Venus in Taurus in the 5th house


Anyone have this placement or are familiar with what kind of energy this placement generates? I personally have this and it seems to be the one defining aspect in my chart, but in very negative ways. I have only read the cookbook definitions of what this means, so my knowledge is limited. Could anyone possibly give some more insight? For curiosities sake I've included my natal chart.


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I have Venus in the 5th house too... (though in Sagittarius) --- it typically bestows a great love of children. Whatever house Venus is in shows what makes your heart sing, basically.. the planet of love.

5th house is all about children, dating, parties, leisure and pleasures.

From my experience, my son is my greatest love --- and Id also imagine you are also popular with the opposite sex, in regards to dating. :wink:


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venus in taurus 5th house is actually really nice,when you like someone u probably shower them with lavish gifts and generous grand gestures, very loving and sensual. why do u think your venus placement is affecting your chart badly? i see that it is almost making an opposition to your pluto and that could be tricky (though technically its not but i learnt to consider this kind of energy as well),is that what youre talking about?


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based on the pluto being mentioned, are you getting some sort of unwanted attention or being stalked?


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I also don`t see the negative side of it. And I also don`t think that Pluto has some connection with it. 11 orb for VE-PL opposition is too wide even for MO aspects! :rightful:

Yes, Venus position may be felt very uncomfortable for you, but as it is on the top of the Yod, you may have to work with it. You have understood rightly, it is very important planet in your chart. The frustration may also come from the semi-sextile from Mars-Mercury cnj in 7th. :wink:

About Venus in Taurus in it`s own 5th house and rules the MC. So first of all your career may be more like a hobby for you. Perhaps for you the most important is to enjoy what you are doing, or to have a lot of free time in life, or you are known for your children, love-affairs or hobbies (MC ruler in 5th house). 5th house shows what you really love to do, so having Venus there shows that you may get huge pleasure from your hobbies, dealings with children, performing or some other ego-increasing activities. Venus in earth and physical pleasures enjoying Taurus indicates that you may especially be satisfied when being in realms that have connection with discovering the body - such as fashion and clothes or with earth- such as nature, gardening, agriculture, or with life`s pleasures, such as good food, wines... and likely it is also has a form of career. Hobby has to be practical and so also the career. May give also great laziness, as Taurus is quite lazy sign :whistling: and 5th house is free time -so person, who loves to be in her couch and watch sport. :biggrin: And then eat a lot next to it, because Taurus loves to enjoy the life`s simple pleasures, such as food. Or to cook to others...

Strong taurus in 5th isn`t that extravert in love-affairs. More stability and security loving, than someone crazy who would "try" to be with everybody. More the shy type, who values in a relationship routine.

As this Venus is on the top of the Yod you may feel like you always have to deal with it, with these themes presented by Venus, that always after some time you return back to these same principles and ideas.. And this may indeed feel frustrating. :innocent:

But it is very difficult just from one element to see the hole picture. :innocent: Of course everything depends on what level you use your chart.


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Ok here's my analysis, based on the whole chart

your uranus and your moon make a semi-sextile (or inconjunct) aspect with venus forming a yod(?) shape with this venus.

Since uranus is on your ascendant, it is a very important planet in your chart and it defines you, so any planets in your chart can be analyzed with how your Uranus acts with it. You are a uranian type although jupiter is your chart ruler, the planet conjunct the ascendant dominates your attitude towards life.

What i've noticed with the semisextile is that two planets might form an incongruous yet not directly oppositional relationship. That is, its like you see something "wrong" out of the corner of your eye but you can't quite get a direct picture of it.

Venus in taurus in the 5th is not a bad position. However, I am thinking that your venus in taurus desire to take things in rather than put things out (think Ferdinand the bull, if you don't know that story you can google it, it is the perfect story of taurus) is not easy to have in the 5th house of creativity. It could mean your creative output is slow to start and or/ somewhat more inclined to smell the roses and take the scenic route this is not congruent with your Uranian self.

This is difficult for you because you are a Sagittarius with uranus on the ascendant. That uranus is semi-sextile your venus. Uranus likes fast, quick mental probing, and sagitarrius likes excitement, travel and spiritual/holy quests. The venus in taurus likes peaceful, nonsensical journeys where the goal may change halfway through and the journey itself has meaning. This is nearly oppositional to your uranus which defines your personality. You are uranian and jupiterian, and a firey person too.

You like to BURN BURN BURN and here you have an exalted earthy sensual taurus in the 5th house of firey leo. Part of you thinks this is unfair most likely. Why do I have a lazy bull inside me?

Also take in the fact that your moon is in libra, also semi-sextile, in the social and active 11th house. Your moon is exalted there, and you love diplomacy, harmony, group activities, community goals and serving the community or a sense of justice this is increased because its in the 11th house as well.

This is nearly oppositional your taurus because taurus is a self-oriented sign. It is selfish (but not in a bad way) but it finds that ravishing and taking things in sensually is also a form of gratitude.

Forgive me, I is drinking a lot of caffeine. If you want more analysis I can send you via message you a more complete analysis. :wink:
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Nothing bad about Venus in Taurus. Your chart is good. With the exception maybe of Saturn in Sagittarius which means you lack fun in life and Neptune in Capricorn which means you lack clarity about life.