Venus-pluto conjuction on ascendant


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There's no way to answer that question because it is general and speculative.
A chart is a get to the point, we need to see the entire map.
One aspect doesn't make a person's life.

PS: well, if if they make trines and may feel sometimes as tho there is an angel on your shoulder. You may have a lot of personal power....
but you will also always be tempted to "use" your magnetism."...even be deceitful in small or even big ways...if it makes you feel a certain way...
Sometimes you will have very good luck...but if that conjunction is made difficult by transit such as squares, inconjuncts, oppositions..that Neptune could be used in a very negative way.. ...even in a illegal way...

The downside of Neptune on the ASC, whether with Venus or that since Neptune rules "fantasy" or "blind faith", and the need to experience altered states, it leaves the native open to possible addictions....behavioral, substance, and emotional addictions in order to achieve the Neptunian state (which, in essence, is "oblivion" or "fantasy."}
Since the native is able to be deceitful very easily, often he/she is also vulnerable to others deceiving him/her.

The tendency to Pretend or hiding feelings or facts, usually begins in childhood...sometimes as a defense mechanism, or just because it can be done.
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