Venus in Synastry


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I have Venus/Neptune conjunct someone's Sag Moon/Mars/Neptune which happen to be in my 7th house!!

So you can imagine how im feeling about this guy....I think im seeing things i want to see...If it's not mutual i need to snap out of it...

Im not really physically attracted to him... he's not my type...he's too skinny, he looks sick...and he has one of the least prestigious jobs ...I cant explain why I'm attracted to Mars in Aquarius/10th opp Jupiter (he's a Sag)??

How does he view me...

His Venus is in Scorpio in my 6th house and form a T-Square with my 10th hs Aqua Sun/Mars/Mercury and 4th hs Leo Jupiter.

His Sun is sextile my Sun/Mars/Mercury and trine my Jupiter.

His Juno is exactly conjunct my Sun.

Im going through some harsh transits too so i dont think anything lasting will come out of this...I have trSaturn in 5th hs square 7th hs Venus/Neptune, and tr Uranus opposite 5th hs Saturn and will be square 7th Venus/Neptune
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There is a sacred rule regarding love. You might not be sexually into him 100 percent or at all. But there could be something about his heart, how he acts. Often we fall in love with the person that matters the most to one's heart. It doesn't matter if he doesn't qualify for our Romeo/Juliet dream. But as long as he qualifies for our hearts.


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That's sweet Confusedpisces, but...

I don't think Im in love with can I be? We hardly see each other and I dont know how he really feels about me.

There is an attraction though like I want to get to know him better.


May be its easier if you can post your synastry, if you don't mind. I am not an expert and pretty new but would like to attempt looking at whole charts.



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His Juno conjunct your Sun is not to be taken lightly. Sure, there needs to be other aspects from him but for that do post a chart
You explained quite well why you are so into him, Sun on DC is known to do that.
But with Venus/Neptune involved possibly it will all stay one grand illusion, unless you move and take direct actions to aproach him, find out his attitude towards you, and even perhaps try to show him yourself and see what happens.
Venus/Neptune likes fanatasy more than real things, so it's up to you to decide ;)


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Im having second thoughts about getting to know him with the Uranus/Saturn transits square my venus/neptune coming up. I don't feel he's "the one" for me.

I need a guy who takes more initiative and is better established. He's asked to marry me before though I think he was joking around. I don't feel that he makes enough effort to make me believe he has strong feelings for me...And I wouldnt be surprised if there was at least one more girl in the picture...He has lots of female friends.

Yeah, I usually prefer fantasy to getting my heart broken, because I don't trust men. And now that Saturn is square my Venus/Neptune Im having little patience for fantasy. I want to at least get engaged someone more responsible, someone I can trust.

Cathywh, Thank you for the offer of reading our synastry chart :) If you still want to practice I can send it to you as a private message.