Venus in the 12th

Does a natal Pisces Venus in the 12th house incline someone towards love affairs, cheating, and yearning for the unattainable? Or does this make someone's love unconditional?
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venus in 12th in natal or progression leads to other things it can at times lead to someone going for a situation that is unavailable. it depends on the connected scenario of the chart. it also depends on the persons evolution of the chart in situational scenarios.

for example if someone has venus in 12th, but positive connections to the 6th. this opens a door for venus in the work place. so this person might not find anyone to be with until they work at some 6th type place. then theres maybe too much behind the scenes action in the work place. of course there would also still be an element of unavailability maybe infidelity issues or so on with the people.

at another time with the same 12th venus a person might eventually decide to wander in to a church, and someone of the opposite sex would eventually try to rejoinder in this type of situation. now of course if someone is atheist it would be a tricky unavailable element to it as well.

then other times there would be more luck with people that are seperated or are kind of hiding from their spouse. it would have to be more of an elusive thing.

then a more basic and pure form of the 12th is really in situations of ending for example a relationship that is along a transitioning stage of someones life that is pushed away by society at that point, but the point of it would be to guide not an (intense experience or transformation 8th) instead more of a safe haven. of course this type would not be selfish (1st), but truly selfless it wouldnt happen out of ego. instead it would be lead by its means of reaching a new ending of the self.

well basically it can always open some kind of gateway in relation to the placements or connections, but there would also be this abstruse quality when trying to be 1st house or 5th house. there different types of possibilities.

it would also depend on the situation of the other transiting planets on the stages of what would happen in the scenario, and other clues to what it might be like.

the actual sphere of the unavailability in a person is from different sources as well. pisces is the sign of death, but not in the scorpionic sense. there might be a sense of death in the person that is different than the presentation of other people. it might be that the person is too messed up for love in certain situations, or it could be that the person has sexual issues. it could also be that the person is too caught up in some ideal to fall in love, but it shows on the outside to other people. it might be that a persons aesthetic is different than the norm of society. it could be that the person has a different sense of the situations they try to get in to, etc.

what could be more bothersome and consistent with "unavailability" is when it meets a quincunx, square for example to saturn, pluto, uranus. a venus quincunx uranus has less of a chance of "changing" while a venus square pluto would prolong the negative obsession, etc.

its just a different spiritual path and the persons aesthetic itself would include isolation because of other factors, or pondering scenarios from the sense of death. it might just be a conspiracy.
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I can give my personal experience with this placement(Venus in Pisces/12 house). I've dated people in secret, admired from afar and wanted people that were unavailable. This has been a pattern in my life. In addition to that I would take breaks from my social life and isolate myself from friends and family and just enjoy my own company. This worked out to my benefit once I started studying tantra/yoga so I could meditate everyday uninterrupted lol. But before that there were times when things could get lonely.

Other than that I believe my artistic gifts were largely thanks to this placement. So this is a placement, like any other, that has positives and negatives. Overall I have been thankful for its influence though. And as far as cheating I've never been inclined to that personally. With me it's more wanting some ideal magical relationship where everything is perfect.


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12th house venus here. love, might be mystical fantasmic in your imagination but in practice, will bring you only pain and suffering.


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I have a natal 12th House Venus in Cancer, square Pluto. I've never, ever been intrigued by someone I could have... and if by chance I got them, I soon lost interest.

But then again I also have Mars (emotions and drive) in the 12th.

I was smart enough to recognize the unattainable, so yes I kept secrets. Actually keeping everything secret made it even more interesting.

A psychologist in the 70's, Dorothy Tennov, coined a term for loving someone from afar: "Limerence".

In her book "Of Love and Limerence", she tried to study it scientifically and postulated that around 1 in 10 people are limerent. That's close to the same ratio as people who may have their twelfth house emphasized in some way. I'm not sure if there is a correlation, but it would be interesting to research.

Tennov says limerence isn't really true love; but loving someone with no hope of it being returned can be a beautiful, soul-empowering thing. Maybe that is why the 12th house lessons are thought to be good for karma.


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Barbara Striesand has venus in 12 th
my venus square pluto seems to make me a victim in love situations
And to be powerfully attracted only when I am promisedto simeone else.
I truly sm out of dtep socially and srem to offend like I dont understand the rules
on the upside love solitude and deeply effected by art


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love for the masses.

this could come through by volunteering - helping others without reward. I know some who volunteer and help the disabled with this placement. They dont receive reward for it but enjoy that interaction.

I have a natal 12th House Venus in Cancer, square Pluto. I've never, ever been intrigued by someone I could have... and if by chance I got them, I soon lost interest.

Do you think this might be different if you had a more harmonious aspect between Venus and Pluto? Also, by someone you couldn't have do you mean someone that was already taken, etc?
Barbara Striesand has venus in 12 th
my venus square pluto seems to make me a victim in love situations
And to be powerfully attracted only when I am promisedto simeone else.

When you are "promised" to someone yet fall for someone else, what makes you stay with the one you're with? (As opposed to going for the one you really want to be with)

thank you everyone for your responses :) much appreciated!


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I have Venus in Scorpio: In Placidus it is in my 11th, but in Whole house it is in my 12th. My Venus is in detriment plus opposing Moon in the last degrees of my 5th (placidus), and 6th (WH). And Venus makes a conjunction with Pluto in my 12th.

I admit it... I had secret love affairs, like friends with benefits. When we were in public we behave simply as friends, but when we were alone it was like we were a real romantic couple.

I have been interested in people from afar, and also the few real committed relationships have been started in a neptunian way... I met them when they were far away, or when they were with other woman, and finally time passes and the relationship bonds well. But I always was craving and dreaming about for such person when I couldn't have it. (My relationships finally work because Venus has good aspect to Saturn, and Venus is the dispositor of the ruler of my 7th which is Mercury in Libra in the 10th placidus/11th whole hosue)

This aspect also leads to a certain soul connection with the person you like, like premonitory dreams, or mutual dreaming about each other. (This one... if the person you love, also knows you) Because if the person you like doesn't knows you (a common symptom of this aspect is also liking people that doesn't knows you)

Venus in the 12th can also bring lovers that spy you, or you spy them or you mutually spy each other without knowing it.

Basically, the repercussions that this aspect brings (negative or positive) depend on how it is aspected Venus and the ruler of the 12th... If your Venus has good aspects like trines, sextiles and conjunctions to Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter, the results will not be bad. But id it has bad aspects from Uranus, Jupiter or Neptune like conjunctions squares and oppositions... Then the relationships will never manifest physically... they will remain being a constant dream.

Remember that Venus in 12th house is strengthened, cause 12th house belongs to Pisces, the sign where Venus is exalted. This aspect can attract lovers who are very Venusian-Neptunian (plus the sign where Venus is)... So it brings artistic partners, or people who work with images like movie makers, painters, photographers, poets, story writers. In the negative side will be drinkers, drug addicts, secret stalkers, liars, cheaters.

So 12th house Venus people can also have very very high expectations toward what they want in a partner, it is an idillic idea of love.

More about Venus in the 12th:

- Makes you appealed to Visual Arts
- Makes you able to have premonitory dreams in general (not controllable) not all your dreams will be premonitory and you won;t know it until you live it.
- Makes you a loner interested in occult, spirituality, self improvement.
- Makes you appealed to narcotics or tobacco (be aware of this ones)
- You think in Images, rather than numbers or words.
- Can make a good musical talent... but not the one of college.... the one which is innate. (but I this one if you have Librian influence)
- Create a great imagination.
- Yes... you can be interested in more than one person at a time
- Attracted and attract neptunian personalities in love. Think suns, moons in pisces or pisces risings... artists, painters, photographers, video producers, poets, etc.
- Makes you able to communicate telepathically with the loved one. Or mutual dreaming.

The psychic abilities will be innate... but you can develop them to make them stronger, and learn to control them. Personal planets in the 12th can make people been born with the third eye opened, or slightly opened. You can be a very good love guru to others.... the issue is to be a good one with yourself.... remember that pisces and water signs tend to be selfless perhaps scorpio not always.
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Do you think this might be different if you had a more harmonious aspect between Venus and Pluto? Also, by someone you couldn't have do you mean someone that was already taken, etc?

Not sure, really. From my (err, unique) view of it, Pluto is like a "Super-Moon" (Moon rules 4th house/reactions and Pluto was discovered in the sign of Cancer, which makes it Cancerian to me. Take those Cancer Moon reactions and multiply them by 100... think Plutonium!) So when I fall in love I fall hard: that's what a stressful Pluto/Venus aspect means to me.

And when strong feelings were kept secret, they grew stronger - so the IC/12th house placement of the planets exacerbated things.

The unattainable's were so for various reasons: some married, some far away, some just uninterested. But once interest turned my way, I'd go cold: kind of frustrating!


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To NancyS: What you posted about "Limerence" is really interesting. However, it just so happens that I have my Venus in Aries in the 5th hse. and I know that typically Aries is like a freight-train but for me I tend to run hot or cold hardly no middle ground. Unfortunately, Ive had instances of unrequited love with certain individuals. I am also shy by nature, Pisces Sun, even now but as much as I still and always will love a certain someone I know that after being friends with someone you love for 30 years that theres just no way. And it hurts.

Forgot to mention no 12th house planets.

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I've been working on a chart analysis for someone with a 12th house Venus in Pisces. His Venus is completely unaspected and rules his 2nd and 7th house of relationships. He got married right out of high school and they are still together 20 years later. No secret love affairs or anything like that. The 12th house ruler Jupiter is in really good shape and trines Mars (Asc ruler). I think that adds to his faithfulness over things committed to him (like marriage). I read Dana Gerhardt's article about 12th house planets and Venus. It was something like, "You may not know how beautiful, how sensuous, and how loving you can be." And Robert Hand said Venus in the 12th may be difficult for men because they might be out of touch with their femininity. I'll have to ask him about it. :happy: Thanks for the thread.
Oooo thanks for all your replies!

My experience of knowing people with 12th house Venuses:
- Friend 1: he is in a committed relationship and he loves the girl, however he has this huuuge attraction towards another female friend. He actually would rather be with this girl, however she doesn't want a relationship. So therefore, he is staying with his girlfriend. Meanwhile his girlfriend does not know about his interest in the other girl because he denies it in a convincing way. His Venus is in Gemini conjunct his ascendant on the 12th house side.
- Friend 2: Don't know sooo much about him other than he is shy in love relationships and pursuing an interest. That's all I really know... Pisces Venus in the 12th house.