Venus in Taurus with Mars in Cancer?


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So, I was wondering what is this like? There's a guy i'm really into. I don't know what it is. I feel like we would be amazing friends, but then theres this taboo-type of attraction, but he feels to go wild about me more than I him. And sometimes I feel like he's not completely direct with me? Which troubles me... because I read that taurus are direct people ):
But whenever i'm really not shy to be myself, it's like he just GETS me. I can be so mean and argumentative, just because i like to have an opposing opinion, and have a debate with him, its fun and he seems to enjoy it too.
Anyway... Last time we talked.. I got kind of scared and cold... he wanted to know how I really felt about something and I didn't want to tell him, and told him goodbye, and that might have gave him the impression that i'm not interested him and probably scared him away. I want him to talk to me again, and if I find the correct excuse I probably will talk to him ):

anyway I was just curious, and I tend to ramble for some reason when I ask for something lol. srry folks, but bear with me.

I'm going to mention the planets that I think will probably matter, including his pluto... Mercury probably doesn't, idk.

His signs: Double Taurus (Sun&moon), Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Gemini, Pluto in Scorpio

My Signs: Double Cancer (Sun&Moon), Venus in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio, Mercury in leo, and Pluto in Sagittarius(this one probably doesn't matter)

Any response is appreciated
Thanks :)
He's absolutely the sweetest man (under his idgaf attitude) I've ever met! and I find it so fun to see his sensitive side. At first glance, i thought he was the douchiest guy ever. I think he's truly special, but as a pessimist I keep distance with people. Something I'm working on y'all.
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Well here is mine, but I don't feel too comfortable showing his. I don't know his ASC, so it won't be useful anyway. So I guess the minimalist information possible


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• Your Sun/Moon & His Mars are in Cancer
~ Mars shows what a woman is attracted to in a guy. It's no wonder you find his sensitivity irresistible, his Mars=drive/passion/manly expression relates well with your self-expression (Sun) and emotional sensitivities (Moon).

• His Sun/Moon & Your 7H Cusp in Taurus
~ His personality (Sun) and his emotional expressions (Moon) could somehow reflect your ideal partner/husband. (7th House - house of marriage, partners).

• Your Leo and His Gemini Mercurys
~ You could communicate easily; you could share verbally & intellectually stimulating conversations that you both enjoy. (I'm imagining a sextile but I reckon even without blunt aspects to both your Mercury, there'd some sort of easy rapport between you guys.)

• His Sun, Moon, Venus in Taurus
~ What I could surmise about him, on the surface:
He could be quite romantic actually, but oh-so slow to show it. Taureans' move slowly, sensually but very surely.

Planetary aspects aside, you're only in the stage of getting to know each other; instead of fleeing away from him, let him get to know you & let yourself get to know him better, that way, it'll give you clearer answers about your romantic connection than what I can give you here.

Having said that, you're always welcome to ask further if there's any developments.

PS. For what it's worth, he could get attracted to feminine/sensual ladies (Venus in Taurus).

I know you said you're not comfortable sharing his natal but even without his exact birthtime, it's better that you could provide one so at least I could try to interpret a synastry of your charts.


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P.S. his ASC is false

But... yeah, i'll try to take your advice :) ty!!!!


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Bump. with both charts, what could you say about it? Poisonous or good? even if his asc is wrong (or not idk)
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