in its detriment in scorpio, as scorpio is ruled by Mars.
Venus rules our comforts etc, not just our money. I would not start a business enterprise under a retrograde detrimented Venus.
Maybe your friend's decision to wait til March is good at an instinctive level.

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Since I have certain questions regarding the allocation of dignities (although I do use the traditional ones in actual practice), I am not all that disturbed about the "detriment" of Venus in Scorpio:
-because both Venus and Scorpio are of the same elemental quality (water)
-because, although "detrimented" in Scorpio, Venus also is one of Scorpio's triplicity rulers (in traditionalist astrology), so I ask myself, how can Venus be both detrimented and a "ruler" (a triplicity ruler) for the same sign (Scorpio)?
I also would ask (myself, that is), if Scorpio is placed either in the 10th or on the ascending pivot, with Venus posited therein, wouldn't this added dignity modify, or even neutralize, the "detrimented" Venusian status? And if, in addition to this, timing was made to coincide with Venus becoming posited in an elevated degree (this is the ancient celestial topography called "pits and elevations", much applied in delineation and elections as late as the early Renaissance), which in Scorpio includes the 6th, 11th and 19th degrees of that sign, would this, in addition to placing Scorpio in the 10th or 1st house, not totally overcome the Venus detriment?

However, the Venus retrograde status is (to me) quite another matter; I completely share Lily's sentiments, and definitely would not begin a business that involves things like clothes, jewellry, or other personal accoutrements, when Venus is retrograde.
Note: in 2010 Venus will be direct in Scorpio until approximately the 8th of October (at around 13Scorpio); so there is a possibility of launching the enterprise before Venus turns...

(Needless to say, whenever the business is launched the Moon must be waxing, and ideally in a benefic Mansion; it is my firm belief that one can have all the planets lined up ideally, and yet if the enterprise is initiated in the "wrong" Moon, and in a malefic Mansion, all kinds of problems will attend the project and it will likely end in disappointment...)
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I would also vote for avoiding the Venus retrograde. Although I generally practice spiritual and psychological astrology, I've also studied business astrology and the charts of may successful business. Venus is a strong indicator of financial conditions and ability to be profitable, as well as being an industry ruler if your friend is selling clothing. A Venus retrograde wouldn't serve her well.