Venus in critical degree. No love?


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First of all, you don't need your family-- or an astrologer-- to say such hurtful things to you. Try to erase all of this criticism from your mind, so that you can start to feel more self love and self respect.

A horoscope does not show that you will never get true love. It may show obstacles and difficulties, however.

I practice modern western astrology, and most of us do not work with critical degrees.

What I do see in your chart, is Pluto conjunct your ascendant and Mercury, squaring a little planetoid called Chiron. With Pluto on your ascendant, other people may see you as very intense. Mercury rules communication, and you may have a very intense way of speaking to people-- although in a soft voice (with Mercury conjunct Venus.) Whether that is attractive and magnetic, or unsettling, depends upon what they have going on with Pluto in their own lives. Plutonic energy can be frightening to some timid souls!

Chiron shows us "where it hurts." Everyone has some part of her life that is a source of emotional or physical pain, that just doesn't go away. With Chiron in a hard aspect to your ascendant, you feel there is something wrong (Chiron) with your physical appearance (ascendant.) This does not mean that you are objectively ugly or unloveable: only that you are apt to think of yourself in this way.

Re: your lover not understanding you. Few people will ever truly understand us! It's a nice idea, but it seldom happens. Mars is one indicator of the man in your life. It is opposite Neptune-Uranus. To me this suggests that you may meet someone and there is some mutual attraction, but then the relationship seems to end as quickly as it begins. Perhaps a man thinks that you are interested in him, but then you suddenly pull away from him.

This doesn't have to be a factor for the rest of your life, however. With more self-understanding, you can better observe how you respond to other people.

With your sun unaspected in the 12th house, you may never feel that you truly know who you are. But that's OK. You can have a good life, anyway.

You have some lovely parts to your chart. Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception. Moon conjunct Jupiter. And yes-- Venus in the first house.

But I think you are going to have to work at this. Please try the following:

1. Ignore rude things that people say to you. If someone asks why you're 24 with no BF, say that the right man has not yet come along. If a family member criticizes your looks, explain that these are the looks that God gave you. Or whatever quick come-back makes sense to you.

2. Start acting like the lovely woman with that beautiful Venus-moon-Jupiter configuration. Don't worry if you do not feel lovely right away. Start by trying to look your best on a daily basis. Nothing dramatic or over-stated. But maybe a new hair style and flattering colours to wear. Do you know the saying, "Fake it till you make it"? You probably know women who are not terribly gorgeous on their own. But they behave as though they are beautiful and people believe that they are beautiful.

3. Look for small ways to be kind and helpful to someone else, every day. Maybe it's just a kind word and a smile to the clerk in the supermarket. You have a big heart, and people will get this about you. "Beauty is as beauty does."


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I agree with Waybread. Don't listen to others, sometimes they like to make people feel low, because it makes them feel better. They may feel threatened to see you blossom. They'll survive when it happens.
Really love yourself, and things fall into place when the time is right. You do have a nice chart:) I see the seventh house ruler, Venus in your first house, conjunct your ascendant and Pluto. I think that this person will be a lot like you. They'll be intense, perceptive and very smart. I also think you probably won't take relationships lightly, and the ones you have will feel earth shaking. That's probably why you haven't been in a relationship yet. You need someone to really feel like your free falling in love with.


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Oops! My mistake on Mercury-Venus. They look closer together on the chart to me.

Still, with Venus in the first house, you might think of that children's fairy tale about the ugly duckling who grows up into a beautiful swan. It is your turn now to be the swan!
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I think you would enjoy international travel. Your 9th house is ruled by the moon, with that nice conjunction to Jupiter. With Mars in your 9th house, you should be able to devote a lot of energy to going overseas. But do be patient! Travel plans often go awry, and with Neptune-Uranus opposite Mars, you may have to expect the unexpected.