Venus conjunct Mars and Attractiveness



Rosie Odonnell isnt exactly ur beauty queen, then again neither is angelina, square features plastic aurgery features, isnfpt beauty in the eye of the beholder?


i suppose more beholders like angelina than rosie so theres a cultural reference, i suppose outside her looking ugly and a dork

Ha ha

I think u canbe good looking without venus aspects, i wonder what quaisomodos chart was like

not saying he was good looking but if he had lovely venus aspects that kills the theory
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Not much I guess, now that I've looked more into it. Though Venus is in the 10th, placed in Cancer, so it's fairly strong being angular. Her chart ruler (Mercury) is placed in the 8th. Doesn't the 8th house rule sexuality? :whistling:

Well, that depends, Cascada. That house recently has come to rule sexuality but it did not start that way. Sexuality originally began with the zodiac sign Scorpio, which in medical astrology rules the sexual organs. This eventually led Scorpio to be associated with sex. And since Scorpio is the eighth sign, its symbolism was transposed onto the eighth house. This designation is somewhat of an inventive stance taken by some astrologers on the meaning of the eighth house but is primarily due to loose association between planets, houses and signs. I am not convinced that the eighth house rules sex by any means. I think such behavior has always been rightfully placed in the fifth house.


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Rosie Odonnell isnt exactly ur beauty queen, then again neither is angelina, square features plastic aurgery features, isnfpt beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Physical beauty is geometry of the body, based on precise ratios with mild deviation. Noticing that someone is beautiful and another is ugly is as subjective as noticing that one shape is a circle and the other is a square.

Eye of the beholder . . . . The eye of the beholder sees more than just mere physical beauty. But today, I am focused on physical beauty alone.

not saying he was good looking but if he had lovely venus aspects that kills the theory

Not really. There might be some spurious factor to explain an exception. I have already provided a significant amount of charts to show Venus' influence. I could certainly use a couple thousand, but that will come in time. I am not looking for one silver fish in a pond full of golden ones to signify that I am wrong. I am looking for a preponderance of gold fish to show that I am right. That is sufficient.


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Hmmm I have this conjunction in Cancer in the 9th house...I opt to believe that Venus is more powerful since Mars is in fall, but I'm not feminine at all really...Mars is the ruler of my 1st and 6th house while Venus is the ruler of my 7th and 12th house so I interpret that as being attracted to people who remind me of myself (1st and 7th) and leaning towards people I see on a pretty regular basis (6th house). But I tend to stay by myself though and I wouldn't say I'm the most attractive...the conjunction also trines my moon in pisces, has a wide trine to Pluto and opposes Uranus and Neptune. Hmmmm...


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My son has Venus conjunct Mars, but in a 6th-house stellum that includes Neptune and Uranus. Ergo, this is not a "pure" conjunction in that it has other planetary influences, but of the 4 planets, it has the closest conjunction. Furthermore, it's mostly in Aquarius, but Neptune in Capricorn. (I will attach his chart below.) So again, one house, but 2 signs.

I'm intrigued by this questions as I'm generally looking harder at that stellum, it's virtues and vices.

As a mom, it's hard to be objective about one's child. :-D Is he good-looking? Yes, I think so. He's very photogenic, with a long, angular face and he's tall and thin.

Keep in mind that what's "pretty" varies over time, and what photographs well may or may not be all that pretty in person. Case in point: in person, my son has a prominent nose if straight and thin. He has a generous mouth, bigger eyes, heavy brows, and a good jaw/chin. He also got my side native cheekbones. His coloring is good with pale skin and dark eyes and hair.

But I think it's more about attractiveness to the opposite (especially) sex. He has the conjunction, and most of his friends are girls. He's insecure, and so doesn't understand he's attractive, but *I* see how his female friends look at him. He could have girlfriends if he wanted them. His father with a Venus-Mars sextile is similar, if softer. Several of my girlfriends once (long ago) described him as "sex on legs." Mmm, maybe not. Ha. But between a Leo Mars and Scorpio Venus, he *oozes* sexuality.

Our son's Aquarian Venus-Mars/other places it as a more intellectual observation.

So again ... what IS "pretty"? I give you ... Antinoos, the boyfriend of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The world's first "pin-up" boy, albeit in sculpture, not paint. There are more statues of Antinoos in antiquity than anyone else, unless a famous king or emperor -- pretty sure both Augustus and Alexander the Great beat him out. But they conquered, or stabilized, their worlds, Antinoos was just ... pretty?

In antiquity, Antonoos was considered the most beautiful young man alive, just stunning, in part because he'd had no braces or plastic surgery to make it so. ;> But would he *photograph* well today? Probably not. He has wonderful, smooth, but ROUND features, a small mouth, average eyes, a long if straight snout, and a 'soft' jaw (e.g., it would be a double chin in some photography).

I don't know Antinoos's birthtime (no one does), but I do know his birthDATE, and ran his chart, which I'll also attach. Please note that while I have no rising sign, his Venus is *afflicted*. It makes only squares and a quincunx. Hmm. In fact, he has no aspect between Mars and Venus at all. He has a square to Jupiter (expansion of beauty, perhaps to the extreme) and the a Neptune/Uranus conjunction (mystic exotica), all forming a T-square with his Venus at the apex. The quincunx is to Pluto, fairly tight. Magnetism, but perhaps not one he was comfortable exuding. So all outer planets, plus Jupiter (the only one ancient astrologers would have seen) are in aspect to his Venus. Nothing else.

So, antiquity's most beautiful man did NOT have Venus and Mars in ANY aspect. I think this important. Maybe he had a Venus aspect to his Asc, but maybe not.

I think of equal if not more import in his chart is the grand trine the Sun makes to a Mars-Moon conjunction, and the same Uranus-Neptune conjunction.

I also want to point out something. Would he be hired as a model today? No. At least, probably not. He lacks the "sculpted" look currently in favor, all angles and shadow. BUT he was the epitome of the ancient Greek ideal young man (Kouros).

I've attached a picture of him, in addition to charts, for reference.


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Oh yea I almost one good friend has this conjunction in Sagittarius in the 3rd house (the same exact degrees as mine so we have an exact quincunx between our conjunctions) and it sextiles her Libra ascendant...she's so flirty it's not even funny, and it's an understatement when I say that every guy she meets falls for her instantaneously...even some girls...She's also a scorpio with her sun conjunct mercury and pluto...very attractive indeed


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I don't think this one can be taken as a general rule because there are many other factors / aspects that define person's attractiveness (and appearance).
Have a look at this one Astrology and Planetary Dominants: Method - it explains the planetary dominants and different human typologies. And this one

I have Libra rising, so my chart ruler is Venus - I have Venus conjunct Mars (both in Scorpio) and both conjunct Sun in Scorpio, and one can call me but attractive - I'm very repelling to be honest.

According to that Method I'm a mixture of Saturnian/Marsian/Solarian type
My face is very long and narrow, with sunken cheeks and thin lips, upper is barely visible (Saturnian type), my nose is super-huge and super oversized, like Gerard Depardieu (Marsian type) and my eyes are very Solarian.

Me a combo of those

Saturnian type

Marsian type

Solarian type

So I think this Mars Venus conjunction has something to do with personal charisma and underlying charm, and not with physical features. Like Gerard Depardieu - he's no Mr Handsome but he has a magnetic charisma.


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My son has Mars-Venus, with Uranus and Neptune in the mix (6th house stellum mostly in Aquarius with Neptune at 28.5 degrees of Capricorn) + Leo rising and a 5th house Sun-Mercury combo. But a WHOLE bunch of planets also aspect his ascendant. Some astrologers don't count Grand Trines with angles, but I do, and he's got a double Grand Trine with the Leo Asc, 9th house/Aries Saturn in both, and a 5th house/Sagittarian Mercury for 1, with a 4th house/Sagittarian Pluto for the 2. He also has Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus all in opposition to the ascendant, and Uranus-Venus form a T-square with the Ascendant and Chiron.

So he's a great example of how multiple planetary aspects to the ascendant can make one's appearance so complicated, there is no clear "type." He's a planetary Heinz 57. :-D

He's taller than the family average (we're short), at 5'11", and I'm not sure he's done growing yet (he's only 15, but matured early). He's also thin, in part as a result of his ADHD meds (which reduce hunger), but he has a long, narrow face, a larger-than-average but straight nose, large eyes, heavy eyebrows, a good mouth with notable lips, a good jaw and chin and a nice long neck. Long fingers, notable body hair, if not yet on his chest. He's working on a full beard ... at 15. His father could grow a true beard at 16. Ethnic background is US mixed: Danish, French, German, American Indian, Italian, and Scottish dominate (astrological appearance can't ignore ethnic markers).

He has a saunter gait, not terrible but not good posture. A good head of hair (he is Leo rising). His hair was also lighter at birth than I'd expected: both I and his father have v. dark brown hair while he was dark blond/light brown at birth and while that did darken, he was at best a light-to-medium brown in childhood, although in adolescence it's what I'd call "dark medium brown.' (Others call it dark brown, but I had true dark brown, and my mother was native black, so it's not that dark to me. *grin*) Although his eyes look brown at a distance, they're actually hazel-green-brown, what we (natives) sometimes call "part-blood eyes." His skin is exceedingly fair, several shades lighter than either myself or his father, and he doesn't really tan, although he also doesn't really burn. He is the whitest Red Boy I know. *grin* He did inherit the Indian cheek-bones, but I think that's about all!

Despite the whole Venus-Neptune conjunction, he can't sing (not tone deaf, but bad ear), although he loves music. He can dance and has a certain grace of movement even as a gangly adolescent, although he tends to downplay it. While he's strong for his build and size, and has athletic ability, he has little athletic *interest*. His voice is a tenor, and he inherited the family timbre that projects well. Like both myself and his grandfather (and unlike his father), he can be heard all over the house without trying. When he smiles, it lights up his whole face. He doesn't have true dimples, but does have "brackets" at the corners of his mouth that resemble dimples.

Girls do consider him attractive, and watch him when he passes, but he's not conventional model pretty -- although he photographs very well, good bone structure. Rarely takes a truly BAD picture (unlike his parents). Right now, he exhibits more of his Virgo Moon than Leo Rising or Sagittarius Sun -- he is NOT at all outgoing -- although especially the Sagittarian Sun pops out with his blunt tongue ("I-do-not-know-the-meaning-of-tact-when-it-interferes-with-honesty"), ha. His Libra Sun "make nice" mother sometimes shudders at what comes out of his mouth ... but his charm lets him get away with it. If I said half of what he says, I'd get punched in the nose. 8}

There is, obviously a lot of other stuff, but I wanted to focus primarily on appearance and carriage. And it does back up the "Mars-Venus isn't necessarily conventional attractiveness" theme. For him, there's a whole STELLUM involved, which obviously modifies it, and placed in Aquarius, that's unlikely to take a "normal" presentation anyway. I'm attaching his chart and a small picture (face only)

Oh, yeah, he's got the whole beauty-mark/facial mole thing going on. hee.


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I have this in the first house, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I am not going to go out on a limb to say im attractive or not.


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I have this in the first house, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
I am not going to go out on a limb to say im attractive or not.

Life, vitality and health.
Stature, colour, complexion, form and shape of body.
Older sources note its influence upon the intellect, the way the mind works, and speech.

In general, the first house represents the focal point for the personality and manner of expression.
As well as describing the physical appearance,
the condition of 1st House and that of its planetary ruler
indicates the level of personal vitality and strength.

Ths sign location of 1st house ruler requires study
any of twelve different signs may occupy 1st House


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I have Mars conjunct Venus in the first house ( not close to the Rising Sign ) in Capricorn . Venus I don't think would naturally have an easy time in Capricorn unlike my mars does, being in the first house and being determined in that sign . hmmm interesting lol


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I have Mars conjunct Venus in the first house
( not close to the Rising Sign ) in Capricorn .
Venus I don't think would naturally have an easy time in Capricorn
unlike my mars does, being in the first house and being determined in that sign . hmmm interesting lol
Exactly ~ Mars in Capricorn is dignified and Exalted


Venus in Capricorn is Peregrine with no essential dignity UNLESS it's a day chart
Venus is Triplicity ruler of Capricorn in a day chart
and then also
to have any dignity at all
Venus must be located in the first six degrees of Capricorn
where she has dignity of term :smile:


Peregrine meaning

A Planet is then said to be Peregrine, when he is in the degrees of any Sign wherein he hath no essential dignity, As Saturn in the tenth degree of Aries, that Sign being not his House, Exaltation, or of his Triplicity, or he having in that degree neither Term or Face, he is then said to be Peregrine; had he been in 27, 28, &c. of Aries, he could not be termed Peregrine, because then he is in his own Term. (Lilly, CA, p.112)

Just as essential dignity signifies strength and a capacity for beneficial action, lack of it implies weakness or a harmful disposition.
A planet with no essential dignity is called Peregrine, a Latin word meaning 'alien' or 'foreigner'
(pereger = beyond the borders, ager = land, i.e., 'beyond one's own land').
In old English, to 'peregrinate' means to wander far from home.

In symbolic terms, a peregrine planet describes a drifter
- someone with no title or stake in his or her environment.
It's helpful to think in terms of property,
because property owners tend to view drifters with suspicion,
and distrust their lack of stability.
Peregrine planets share this dubious reputation

Under normal circumstances a peregrine planet lacks the necessary strength to convey lasting benefit.
Its position of weakness can be alleviated, however, if it is strongly dignified accidentally
or if it forms a mutual reception with a stronger planet.